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7 best webinar software platforms [Our 2023 picks]

Updated on June 1st, 2023

Great webinar software is very important when hosting webinars in today’s digital world, as they can help your business grow and reach more people effectively.

According to a study by the Content Marketing Institute, 67% of marketers use webinars as a marketing tactic to promote their products and services.

So whether you are a small business owner, online course creator, startup, large enterprise, etc, using any of the top webinar hosting platforms allow you to sell more, interact & build relationships with your audience, market your product & services, etc.

We have reviewed and selected the 5 best webinar software sites in 2023 that will help you host your webinars easily without hassles.

They are the systems we have used or spent extensive research on to save you time.

Our 5 best webinar software platforms of 2023

This list of the best webinar software was compiled based on factors like:

  • Online user review
  • Experts review
  • Platforms easy to use
  • Tech support & services
  • An app allowable attendee’s size
  • High-quality streaming
  • Interactive streaming
  • Affordability 

1. Demio: Best for a small audience 

This is one of the best webinar platforms that allows you to connect personally. You can get the most engaging events in your browser while building relationships with customers, prospects, and leads.

With the Demio webinar hosting app, there is no limit to the campaigns you can host. HD real-time streaming allows standard live presentations. Scheduled sessions allow people to remain registered.

I found the possibility of automation particularly helpful, where you can put the events on autopilot with simulated elements and recorded presentations. 


  • Series: create scheduled sessions for people to be registered
  • Automation tools to handle events on autopilot using simulated elements and prerecorded presentations
  • Growth tools for better results
  • Intuitive features for a better experience
  • Tools to help with branding to eliminate distractions
  • Webcams for easy webinar joining without having to download anything
  • Interactive polls features

2. Getresponse: Best for webinars & email marketing in one platform

This is a simplified and powerful webinar tool that you can use to send emails, automate marketing, create pages, build webinars, and connect with the audience easily at any time.

A study by Radicati Group, shows that the total number of business and consumer emails sent and received per day exceeded 319 billion in 2021, highlighting the importance of integrating email marketing with webinars.

Anyone can use this webinar platform to increase engagement and conversions. The system definitely helps anyone create webinars that suit their needs.

The thing that makes this a top webinar software platform is that you can host unlimited webinars.

You can get more than 100 attendees live while sharing a stage with 2 more presenters. The webinar recording can also be stored for up to twenty hours. 


  • Flexible scheduling options to create webinars fast
  • Tools to customize URL for the webinar
  • Webinar Tools to enable registration
  • Different subscription settings
  • Built-in marketing tools
  • Automatic follow-ups with the audience
  • Marketing automation
  • Dedicated support round the clock

3. eWebinar: Best for automated prerecording webinars

Webinars can be effective, and having the best webinar software platform like eWebinar makes it even better. This is one of the best choices for those looking for an automated and prerecorded platform.

A powerful webinar software that is designed to offer marketing teams perfect webinars automatically. The webinar hosting app combines real-time interactions and prerecorded videos to deliver an engaging experience. 


  • Scale onboarding through live chat
  • Automated training to drive adoption and engagement
  • Webinar tools for automation to  save time
  • eWebinar interactions to boost engagement
  • eWebinar schedules to help set up recurring schedules allowing people to attend at their time zone

4. EasyWebinar: Best for businesses of all sizes with the fund

Another great webinar platform you should review for consideration.

It is very easy to use and helps one enjoy better conversions. The automated webinars make this webinar hosting app one of the best.

This tool covers all the things needed to run a business. This includes lead generation to onboarding clients through interactive training. 


  • Automated webinars that are created to act as lead generators 
  • Integrations to help build webinars as a sales funnel 
  • Tools to grow your email list
  • Onboarding new customers 
  • Tools to Create training seminars
  • Multiple presenter options
  • High-quality pictures
  • Real-time chat capabilities
  • Advanced reporting and analytics

5. CrowdCast: Best for simultaneously broadcasting on multiple platforms

Crowdcast is a webinar platform that sets the stage for you. Hosting webinars is made so much easier so that you can engage, grow, and reach your audience using live shows.

This is a good choice when you want to broadcast on multiple platforms simultaneously.

In this way, you can boost reach. It’s easy to bring many attendees simultaneously and give the best engaging experience with this webinar software. 


  • Tools to help you with designing logos, backgrounds, and branding in a way that matches the content. You can customize the layout. 
  • The wing where guests can prepare before starting the webinar
  • Studio tools to help create the best moments, you can create presentation slides, share videos, cue overlays, and motivate attendees to act
  • Tools to boost guest engagement through live chat and polls


What makes a great webinar app?

When choosing the best webinar services, you must look for the most basic functionalities and features you may need. Free trial, high-quality webinars, easy access, session recording, custom solutions, and collaborative features are some of the things that make the best webinar platforms. 

What features should the top webinar hosting platforms have?

It is important to review a site and ensure it is easy to set up and host different webinar. There should also be a registration funnel flow that works and tools to ensure that the webinar is presented the way you want it in terms of adding images, choosing layouts, and changing backgrounds, among other things. Presentation tools make hosting webinars even easier. 

What’s the average cost of webinar software?

I compared different providers and they have different pricing plans based on the features one needs. So the price you pay depends on the features you need access to. With that said, webinar hosting providers start their plan typically around $40/m for small-scale events. 

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