The 5 best website builders [2023 top creators]

Updated on May 30th, 2023

Looking for the ideal website builder to design your own stunning site? Then you must read my top site creators analysis.

I’ve researched and compared top web design tools that are perfect for beginners and experts alike.

Someone designing a website with drag and drop editor.

This post will help you review and compare to decide which one is best for you goals so check out my recommendations to find the best website builder that suits your needs.

5 best website builders to review and compare

If you are in a rush, here is a comparison table for quick review.

NameWho forRating
WixBest builder for beginners4.2/5
Leadpages Best builder for creating landing pages and sale funnels4.3/5
ShopifyBest site maker for online stores4.4/5 Top website creator for those with some or advanced technical skills4.4/5
Squarespace Best for stunning design templates4.4/5

1. Wix: Best overall for beginners

If you want to create a great website, this is one of the best options, especially, if you are a beginner and non-techy. With this website builder, you have the option to manage, design, create, and develop a web presence just the way you like.

This software is very easy to use and has advanced functionalities. You can scale and convert seamlessly using the business and marketing solutions that are offered on the platform.

You get access to over 900 customizable templates that have been tailored according to industries. You also have the option of starting website building from scratch. 


  • Wix editor, where you can use templates and drag-and-drop features
  • Templates designed for different businesses
  • Mobile optimization so that the website creator can make it accessible on every device
  • Unlimited fonts
  • Advanced SEO tools to help drive traffic


For different features, there are different pricing options. The website plans are as follows:

  • VIP $24.50/m
  • Entrepreneurs and freelancers $12.50/m
  • Combo $8.50/m
  • Connect domain $4.50/m

Ecommerce and business plans are:

  • Business VIP $ 35/m
  • Business unlimited $25/m
  • Business basic $17/m


G2 4.2/5

2. Leadpages: Best for creating landing pages & sales funnels 

This is the best website builder for sales funnels and landing page creation. You can create content so easily and convert your traffic into customers.

The DIY landing pages and websites are created in a way that your visitors can navigate. Definitely one of the best ways to grow your list with optimized content, digital file delivery, and the best opt-in offers. 


  • Landing page creation tools to help with conversion
  • Templates to help grow your business
  • Built-in guidance for conversion
  • Unlimited traffic and lead collection
  • Unlimited page publishing
  • High load speeds


You have to evaluate your needs before choosing a pricing plan. Your options are: 

  • Pro $74/m
  • Standard $37/m

There is also the advanced plan that allows a master account as well as five client accounts and amazing features. 



3. Shopify: Best for launching e-commerce/online stores

If you want to launch an online store or an ecommerce website, Shopify should be your best website builder because it comes with a lot of advantages. One of the best things about this platform is that you can start with a free trial.

Having an online presence is very important for any business. Being able to showcase your products and interact with customers is achieved best through Shopify features and other of its advantages. 


  • You gain access to the best templates to create an attractive website that is easy to use
  • Drag and drop features
  • Secure mode of payment
  • Mobile friendly where themes are responsive for the best experience
  • Comprehensive dashboard to help with marketing


You should evaluate your needs before picking a Shopify pricing plan. This guarantees a good outcome. The plans are:

  • Basic $24/m
  • Shopify $69/m
  • Advanced $299/m


G2 4.4/5

4. Best for tech-savvy businesses, entrepreneurs, bloggers

Anyone who is tech-savvy enough can utilize It is good website builder software for bloggers and entrepreneurs.

You can create a great website with this one-source platform. The best thing about the platform is the blocks. You can see how your website will come up as you rearrange, edit, and add content.

You can create a site with the best features, flexible tools for design, and the most intuitive editing. 


  • Adaptable and flexible for all needs
  • It has a user-friendly interface
  • Multiple themes to choose from
  • Plugins that extend the functionality of the platform
  • Mobile responsive sites
  • Tools to create custom domains


WordPress is free. Since it is self-hosting you need to make sure that you have great hosting providers such as WP Engine, Hostinger, etc.

You might also need to get help from Fiverr, 99designs, etc, from a designer and developer.


G2 4.4/5

5. Squarespace: Best for customization templates

Squarespace is a website creator that is suitable for customization templates. The templates can be selected according to the industry, fonts, or color palettes that show your professional needs or personal style.

This is the best way to explore ecommerce with tools to make changes as you wish. They have social media and email campaign tools that make it easy to grow an audience. 


  • Utilize the website creator templates that can be customized to suit your needs
  • Tools to build your ecommerce business and boost growth
  • Tools to schedule appointments
  • Membership sites to gate your community
  • Animations, fonts, and feature options are available on this website builder software.
  • Access to the best website builder app 


  • Personal $16/m
  • Business $23/m
  • Basic commerce $27/m
  • Advanced commerce $49/m


G2 4.4/5

Site Builders FAQ

What is a website maker?

Website builders are tools or programs that make it easier to create and design websites without code editing. You can do things yourself without a developer or a designer on such a platform. Some templates can be customized. 

How do I choose the best website builder software?

With so many best website builder claims, you have to be careful when making a choice. The best way to choose website builders is to evaluate your needs. You need to look at the platform itself and consider the templates and all other features available. 

 How exactly do these platforms work?

Typically, you start with picking a template that will define the way the website will look and feel. Next, is using a drag-and-drop editor to create the website by editing the templates.

You can also use the same feature to create pages and add content. That’s just a quick overview.

What’s the average cost for a website design tools?

If you want a top tool to help build a website, you may be curious about the price. Most website builders tools has different pricing plans to pick from, and it all depends on the features you want.

However, on the average, you will pay around $50 to $115 per year for basic plans.

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