About Us

Online Business Consulting LLC was founded on the idea that businesses need their phone to constantly ring with leads in other to thrive.

When a digital marketing company agrees to run an online marketing campaign for a business, its goal should be to make that business phone ring with new potential clients.

As a company, we have never run content marketing and SEO campaign for high-volume keywords that didn’t rank on page one, generate leads, and money for our client.

Our strength is our content marketing and SEO strategies that rank and drive the right drive traffic to websites.

We are experts in using search engine optimization and content marketing to generate leads.

SERVICES & Expertise

Our digital marketing expertise includes:


Our goal is to serve clients better by making sure that we are a fit for them and they are fit for us.

Nothing kills a business’s long-term success than the wrong fit.

Because of our unique position we do not work with everyone.

And we are always looking for the right fit.

OBC’s goal is to work with businesses that are the right fit for both parties.

We have learned from experience that business is more fun providing results when you are doing it with the right partner(s)( we see our clients as partners that we partner with to use our skills to help them achieve their business revenue goals).

Working with the right clients who can afford our $$$ price and that we share the same business philosophies with allows us to be our best in providing the best result.


We are a business and online marketing savvy agency :). So contact us to have a quick conversation about your online lead generation goals and how we might be a fit in working together to make them happen.

Let’s talk about SEO and content marketing strategies…