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The 5 best SEO software tools for beginners & pros in 2023

SEO tools are the top online marketing management software you need to be using if you want to get the best search engine campaign performance.

So if you're wondering if you should be using one or more of the top best SEO software tools available, the answer with confidence is YES!

The top 5 best SEO software tools for beginners & pros review and comparison list of 2023

SEO optimizing a website's content to rank higher is not easy anymore for both beginners or pros.

But you can take advantage of any of the great platform's SEO management tools list I reviewed and compared here to get better ranking and handle many SEO tasks.

My SEO software reviews and comparison are based on personal use, testing, and/or extensive research.

They are really the top programs I believe will help any beginner or professional manage and improve their web page content ranking.

The apps are selected based on these factors,

  • available data
  • affordable with value
  • chatters & reviews on social media, forums, etc
  • expert's review of the software
  • amount of SEO tools a platform offers
  • innovation
  • pricing & payment options

For those in a hurry, I have put a quick comparison table for you.

Platform Best forDo UsersPrice
Mangools toolsetsbest value for money software for beginnerskeyword research, link analysis & discovery, SERP analysis, rank tracking, etc bloggers, freelancers, small, mid-sized, and large enterprises, SEO prosfrom $29.90
Surfer SEObest for content optimizationanalyzing SERP against your posts using various metrics. Then recommendations of what to change and optimize outrank your competitor's contentbeginners, professionals, enterprises, SEO pros, bloggers, small biz ownersfrom $49/m
There's a free version that basically doesn't do much
Se Rankinga deep website analysis systemkey terms & phrases exploration, on-page auditing, your site/competitor's monitoring, social media auto postingsmall businesses. large enterprise, marketing agenciesfrom $39.20/
Serpstat champ for running both SEO & PPC campaigns all kinds of high volume SEO & PPC analyzing using their 50+ tools (keyword clustering, local SEO, finding links, AI content creation help, etc)small-large enterprises, SEO pros, marketing firms, bloggersfrom $69
Semrush best overall tool for advanced SEOa powerful software tool for finding keyword search intent, huge backlink opportunities, technical website auditing, competitor tracking, key terms rank position trackingbloggers, SEO pros, marketing firms, small- mid-size businesses, and large enterprisesfrom $119
Table comparing the top search engine optimization tools and platforms

For those with more time keep reading below for more detail.

The apps mentioned in the table above and detailed below will help you do

  • track ranking
  • competitor analysis
  • build links
  • audit your site
  • find keyword volume
  • on-page content optimization
  • technical SEO
  • local SEO
  • etc.

They are some of the most popular, value-based, feature-rich, reasonably priced, data-rich, etc, SEO tools and platforms in the market today.

They will save you from tedious data analysis and keyword research.

They will also save you a lot of money.


Just because you are using tools doesn't mean that you shouldn't learn SEO basic and advanced strategies or hire an expert who does.

A campaign tool(s) is just a part of successful search engine optimization strategy.

With them, you can easily tell what works and the best changes to make.

So whether you are a small business, solopreneur, blogger, marketing agency, enterprise, SEO professional, etc, picking any one of the management software and platform for SEO is a good investment.

These tools will definitely assist you in improving your website’s search engine optimization and accomplishing most SEO tasks for your team or business.

The best SEO tool platform for beginners price-wise review

Use the following SEO campaign management tools to boost ranking to the first page.

1. Mangools toolsets

Mangools provides some of the best and most powerful SEO management systems at a value for money, especially for newbies.

One of those is the popular and extremely useful KWfinder (Keyword Finder).

This tool is really that good in helping you discover hidden long-tail keywords, snoop on your competitor keyword, analyze search engine result pages (SERP), etc.

Other top software tools you can use along with KWFinder that this platform provides are SERPChecker, SERPWatcher, LinkMiner, and SiteProfiler.

This platform's great SEO tools can be useful to anyone including bloggers, affiliate marketers, freelancers, and small-large enterprises.

Notable feature

Here is a list of features on the Mangools toolset

  • easily find long-form search terms
  • track your ranking
  • figure out how hard to rank for particular keywords
  • analyses backlink strength & volume
  • discover powerful backlinks
  • web apps & browser extensions

Pricing review

Mangools toolset is amongst the best paid SEO apps with great value.

The company has different pricing plans for different budgets.

  • Basic at $29.90/m allows you to use any SEO tool with some limitations.
  • Premium is $44.90/m (most popular and loaded with almost unlimited SEO tools usage.
  • Agency: The agency plan is best for a marketing and SEO agency or an enterprise. This plan allows you to use all their amazing software tools for search engine optimization. It costs $89/m and you will get up to 35% off if you pick the annual plan.

You can pay monthly or save up to 35% by picking the annual payment option.

The best SEO tool for content optimization review

2. Surfer SEO

It is important to have a badass content strategy if you want your website to be high in the search engine result pages (SERP).

To do this, a top SEO system I suggest is Surfer SEO.

Their SEO tools offer one of the best step-by-step search engine content optimizations that help boost organic traffic.

Notable features

  • SERP analyzer that breaks down a search engine's first page to compare with your posts
  • AI assist editor that helps you write and recommend what to optimize in your content
  • NLP is a language processing feature to find sentiment in the results
  • keyword analysis(I won't primarily use them for this as it is not robust compared to the other SEO software tools on this list)
  • browser extension
  • local SEO listing management toolset

Pricing review

Surfer SEO offers different pricing plans for their systems that you will find useful:

  • Hobby for $29/m
  • Basic at $59/m
  • Pro for $99/m
  • Business at $199/m
  • Business Plus at $649/m

There is an annual billing option where you get to save about 10%

3. Se Ranking

I found this SEO software incredibly useful.

It offers tools for key terms discovery and website position tracking.

Apart from its standard tools, there are additional features like marketing and social media management, and white label. 

Notable features

  • Accurate rank tracking for keywords
  • Keyword real-time tracking
  • Website audit to find off and on-page issues
  • Backlink monitoring & checking
  • White label providing personal SEO
  • Social medial auto posting & analytics

Pricing review

There are different pricing options available with this app. One of the things that stood out for me is the possibility of having a custom-made plan and a free trial.

The plans include the following:

  • Essential for $31.20/m
  • Pro, which is the most popular at $71.20/m
  • Business at $151.20/m

The best SEO tool platform for SEO & PPC review

4. Serpstat

Anyone taking their SEO campaign seriously should try out Serpstat.

It conveniently combines keyword research, analytics, backlinking analysis, SERP evaluation, website audit, and tracker features.

You will find this SEO software tool among the best as it comprehensively covers all things SEO and PPC. 

They have over 50 tools on their platform.

Notable features 

  • the SEO software tool has a graph feature to understand your competitors
  • offers keyword trends & difficulties
  • it is a budget-friendly SEO tool
  • allows PPC advertising examination
  • offers page or site audit
  • local SEO & list management tools

Pricing review

This SEO tool compared to similar competitors has reasonable pricing plans for the many benefits it provides.

The software company gives a 7-day trial and custom pricing plans for big enterprises.

Annual subscriptions cost far less in comparison to that of their competitors.

  • Lite for $48/m
  • Standard for $104/m
  • Advanced for $209/m
  • Enterprise at $499/m

The best SEO tool platform for advanced SEO review


You can't talk about website SEO optimization and search terms tools without mentioning SEMRUSH.

This web app suggests the most competitive key terms & phrases that are in use, and it has some of the most powerful capabilities, as I discovered during use.

With this platform's SEO tools, you can also do an advanced full-site audit, PPC, content, and social marketing.

You really can do much more besides key terms analysis and research when using this app.

Notable features

This SEO software tool comes with so many features that set them apart.

The standout features of this SEO software include:

  • technical SEO audit
  • powerful browser extensions
  • keyword research to help you find long-tail ones
  • on-page SEO to help you know whether the site is performing well
  • competitor evaluation that helps with better optimization
  • sharp tools to assist with amazon's business
  • fresh & fast backlink discovery
  • content marketing solutions that are data-driven
  • find search intents
  • local listing management tools

Pricing review

SEMRUSH has a free trial for its pricing plans, which I found very convenient.

To select the best, you need to evaluate your needs.

This web-based app pricing plans are:

  • Pro costs $119.95/m, for small teams and newbies
  • Guru for $229.95/m, ideal for medium-sized businesses and agencies
  • Business at $449.95/m. Great for large enterprises and agencies. 

You can get a custom plan or pay annually to save about 17%. 

Picking a software

I hope that you enjoyed the reviews and comparison done above for top best search engine optimization programs.

If you want to make an impact in your SEO strategy, you should pick one of the great SEO software tools listed to help along the way.

They are some of the best optimization apps I found to be very effective and functional. 

They are great for key terms finding, link building, content optimization, site audit, PPC, social media marketing, etc.

You can pick the best one for your business by considering

  • your budget range
  • what your primary focus is
  • what data you need help with now

When you are a beginner or on a budget, consider Serpstat or Mangools.

I found SEMRUSH to have the most robust tools on the list for doing advanced SEO. 

Help your website get to the top by comparing and using some of the listed tools to manage your search engine optimization campaigns.

Please message if you have questions and I will gladly get back to you.

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