About OnlineBusinessConsulting

About us

OnlineBusinessConsulting is a digital publishing and web services company based in Los Angeles, California founded by Emmanuel Okeke.

We provide advice, tips, tutorials, resources, services for those looking to start and grow their business or passion on the internet.


We provide online courses, tutorials, tools, advice, and marketing/consulting services to small businesses and those consumers who want to start, grow, and monetize their business online successfully.

For further information on what topics are on some of our guides and tutorials see, blog starting tips, blog seo, internet business ideas, seo with WordPress, blog posts, business websites, etc.

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Consumer portals

With our vast experience in working with businesses and consumers, we also provide educational portals to help consumers:

  • Learn more about their issues
  • Make informed decisions
  • Connect for FREE with different businesses that provide the service and products they need


We also provide the following services:

  • SEO, website speed, and content consulting and seminars
  • SEO strategy and implementation
  • Content strategy and production
  • WordPress speed strategy and implementation

The company is led by Emmanuel Okeke.

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