5 best sales funnel builders of 2023

Updated on May 30th, 2023

In 2023, sales funnel builders have become essential for businesses looking to take their to optimize their sales processes to the next level.

With so many innovative platforms creating and managing sales funnels has never been easier. According to HubSpot’s Sales Enablement report, sales reps see a 65% higher conversion rate with proper sales enablement processes in place.

Explore our comprehensive guide to help you review and compare the best 5 sales funnel building solutions for your unique needs.

After I hope that you will discover the right sales funnel builders to help your business tap into this potential and drive growth by leveraging these cutting-edge solutions.

Top 5 funnel software to review and compare

1. Leadpages: Best sales funnel tool for collecting unlimited leads & value for money

Leadpages is a sales funnel software that allows smaller businesses to go online easily and quickly. It has conversion tools that help simplify the entire lead-generation process. This means you can grow and scale your online business better. Regardless of whether you are new to web design or are a savvy marketer, this is a platform that will help you get things done while getting the best value for money. 


I found Leadpages to have the best sales funnel software tools to boost your business as it is optimized to collect leads and get sales. Some of the best features of the sales funnel platform include the following:

  • Tools to create code-free landing pages and websites
  • Templates to help with conversions
  • CRM  and email account connection tools
  • Real-time guidance and AB tests
  • Unlimited page leads, traffic, and publishing
  • DIY tools for your digital marketing
  • Optimized conversions


The sales funnel platform has two pricing options which I found quite convenient since I could pick the one I felt was best suited for my needs. They are:

  • Standard: $37/m 
  • Pros: $ 74/m

2. ActiveCampaigns: best sale funnel builder for email marketing 

After trying out Activecampaign, I could clearly tell it is the best sale funnel builder for email marketing. This is because of the cloud-based sales and marketing automation software that target email marketing, web analytics, lead scoring, and CRM. The platform gives better results at the end of the day, which means good value for your money. 


  • Better reach with the best reach tools to find prospects and boost your audience
  • Website tracking tools to see what works and what doesn’t
  • Email segmentation and marketing tools
  • Subscription forms
  • Tailored capabilities to grow relationships
  • Marketing automation tools
  • CRM with the sale and email automation to keep things organized


Pricing is well-catered for different budgets and contacts. The following are the pricing option that is paid yearly for 1000 contacts:

  • Lite: $29 per month paid yearly for 1000 contacts
  • Plus: $49
  • Professional: 1$49
  • Enterprise: contact sales

3. Kartra: Best sales funnel platform for agencies

If you run an agency, then I highly recommend Kartra. This is a marketing platform to run online businesses and help you earn money without much effort throughout the day. This sales funnel builder platform comes with advanced automation making it easy to host automation related to recipient behaviors like opening emails or watching videos. The sales funnel tools automate follow-up messages, subscribing and unsubscribing from lists, and assigning tags. 


  • Analytics to track activities
  • Automated subscriptions to newsletters
  • Tools to send out login credentials automatically after checkout
  • Premade templates to speed up things
  • Cloud software tools
  • Sequence builder tools and great email sequences for companies
  • Lead tagging
  • Plug-and-play campaigns


This sales funnel automation platform has different pricing options. From the silver option, Kartra agency is included. The plans are:

  • Starter: $99/m Annual billing saves $240
  • Silver: $199/m Annual billing saves $600 
  • Gold: $299/m Annual billing saves $840
  • Platinum: $499/m Annual billing saves $1440
  • Enterprise accounts: created on request and billed according to needs

4. Get response: Best funnel for automation 

This is a sales funnel platform that I recommend for automation. It is one of the easiest tools for funnel automation and funnel management. It has so many amazing features. I think the prices are also very competitive, which is why the platform has won so many people.

You can access the best sales funnel software tools here, which gives so much more than other service providers. You can create custom landing pages and access the best automation and reporting features. 


  • AI product recommendations to analyze visitor habits and tailor recommendations
  • Inbound marketing tools 
  • Free marketing tools to fuel new leads
  • Lead generation tools to grow audience
  • Autoresponders to rich segments with personalized and automated messages through various channels and save time
  • Marketing automation and website tracking
  • ROI tools to scale your business higher
  • Automatic visual workflow builder


Pricing is based on the tools and features you need. The options are:

  • Email Marketing tools: $15.58/m
  • Marketing automation: $48.38/m
  • Ecommerce marketing: $97.58/m

5. Kajabi: Best sales funnel builder for online course creators & selling digital products

This a sales funnel solution that empowers users to create a presence reflecting who they are and to change businesses. This is one of the best sales funnel platforms for creators who want their terms in business. With this sales funnel builder, I can create all sorts of content. It is ideal for podcasts, coaching programs, and online courses. 


  • Marketing templates and tools to come up with content, sales funnel, and campaigns in a matter of minutes
  • CRM tools
  • Analytics for a better decision-making process
  • Kajabi university for training to help you launch and grow
  • Landing pages and marketing emails


This sales funnel platform has various pricing plans to assist any creator. With annual billing, you save a lot. The methods include:

  • Build mode: $0 limited time
  • Basic: $119/m
  • Growth $159/m

My final thought

Sale funnel builders are an important part of any business, and they cannot be ignored. With the right funnel solution, you can grow your business incredibly.

While pricing could be a consideration, it is still important to consider exactly which best sales funnel software tools are specifically for you.

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