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Best link building services company [White hat backlinks]

Quality link building services by an SEO agency or company that uses the best white hat backlink building strategies can improve your search engine ranking.

If you are looking for that then this post is for you.

Backlink building services company

OnlineBusinessConsulting provides high-quality inbound linking services that work.

Let's dive into more of what we do and don't do.

Best link building services company providing quality white hat backlinks in 2023

Below we will share the different types of backlinks, our approach, and our services.

Types of backlink building (the good & bad)

Backlinks are often used during SEO campaigns because acquiring them from authoritative and quality websites will help a website rank higher because they have a role in Google's algorithm.

Backlinks can be good or bad and can affect whether a website will fall or rise in the search results.

To be clear our agency only provides high-quality outbound & inbound backlinks using what hat strategies.

White hat

This is an approach that is used to drive traffic to websites through SEO techniques. This includes relevant linking to and from other sites and relevant content.

Such outbound or inbound links boost the webpage or website ranking in search engines like google organically.

This boosts content quality and broadens the scope using relevant links.

White hat is not spam oriented, and there is no attempt to drive site traffic without valuable content or a better user experience. White hat aims at education and can be labor intensive.

It is important to pay attention to content to bolster SEO value on a page. These are long-term web enhancement tactics.

Our white hat link building services can help you in this area.

Black hat

Black hat link building aims at getting links using unethical or illegitimate means.

Some SEOs and site owners try to use these types of tactics believing it can help with search engine ranking.

This is not a good way to go, and it can lead to Google penalties.

There are some back-linking services that use this method but the results are short-term and unsustainable.

Black hat techniques do not follow the set guidelines given by Google, and even though they were effective in the past, some algorithms have been put in place to combat this and can detect the tactics if they are viewed as nefarious or manipulative.

The Google penguin and google panda updates were conceived to combat this.

A good link-building service company like ours can help remove the black hat SEO tactics and rebuild your backlinks using the best acceptable practices so your business website can rank higher in the long term.

Our services approach

Let what we do before we start any linking services.


Our SEO inbound link service entails first an assessment of your existing backlinks and strategy to determine where potential issues lie and identify the opportunities that exist for better backlinking.

With this, our experts will determine if your site's inbound links are optimized correctly and if the target anchor texts are on point.

Our backlink building services gauge the value of every link using powerful link detox SEO tools and keep the best ones while removing the ones that are not helping your SEO efforts.


After issues are identified, changes are made, and our agency will start applying the best solutions enabling your site to rank higher.

High-quality backlinks are then added to the website for the best long-term effects.

This part includes but is not limited to getting backlinks from high-quality do-follow business directories, mentions on publications & press, guest posting, infographic designs, etc.

We also target some nofollow links as they still have value and help diversify your link.

Our link building services focus on avoiding implementing any strategy that will lead to your website being penalized.

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Link building services FAQ

Why should you hire the best backlink-building company?

Backlinking takes expertise and time. If you are not in a position to handle it yourself, it is always wise to hire a backlink-building company to offer their services and solutions to your issues. These agencies have the right tools and a deeper understanding of SEO.

What to look for in link building company

Today, there are many companies that offer link building services. There are some considerations to make before settling for one including

  • the agency’s pricing
  • experience and success in link building
  • the strategies used to ensure they are allowed
  • link diversity
  • track record
  • support.