How to write good blog post faster in 2023 with best 8 ideas

Looking for tips on how to write a good blog fast?

It doesn't matter if you're an experienced or beginner blogger, you want to create great blog articles, especially, if you're blogging for money.

This article will present you with basic and advanced tips that will help you write great blog posts faster that readers love.

How to write good blog posts faster and easily with best 8 creative ideas

The step-by-step blog writing ideas presented in this post will be concise for easy digestion.

So let's show you the best ways to compose a blog post easily and quickly.

As mentioned in another post, mastering how to write lovely content is an important blogging basics if you want to be a successful blogger or use content to grow your business.

Once you become extremely good at producing well-optimized blogs that both search engines and readers love, you can make a lot of money.

Let's help you get there with this article by following the steps.

Ready, set, go!

1. 700-800 words strategy

One of our favorite strategies is the compose 700 - 800 words and post them.

How it works:

This blog post creating technique is very simple. Basically, once you get to 700-800 words you will publish your blog.

Idea behind it and how it beneficial:

The idea behind this is that it allows you to write faster and publish more blogs.

Trying to write blogs with 2000 to 3000 words takes time and is discouraging to many people.

By stopping at 800, you have written a good post that still has room to be expanded later without it being too long.

Expanding your post later is better because you can find some keyword ideas on your Bing or Google Webmaster Tool that it is ranking for.

So you will expand your blog using those keywords and key phrases which will lead to better SEO ranking.

2. Write concise posts

One of the easiest ways to write a weblog quickly is to be concise.

Write unique and to-the-point articles.

Some people are afraid to apply this strategy because they believe the bs floating online that you need to compose 2000 to 4000-word content to rank your blog.

So they use filer sentences and words to meet that many words count.

Google said to write in-depth content, not 2000 to 4000 words.

A well-written blog post doesn't need to be that long.

Plus people have a short attention span reading online anyway.


What makes a good blog is not how long it is like having 2000 to 4000 words but:

  • How easy it is to read
  • How it solves the reader's problem
  • How interesting and useful it is
  • How you SEO it
  • How targeted it is

So keep your posts at a decent number while giving value to your readers.

3. Use your CMS draft feature

I have published many blogs fast by using this method. I find this step of blog writing to be super effective.

The way it works:

When an article idea comes to mind just open a new post in your CMS(content management system) like WordPress (this is why we recommend that you create your blogging website with WordPress because it is easy to use and has features like this) and begin blogging.

And after composing the blog title and a few words just save it as a draft.

The power of this is that now you have started a new post and you just need to add text to it as ideas come to you.

Sometimes we will have 5 to 10 post drafts and will add texts in chunks and by the time we know it, we will have 700 to 1000 words of articles ready to launch.

This strategy can help you launch 3 to 5 well-written and researched articles weekly as a solo blogger.

It is also great for those with short attention spans or who get bored easily.


Well, when you get bored with one topic you can jump and start another. And by the time you know it, you will have multiple content ready to launch.


Try to at least have the intro finished (first 100 words) before saving your draft.

4. Blog quicker using your phone

This idea complements the above strategy. It is not complicated and can make a huge impact on your content creation speed.

How to do it:

Just log into your website on your phone and do your writing from there.

You don't have to wait to be on a computer.

I have used this method when using the toilet, on the treadmill, watching TV, lying in bed browsing or reading online, taking a walk, etc.

I could be doing any of the above and an idea will come to me. I will just open my WordPress copy draft on my phone and start blogging.

By the time I know it I will compose a few sections.

This entire post was composed on my phone while logged into WordPress.

An important blog writing step to consider using.

5. The edit-later approach

The write now and edit later allows you to focus on writing faster.

Blogging and editing together will slow you down.

Composing a post while editing also kills creativity flow.

How you avoid killing your creativity is to let your ideas flow without trying to edit while you write.

6. The research later step

Pairing writing and researching might slow you down.

Some experienced bloggers with expertise in their topic can do those two simultaneously.

However, for a beginner blogger, this might not be the case.

Just focus on writing and research and check the facts later.


You still need to research keywords, keyphrases, and synonyms before writing. An important step, especially, if you want to optimize your blog for SEO to rank and make money as a part-time side hustle or full-time blogging business.

7. SEO your blog post

Many bloggers skip this step because they hear that content is king.

A good blog post needs to be SEOed period!

This is arguably one of the top most important content-creation strategies.

Not creating search engine optimization(SEO)-friendly blog posts is a big mistake.

Unless you don't want to bring in traffic and make money then ignore doing it.

Here're some SEO tips:

  • Use key terms of your key phrase naturally throughout your post
  • Mention your key phrase few times naturally
  • You have to use synonyms of your targeted key terms
  • Include user intent in your blog post
  • Link out to other rated blog content in your website

8. Utilize writing tools

This particular tip on how to write good blogs should not be taken for granted.

Using helpful tools is one of the best ways to achieve your goal of writing a good blog post faster.

Here's a list of some amazing writing tools

LeadpagesEasily create custom blog pages to monetize. Great for getting email subscribers to help monetize your post
SEMRushFind keywords and check their volume before using them in your blog post
GrammarlyMakes your blog post spelling & grammatical-error-free
WordPress Save DraftWP built-in feature for writing, jotting down ideas and saving a post as a draft before publishing
EvernoteOrganize your thoughts, research, and notes to access later
WP EngineFully managed, secure, and quick WordPress hosting to help you create your author's website
BlueHostCheap hosting, free domain name to help you build your blog website

Start posting for good

Did you enjoy reading the tips in this article?

We hope so!

We are confident that if you apply some of the tips on this how to write great blog posts fast article, you will see results.

The blog post steps above are based on testing and experience. We know that they work.

Now go on and create amazing blogs that rank well on search engines, readers love and generate income for you.

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