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Updated on May 30th, 2023

If you are looking for an SEO company that provides search engine services for WordPress sites that improve ranking, we might be for you.

OnlineBusinessConsulting is a U.S based WordPress SEO services company that provides one of the best SEO solutions that increase a website’s content performance on search engines.

We are one of the best WordPress SEO advisors that can rank your site for the right competitive keywords on both Google & Bing.

The best WordPress SEO advisor services overview

If you are looking for a WordPress search engine optimization advisor that understands how to optimize WordPress websites the right way, we are the right marketing agency for you.

Our agency provides one of the best expert SEO services for WordPress sites for both local and national campaigns.

In this post, you will learn about some of the WordPress SEO services from our agency such as:

  • Embed and entity optimization
  • Speed optimization
  • Excerpt optimization
  • Security optimization
  • WordPress On-page link building
  • WordPress technical SEO
  • Title tag optimization
  • Url optimization
  • Local search engine optimization
  • Correctly bolding some sentences for SEO performance and user experience
  • Backlink building
  • Front-loading
  • etc

Below are more explanations of some of our agency’s WordPress site’s SEO service.

1. Advanced technical SEO

Any agency or consultant offering WordPress search engine services should be well-versed and take technical SEO seriously.

It is one of those areas in SEO that some people and agencies ignore.

But we don’t.

We take it seriously because WordPress technical SEO can make or break your search engine optimization campaign.

Our agency goes beyond the basics and focuses on advanced technical optimizations such as:

  • robots.txt file optimization
  • proper 301 redirection of http to https( avoid multiple redirect loops to preserve SEO performance)
  • WP pages speed up
  • database
  • broken link fixes
  • etc.

2. Competitive analysis/keyword research

Knowing which keywords and topics drive traffic is extremely important for a successful WordPress SEO campaign.

We have the tools and knowledge to do in-depth analysis of your competitors to find topics and keywords that are driving good leads to their site.

Besides that we have ways of finding the topics with high search intent that are not that competitive but will rank fast and convert( calls, form fill out, email sub subscription, purchases, etc)easily.

3. Speed optimization

At the core of our expert SEO services is speed optimization.

This is a part of technical SEO.

We include this in our search engine optimization because a faster site creates:

  • a better web experiences
  • better WP SEO performance( it is a part of Google ranking factors)
  • more savings for you money on web hosting

To see that we know what we are talking when it comes to speed see, WordPress speed optimization service for further information.

4. Security optimization

WordPress security is an important part of search engine optimization because a hacked site causes all kinds of issues that will make it harder for the site to stay online.

If a site is offline and/or have security issues this will make it harder for search engine crawlers to crawl and index that website.

We make sure that your site is secure with fast plugins and other important WP security measures.

5. SEO consulting & training

We provide SEO consulting and training for WordPress websites to those companies with the team in place to implement search engine strategies. Or those who has the time.

Whether you are a blogger, soloprenuer, small business, or an enterprise we will provide a tailored expert SEO training and consulting services.

Our consulting service feature high level advanced SEO for WordPress site that will improve your site ranking.

The tips and strategy we provide with our SEO training and consulting service is advanced and will show you what to do and most importantly how to implement them properly.

6. Interlinking/anchor text optimization

We apply the Wikipedia inter linking strategies which are some of the reasons they rank high on page one for a lot of competitive keywords.

Internal linking has become more powerful since Google is trying to move away from using links from other websites as the most important ranking factor.

This is one area that a lot of WordPress SEO consultants and agencies ignore.

We don’t. You can get a site to rank fast and higher with this strategy.

Our experts focuses on providing a balanced page internal linking strategy( making sure that each page receives as much internal links as it is linking out thus avoiding the PageRank hoarders vs wasters phenomenon).

We will also optimization the anchor texts of your web pages internal links naturally to avoid over optimization that could lead to Google penalty.

7. Local SEO services

OnlineBusinessConsutling have many years of local search optimization for small and mid-sized businesses.

We will apply this experience to make sure that your:

  • Google my business is correctly optimized
  • local citations are built properly
  • create and optimize local pages on your WordPress website
  • optimize various addresses/locations
  • etc.

8. Fast content creation

We create and optimize content that both your users and search engines will love.

The more and well optimized a content is the more search engine crawlers will visit your website which will lead to better SEO performance.

Our SEO agency for WordPress sites create contents that build trust and lead to better conversion.

9. Meta tags optimization

Optimizing meta tags like the Header and Title tags correctly on a WordPress page is very important for SEO performance.

Making sure title is optimized for keywords that people are looking for.

We make sure that meta description & title tags pixel width are optimized.

Front-load title tags and still make sure it makes sense when reading it.

There are many advanced meta tag optimization methods that we use to help search engines understand a web page better and rank faster.

10. WordPress ping optimization

Do you know that each time you save your posts and pages in WordPress that it pings search engines like Google to let them know that you have an update?

The problem is that search engines can see this as a spam when you constant ping the services.

So the ping services on WordPress need to be optimized correctly to avoid excessive pinging that could drop your rankings.

Google and other search engine doesn’t like spammers. Our service helps you avoid this.

11. Server optimization

Our company is expert in server optimization to save you money on hosting and make sure that your hosting is secure and fast which will in turn help directly and indirectly with other WordPress SEO efforts.

12. Other advanced methods

There are other advanced optimization for search engines methods that our company use during campaigns to get higher ranking for WordPress websites.

Some of these are:

  • Google embeds and entity optimization
  • content bolding (important keywords and relevant sentences in some paragraph)
  • front-loading titles important texts
  • etc.

Those are some of the advanced strategies that move the needle.

And our SEO agency has the knowledge and knows how to apply many of these advanced strategies properly( knowing these is important but applying them properly is what matters).

Contact our SEO company for a custom quote

The above are just some of the best WordPress SEO services offered by our digital marketing agency.

We work with both established and beginner bloggers, small businesses, start-ups, enterprises businesses, etc looking to grow thier business online.

To learn more and about OnlineBusinessConsuting prices for different packages contact us for a customized solution for your WordPress search engine campaign.

Use the form on our contact page.

Leave your current website address if any, budget, a brief info about your new client acquisition goals, and the industry you are in.

Frequently asked questions(FAQs):

Q: What is your SEO philosophy

A: WordPress is one of the best content management systems when it comes to SEO.

It has some builtin features, themes, and plugins that can help with making some basic SEO easier.

However, just installing a plugin or using a good WordPress theme alone won’t get you to rank for competitive and the right keywords on Google or Bing.

OnlineBusinessConsulting SEO services focuses on creating and optimizing keywords with the right search intents that convert. 

We rarely use plugins for WordPress SEO. We don’t install some plugins and claim that we are doing search optimization.

We take a wholistic approach when it comes to optimizing WordPress websites for search engines.

This means that we go beyond just content optimization and link building.

We incorporate speed, security, and conversion as they are important too.

This is why we are not cheap because it takes time and resources to do the above properly.

We are also pay attention to other search engines and Google patents to get an idea where search is heading and optimize for them.

Even though not all patents filed by Google are incorporated in thier search engine, knowing them helps.

It can give insight on future search direction and algorithm changes.

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