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Updated on May 30th, 2023

Are you looking for the best SEO company that work with plastic surgeons to help you grow your cosmetic surgery practice internet presence and increase client base?

The need for plastic surgeon SEO companies and experts has never been more in demand than today.

Whether you’re a freshly-accredited plastic surgeon or one who has been practicing for a long time, extending your client base should be a top priority.

And a national or local SEO services for plastic surgeons is one of the best options that can help you achieve that when implemented correctly.

Estimates suggest that currently there are over 12,000 plastic surgeons in the US who specialize in various aspects of the field.

Figures also show that Americans spent nearly $16 billion on cosmetic surgery and minimally invasive procedures in 2016.

The field spills over into other areas like cosmetology, dermatology, oral and dental surgery, etc.

As a plastic surgeon, what can you do to set yourself apart from your competitors and get a chunk of those comestic surgery consumer spend?

How can you turn your name and practice into a recognizable and memorable brand?

It is the exact same question that has led to an exponential growth in the fields of branding and search engine optimization & SEM for plastic surgeons.

Plastic surgeons SEO overview & more

So what is Plastic Surgeon SEO?

SEO known as search engine optimization is the process of ranking websites on search engines like google and bing.

SEO has come a long way and has proven to be a viable marketing channel to help both small and big businesses like plastic surgeons generate new clients.

You see, plastic surgery marketing, branding, and advertising are related concepts and literally the backbone of any type of modern surgeon business.

It is a fact that most businesses today including plastic surgery practices need to spend anywhere between 9-18% of their revenue solely on marketing if they want to be in the business long term.

Plastic surgery marketing makes your potential clients aware of each and every aspect of the service(s) that you have to offer by acting as an intermediate salesman who pitches your idea through one or both of the following channels:

  1. Traditional marketing means announcing to the world about your new services using traditional methods such as print media (including but not limited to newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, hoardings, etc.) and broadcast mediums (such as radio, television, podcasts, CTV, etc.)
  2. Today the Internet has relegated most of these to second place. With the world rapidly moving into the digital space, blogs, articles, emails, etc is king. They target the right audience in a much more sophisticated and effective way. These targeting techniques that ultimately decide your ranking on major search platforms such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing are what are collectively known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques. Doing the right things in the right way will enable your brand and service to appear high up on the searches made on such domains. SEO is needed for all businesses, including plastic surgeons, and hence the importance of hiring agencies providing plastic surgeon SEO services.

Why SEO for plastic surgeons is important

So really why SEO for plastic surgeons?

The straight answer is that you’re not a marketing analyst/expert but a doctor.

Other than that, the following are the reasons to opt for national or local plastic surgery marketing company services:

  1. Most patients these days search for plastic surgeons online. Few of them look further than the first 3-4 links on the first page of the search. If you and your services don’t appear in these, you could miss out on new business and that’s where SEO comes in. Your services should appear on the very first page of a search with relevant keywords like a plastic surgeon, your city, best doctors for plastic surgery in XYZ city? etc. And this is what is promised by firms providing plastic surgeon SEO.
  2. Testimonials and reviews of your plastic surgery services online will drive more clients to choose you over other plastic surgeons in the neighborhood/city. Good reviews work as a referral for your business and lead people to trust you.
  3. In the traditional marketing methods, there’s no way to objectively analyze the effect of your advertising efforts. SEO for plastic surgeons brings you various tools and platforms like Google Analytics that actually highlight statistics of your plastic surgeon website, its impact, and how many people actually chose your service instead of someone else’s. This allows you to analyze and change your marketing/branding techniques accordingly.

Local and National Strategies

To increase the quality and quantity of your clientele, a plastic surgeon can make use of and deploy either or both of the below SEO strategies for surgeons


This technique is primarily for those practitioners who have just started out as plastic surgeons and do not have the necessary infrastructure or capital to handle a large rush of patients.

They are looking for local clients in neighboring areas and/or the same city.

Local plastic surgery SEO marketing service strategies can present your business in the search results of local residents.


National SEO strategies are best suited for plastic surgeons who want to or already have multiple practices across the country.

It is also great for a surgeon looking to engage clients willing to cross borders and seas to get the best plastic surgery services.

Using broader, more powerful keywords can generate a stronger and wider recognition for your brand.

One of the strategies a plastic surgeon search engine optimization agency can use to run national SEO is still local SEO.

Basically, you can build local landing pages nationally.

Our services

Following are the typical services included under plastic surgeon SEO services:

  • Content writing/marketing

Writing content for your services means being a critic of your own services. Writing articles that contain the necessary keywords will drive target audiences straight into your office.

  • Link Building-Both On-site And Off-site:

This technique in SEO optimization drives traffic and people towards your website and affects your page ranking on search engines in a major way.

  1. On-site linking uses target keywords like plastic surgeon services, book a plastic surgeon today, etc. on your website. These are hyperlinked to different sections of your website.
  2. It allows Google or Bing to understand what your website is about and also crawl it faster and easier. It makes users spend maximum time on your site.
  3. Off-site link building uses target keywords on various other websites and webpages that are hyperlinked to bring a user to your website if the quality and referrals of your site have proven themselves worthy it can help with ranking higher in search engines.
  • Website Design

Plastic surgeon website designed professionally can do wonders for plastic surgeon practice.

Having a professional, attractive, versatile, easy-to-navigate, and fully-functional website offering a wealth of details about your plastic surgery services makes it easy for potential clients to get more information about your brand/business/service.

At the same time, this is a great way to keep ranking high on platform searches as people can stay on your website longer which is part of the search engine algorithms.

A plastic surgery SEO consultant should really focus on making sure that a website has the right call to action to drive quality calls.

  • PPC

Pay per click is another simple yet highly effective method to ramp up the leads to your plastic surgery services.

  • Social Media

Building robust networks and connecting with people is what social networking sites can do for you.

They connect plastic surgeons with clients, peers, and others in their line.

Social media sites also serve as a great platform for advertising and showcasing your achievements.

  • Blogging

Blogging which is a form of content marketing is a key method used by plastic surgery marketing firms who provide to refine your position on search engines.

The rising trend indicates that more people are shifting towards writing and maintaining professional blogs.

  • Video Marketing

Use video marketing to provide live and real-time highlights of your profession, endeavors, and results.

  • Conversion optimization

Once people visit your site, the most important aspect is to convert these visitors into clients.

A skilled SEO marketing services firm can certainly partner you in this.

By adopting these services the marketing agencies providing plastic surgeon SEO services can get your service noticed by everyone thus increasing your business revenue.

Exceptional content is key to ranking and traffix converting

Content marketing is a process where valuable content is written by people and then shared over the internet.

Here are some types of content marketing:

  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Case Studies
  • E-books
  • White papers etc.

Content marketing plays a vital role in search engine optimization for plastic surgery practices.

The quality of the content reveals all about the website.

It leaves an impression on the reader and the goal is to make that a positive one.

The quality of the content can lead the reader to understand that the website is reliable.

Moreover, whenever any patient wants to inquire about the doctor or something else, the answer that is produced by the website is important.

Conversion based Web Design is important

It can be frustrating for plastic surgeons to see people visiting their websites but this doesn’t translate to calls or leads.

This is a clear indication of the fact that your site needs to be revamped ASAP in order to convert users into customers.

And the right experienced plastic surgery SEO company like OnlineBusinessConsulting can help you with that.

You may need a change in content.

Good-quality content makes your site trend higher up on search pages, making it easier for people to find you and it is what will convert users into patients.

It’s important to understand that changing your content for search engines is nowhere related or connected to changing your content for increased conversion rate.

Keep in mind that in order to maximize your conversion rate from searches, the information conveyed and relayed from your website should be straight, direct, simple, and related to the needs of a customer on a personal level.

How long until I start ranking?

There are many factors that affect SEO campaigns for plastic surgeons.

The ranking of any website depends on the following factors:

  • Types of keywords
  • Location of the business
  • How long the site has been in existence
  • Backlinks

Types of keywords

The type of keyword being targeted will generally determine how long it will be taking a website to rank.

  • Long-tail keywords typically have a length of four words and above. These types of keywords are specific and clearly inform the reader about the topic. The longer the keyword the easier it is to rank faster. So picking a long tail keyword that drives traffic is essential. An example of longterm is “breast plastic surgery cost.”
  • Short tail or head keyword typically are one to three word in length keywords such as sales or content marketing agency or cosmetic surgery SEO. They tend to be extremely hard to rank but also drives a lot of traffic to the website.

Location of the business or cities being targeted

The location of a reconstructive or cosmetic surgery practice will also determine how fast the website rank. In bigger metro or cities like New York and Los Angeles, it will harder to rank fast compared to a smaller town like Torrance, CA.

Age of the website

The time a website has been in existence also matters in the ranking. The longer a website has been around the higher the ranking among similar websites.

Type of backlinks/other link profile

A website with a great inter-linking, outbound, and inbound link profile will always rank higher faster than a website with a bad link profile.

There are both inbound and outbound links.

One of the researches we do is that we look at what type of links are coming into a website and which sites your websites are linked to.

Also the type of anchor texts being used etc.

Apart from these factors, a website should always have:

  • Clean domain without a penalty
  • Great content in quality and both length
  • A well-opimized content
  • Titles and headers which are search engine optimized

Questions to ask a marketing company

Before hiring any SEO company for your online plastic surgery marketing campaign you should ask them questions such as:

  • The charges of hiring their services.
  • The number of backlinks provided in a month.
  • The number of pages of a website they will optimize.
  • The types of links that have to be built.
  • How much of geographical land would be covered for optimization?
  • Whether or not they have the necessary information pertaining to your field.
  • What kind of services and strategies will be made use of?

Contact our agency

All these processes of managing your website, writing content for it, understanding market trends, analyzing and staying updated with the ways in which search engines work, and keep changing is a full-time job.

When you are working as a plastic surgeon (a job that is really demanding in itself) this may not be your core skill or interest, though you definitely need it.

Doing plastic surgery marketing work on your own while managing your job is next to impossible.

Contact our professional team of national and local plastic surgeon SEO consultants and experts who will give you the best results.

Let our SEO company get you the result you deserve for your business longevity.

Call us to schedule your free consultation. The call is free to call to speak with our SEO consultants.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: How do you measure a plastic surgery SEO services success?

A: There are many factors that you can use to measure a plastic surgeon’s search engine optimization campaign success.

They are:

  • The quality of calls

The quality of the call coming in is a good indicator of a great SEO campaign.

If a plastic surgery search engine optimization company did their job correctly, the keywords they are ranking for you should be driving commercial intent traffic that leads to people call.

These types of keywords will drive people serious about your services.

  • Ranking of the right keywords and not just any keyword

What does the rank of a website mean in SEO?

The rank of a website in any web browser or search engine is the number of the website on the first page results showing how many times it has been searched.

The ranking of a website depends on the keywords.

There are different types of keywords like we mentioned before such as long tail and short tail etc.

Also commercial and non-commercial keywords matters.

The type of keyword affects the ranking of the website.

If your website has a good ranking among all the other websites, this indicates that the SEO services are doing their job.?

However, the goal is to rank for the right keywords that drive traffic not just any keyword. Often times some online marketing companies will show an increase in traffic and keywords but they are keywords that really don’t mean anything to a surgeon business.

So make sure that the national or local search engine optimization agency that you hire is going after commercial keywords that will drive the right callers.

  • Is your revenue growing?

Revenue is another important factor served by SEO.

If you are seeing revenue growth from your online marketing, this means that the services of search engine optimization are working well.

Traffic and the quality of traffic on a website plays an important role here.

If there is more quality traffic to your website, then this will increase the calls to your business.

And if those calls are good calls and you handle them properly your revenue should increase.

So revenue growth is another way to check whether plastic surgery SEO services are working properly or not.

Q: Which one should my practice choose? SEO or PPC(pay per click)?

A: Reconstructive and cosmetic surgeons have two ways which they can use to increase traffic to their websites.

One is search engine optimization and the other is the pay per call (PPC).

When using pay per click, the company will pay for every click their ad on the search engine receives.

On the other hand, better search engine optimization will place your website on the first page of any web browser.

SEO doesn’t deal with paying for clicks.

There are many people who don’t click on ads.

In those cases, PPC is not effective.

Search engine optimization is less costly as compared to PPC.

Return on investment is higher with SEO.

Competition is also higher with SEO.

The person who manages SEO should have strong knowledge and skills.

When using PPC, your website becomes more visible faster as compared to SEO which takes longer.

So if you have the fund start PPC while waiting for SEO to kick in.

The truth is that both are complementary to one another when done correctly and if you have the fun to run both.

Long term, do search engine optimization, and in the short term do ad-words.

Q: Should my practice hire an expert or run our own SEO campaign?

A: Plastic surgery is an operation or a process where changes are made in parts of the human body.

There can be two types of changes, changes in the functioning of the parts, and changes in the appearance of the parts.

According to these changes, plastic surgery is classified into two types:

  • Reconstructive Surgery
  • Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic and reconstructive surgeons are always ready for new patients.

Currently, this task is expedited by the use of the internet.

This is effective only when it is accomplished along with the proper use of SEO.

And you need the right experienced SEO marketing firm for a plastic surgeon who knows what they are doing.

SEM takes time and knowledge so you need an expert so you can focus on what you do best as a medical professional.

There are so many tricks and strategies that make a successful search engine optimization campaign.

And it takes years and many trials to nail most of them down.

Please speak with the SEO company that works with plastic surgeons focused on getting results.

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