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5 best local SEO tools [Our 2023 picks]

Updated on June 1st, 2023

Local SEO tools are essential software for any business’s local SEO listing management for Bing & Google Maps rankings.

This type of online tool for search engine optimization helps large-small businesses:

  • build the best links (citations)
  • manage reviews
  • to boost their visibility on local packs
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This article will share our top pick for what we believe to be the best local SEO software platforms in the market today that you should be seriously compare.

The best local SEO tools of 2023

Boosting your local business visibility and performance with local SEO tools is very important in today’s competitive environment.

The listing management platforms listed and compared below are really great for tracking data, managing, and auto-listing your business profile and website on local business websites aka local citation building.

These platforms will save you hours and hours of tedious manual work and will definitely make your Bing & Google my business SEO performance better.

I selected these software based on,

  • generous features
  • customer super
  • longevity
  • value of pricing
  • experts & customer reviews
  • extensive examination including trial or long term personal use

The great best local SEO software to consider for signing up include:

Brightlocal: Best overall

Brightlocal, our pick for the best overall local SEO tool

The Brightlocal local SEO tool helps you rank much higher, build a local citation, and grow your reputation at a good price.

With this software, you get much better local visibility when people search as well as more customers.

Notable features

  • No recurring fees
  • 100% ownership of the listing built for you even if you cancel
  • Tool to do local search audit in a matter of minutes
  • Tools that assist with report compilation using white-label reports for agencies that can be customized
  • Offers one of the best tools to manage customer reviews
  • Tool to build 100+ listings on authoritative local and niche business directories in over 40 industries

Why they are #1 on our list

This is the #1 tool we recommend to large-small businesses for local SEO marketing and local list management building after extensive examination because of the price and the fact that you retain ownership of what they build for you.

Even though, the other top platforms below are amazing, once you cancel you will lose access to the citations they built for you (no other other compares in that aspect).


PlanAnnual billingMonthly
Single Business$29.17/m$35/m
Multi Business$50/m$60/m
SEO Pro$75/m$90/m
All-in package

The company officer Citation Builder plan which costs $2 per site. This is a pay for what you need option.


Localo, our pick for the best local SEO tool

Next on our local SEO software list is Localo formerly called Surfer Local. The sofware makes it easy for you to acquire more customers without overspending. It is really a top local SEO tool used to manage your online profile on Google my business profile.

The app makes it easy to tailor-make tasks to help you with Bing & Google Maps rankings using the most efficient implementation & listing management.

Notable features

  • Local rank checker that is free
  • Maps review manager
  • Profile audit for Google my business
  • Tools for better business visibility
  • Tools to help schedule your Google maps profile posts
  • Local keyword research
  • Competitors ranking comparison
  • Citations on authoritative sites


PlanAnnual billingMonthly
Monitoring $9.99/m

There is only annual option for the Growth package.


Whitespark homepage.

Another strong local SEO software that assists with rankings and driving business is Whitespark. You can fast-track local SEO using this software local citation toolset.

You can do your local search in a fast and accurate manner. It is very easy to manage. This listing management tool assists with earning reviews, building citations, and tracking rankings.

Notable features

  • Local rank tracker to help track search engines
  • Reputation builder features for growth in feedback, testimonials, and reviews
  • Local citation finders to help improve map ranking factors


PlanOne time feeIncluded
Custom$20Build your listing
Premium $34935 general listing + 7 niche
Comprehensive $59970 general listings
+ 10 niche
Ultimate$9990 general listings +
10 niche

SEMRUSH listing management tool

SEMRUSH local seo tools landing page.

SEMRUSH local SEO tool is one of the best local search listing services that you can use when compared to similar companies.

It is the best for reviews, data, and listings in a single platform. You can easily find local listings and use hyperlocal analytics for better outcomes.

I really love the platform apps.. I still use them to do a lot of search engine optimization tasks.

Notable features

  • Local keyword research tools to bring you more traffic
  • Listing performance reports
  • Check the accuracy of your business information( phone, address, business name, etc) across the internet
  • Duplicate surpression
  • Automatically distribute to over 70+ authoritative local directories


Basic location 20/m
Premium location$40/m

Serpstat Local

Serpstat local seo tools landing page.

Serpstat is an all-in-one search engine optimization platform that offers a powerful local SEO tool that’s a top choice for increasing your reputation online and getting more customers.

This software focuses on boosting brand (small, medium, large) reviews, local citations, etc.

It offers other SEO tools to handle other search optimization tasks besides local search. One of my favorite and best tools to run any type of SEO campaign.

Notable features

  • Tools to help while you work on projects
  • Ranking tools
  • Content analysis tools
  • Backlinking analysis tools
  • Keyword research to find the best trends
  • Tools to help you detect issues with SEO
  • Competitors comparison


Local SEO software tools faq

Big question mark in black and man hand on it.

Below are some related questions most people have when comparing and reviewing SEO software for local search optimization.

What do local SEO software do?

With a local SEO tool, you can easily optimize your business profiles across quality and authoritative directories.

The best local SEO tools ensure that your business is very easy to find when people conduct a local search and that you have a prime position on Bing & Google Maps.

The best tools assist you with managing your reviews too on Bing or Google my business profile.

Why should I use a local SEO listing management tool?

Local listing management tools are very important in helping your business information stay accurate and consistent.

In local SEO, your business profile accuracy, consistency, and the authoritativeness of local directories it is on are what help it rank higher.

The number of local directories your business location(s) are listed on matter too.

Some of the apps help you do local competitors comparison.

All of these take time to do and manage manually. But listing software will handle all this automatically for you.

What do you look for when picking the best software for local SEO?

When picking the best local SEO tools, you should look at the basic functionality.

The software should be able to streamline the listing process for customers.

This is to say that good software should focus on finding and updating business information.

The app should be able to suppress duplicates and auto-list your business information on many quality local business directories.

Performance reports should also be available.

Compare the number of business websites an app can list you on and it authoritativeness is very important too.


Using a local SEO software is a necessary part of doing local search optimization to boost your business location(s) visibility.

If you want to rank better and stay competitive in your field, you need to invest in the best software to push you ahead and ensure you are doing well where it matters most.

If you are looking for a local SEO tools platform that focuses just on local SEO list distribution & management go with Brightlocal.

If you want a platform that you can use for content marketing, on-page SEO, keyword research, competitors analysis, local citation listing & management, I recommend SEMRUSH list management tool or Surferlocal.

We hope that the reviews will assist you to compare and make the best choice for your exact business’s local search needs.

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