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The 7 best remote working software tools in 2023

Updated on June 3rd, 2023

Great services for remote working comprehensively reviewed to help you compare and pick the right choice.

As remote working becomes increasingly popular, it’s essential to have the right software and tools at your disposal.

In this article, we’ll discuss some top platforms for remote workers, covering the features, pros and cons, pricing, ratings, and more for each.

Let’s dive in!

7 remote working software tools

1. GoToMeeting (formerly Best tool for video conferencing

GoToMeeting is the best remote working services anyone can use for collaboration and web conferences. They make it possible to be online in a simplified manner with the best security.

The platform is without a doubt one of the great choices to work with as a remote worker, blogger, business owner, etc, regardless of where you are. It is flexible and offers quick access, which means virtual meetings are much easier. 


  • The virtual meeting features for planning and hosting meetings
  • Meeting tools to join and launch your meetings easily
  • Business messaging allowing communication at any time
  • Custom meeting creation tools to invite people to personal tools
  • Automatic meeting calls when a meeting is about to start
  • Mobile access that you can join calls easily
  • Screen sharing features
  • Commuter mode feature


  • Easy to set up and use
  • High-quality audio and video
  • Supports multiple devices and operating systems


  • Occasional glitches and connectivity issues
  • Limited customizability
  • Costlier than some competitors


  • Professional: $14/user/m
  • Business: $19/user/m
  • Enterprise: Contact for price

G2 rating 4.2/5

2. Best tool for project management 

This is one of the top remote work tools that can be used for project management and customer relationship management. This platform makes it possible for you to shape workflows the way you want them.

One can boost their productivity, efficiency, and team alignment by simply customizing the workflow to meet needs. The platform ensures there is maximum productivity.

It is one of the best ways to connect remote teams by centralizing all tools, files, processes, and work. 


  • Real-time insights to make decision-making easy
  • Integrations where all tools are easy to access
  • Automations  help save time and avoid repetitiveness
  • Tools to help visualize milestones for your project
  • Docs to help convert words to workflows


  • Highly customizable and versatile
  • Robust set of features for task management
  • Excellent integrations with other tools


  • Can be steep learning curve for some new users
  • Can be expensive for small teams
  • Limited offline capabilities


  • Basic: $8/seat/m
  • Standard: $10/seat/m
  • Pro: $16/seat/m
  • Enterprise: Contact for pricing

G2 rating 4.3/5

3. 1password: Best tool for password storage 

This work-from-home software is the best password manager that you can use. Their services provides one of the best ways to use and store strong passwords. Logins into sites and filling forms are made much easier.

This remote working software helps to streamline the way secrets are kept within the life cycle of software development. The platform helps thousands of businesses to keep their data safe. The location-independent software also makes sure your family remains safe while online. 


  • 2FA codes, forms, passwords, and autofill usernames make it easy to sign in
  • Tools to help with editing logins, saving forms, and financial account data
  • Tools to help in sharing with all
  • Android, web, iOS, Linux, macOS, and windows browser capability
  • Encryption


  • User-friendly interface
  • Strong encryption and security features
  • Supports multiple platforms and devices


  • No free plan available
  • Limited sharing options for free trial users
  • Occasional syncing issues


  • Personal: $2.99/user/m
  • Family: $4.99/family/m
  • Team: $3.99/user/m
  • Business: $7.99/user/m

G2 rating 4.4/5

4. Dropbox: Best tool for file storage 

Storage is very important for working remotely. This is a remote working software that is location independent. Dropbox is a great cloud storage option for files you want to be kept safely. This work-from-home tool allows access regardless of where you are. You can also share the cloud files with your team. This software ensures that everything is kept safe. 


  • Better organization tools to ensure you focus on what matters
  • All files are available in the same place, including web shortcuts, paper docs, cloud content, and other files
  • Folder icons on different gadgets for multi-device access and storage regardless of where you are
  • Tools for editing and creating files
  • Easy to collaborate with your team on a desktop  for convenience
  • Sync tools and connection via room and slack
  • Secure file storage and access at any time


  • Easy file sharing and syncing across devices
  • Intuitive interface
  • Generous storage space


  • File sync conflicts can occur
  • Limited customization options
  • Privacy concerns due to past security incidents


  • Basic: Free
  • Plus: $9.99/user/m
  • Family: $16.99/family/m
  • Professional: $19.99/user/m

G2 rating 4.3/5

5. MacBook Pro: Best laptop for remote working

Scientific developments are a big part of human sophistication. Working from home demands a powerful and stable computer to make it all work. Remote jobs are effective and powerful, and they encourage progress. Getting the MacBook pro laptop is an indispensable work-from-home tool that makes it possible for you to access all other tools easily. 


  • It has the best display and a very impressive webcam to assist with remote work
  • The sound is great on this device which is important when you are videoconferencing on different remote working software. 
  • The computer is very strong, and its performance is very strong. It can execute the task easily and renders quickly
  • Sd card slot, HDMI compatibility, and a MagSafe port
  • Backlit magic keyboard


  • Sleek design and solid build quality
  • Impressive performance and battery life
  • Seamless integration with other Apple products
  • Topnotch for being secure


  • Expensive compared to competitors
  • Limited upgradeability
  • Fewer ports than previous models


  • 13-inch (M1 Chip): Starting at $1,299
  • 14-inch (M1 Pro/Max): Starting at $1,999
  • 16-inch (M1 Pro/Max): Starting at $2,499

G2 rating 4.5/5

6. Avast: Best tool for online security

Online security is important and keeps you protected online. Avast is one the best remote work tools that helps with online security.

Using the secureline VPN is one of the best ways to help with remote work, regardless of whether you are in the airport, mall, or any other location. Avast offers protection from viruses as well as VPN. 


  • Intuitive and lightweight protection
  • Tools to block and detect malware like viruses
  • Scan for weaknesses with the best security tools
  • Security from criminals  to keep banking info and passwords safe
  • Prevent webcam spying
  • Shredding files permanently


  • Comprehensive protection against various threats
  • User-friendly interface
  • Available for multiple platforms


  • Can impact some system performance
  • Occasional false positives
  • Privacy concerns due to past data collection practices


  • Free Antivirus
  • Premium Security: $3.99/user/m
  • Ultimate: $8.49/user/m

G2 rating 4.1/5

7. Fiverr: Best platform to hire remote workers for task help

Fiverr is another remote working software tool that allows you to access freelance talent easily. You can access the good quality services regardless of the price point.

The best thing is the fact that there is project-based pricing. This is a top tool to use for suers a remote worker to find freelance talents. 


  • Protected payments
  • Support round the clock
  • Quality work completed quickly
  • Project management features


  • Wide variety of freelance services available
  • Easy-to-use platform for both buyers and sellers
  • Secure payment system


  • Quality of work can be inconsistent
  • Limited options for dispute resolution
  • Platform fees can add up for both buyers and sellers


  • Freelancer fees: 20% of earnings
  • Buyer fees: $2 on purchases up to $40, 5% on purchases above $40

G2 rating 4.2/5


What are the benefits of using remote working tools?

Remote working software and tools save operating expenses because fewer people are physically in the office.

The space required can be consolidated to save on building maintenance, utilities, rent money, cleaning services, and equipment, among others.

You can also hire talent from different parts of the world and save time that would have been used commuting. 

What do I look for in a remote work tool?

The best remote work tools should offer security, screen-sharing features, time management, online office suites, collaboration, communication, project management, and the capacity to work from the cloud.

Whiteboarding and automation are important as well. 

My final insight

In conclusion, the choice of the best software and tools for remote working largely depends on your specific needs and preferences.

The ones I mentioned above all have their unique strengths and weaknesses.

By considering the features, pros and cons, pricing, an ratings provided in this article, you can make an informed decision on the most suitable platforms for your remote working setup.

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