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How to make money blogging: Best monetization ideas in 2023

How blogs make money is a knowledge most people want to know about.

This is because making money with a blog is the dream of most people and online entrepreneurs today.

So if you want to know how to make money blogging you are not alone.

This article will share some great ideas to help you monetize your blog.

They're the best ways I have used to bring in income for my blog websites.

How to make money and monetize your blog

How to make money blogging with best easy monetization strategies in 2023

Making income from a blog website isn't too hard when you know the way to do it and put in the hard work.

Even if your goal is to generate income as a side hustle or full-time blogging business, the monetization tips in this article got you.

So continue reading to learn how bloggers monetize their blogs.


You don't have to use all the method below. Pick one or two to start monetizing with and try others later.

1. Implement the basics(a must)

Like most things in life, the basics need to be in place(foundation) for success to follow.

So if you want to bring in consistent income or make money at all, you need to implement the two important basics below.

Pick a profitable niche

If you are a beginner reading this, one of the extremely important basics to starting and monetizing any blog is to pick a niche that will be profitable.

This process is two folds:

  • choose a profitable industry/vertical
  • making sure you pick keywords/topics with good search volume and commercial intent

If you are experienced, you need to check your strategy and make sure you are writing profitable articles in the right vertical(s).

If not, switch your strategy to do so.

The last thing you need is to spend years creating amazing blog content but in the wrong niche that won't make you money.

Use a stable web hosting service

This is another extremely important must-do.

How important is this?

Well, it is hard to earn money or maximize a blog's financial potential if your website constantly has speed, security, and uptime issues because of a bad hosting plan or provider.

Once you grow to the monetization stage, it means that you are getting decent or a lot of traffic.

So you need a stable hosting plan and service provider, not one that can't handle the traffic, have tech/customer and downtime issues, etc.

The above issues will affect your blog conversion rate and ranking.

So save yourself the headaches and income losses and go with:

WPengine - true fully managed fast premium cloud hosting for WordPress sites.

BlueHost - for low-cost all website types hosting (they used to be bad but have made a lot of improvement over the years).

Write optimized blog posts (transaction intent keywords)

One of the blogging for beginners' advice to those who want to earn money is to optimize blog posts for SEO.

You have to optimize the keywords that have high intent that will lead to sales.

Making great content is not enough, you need to SEO optimize your posts perfectly with both basic and advanced tricks to drive quality traffic and monetize.

Get content help

How do a lot of top bloggers become successful?

They hire content writers and spend time doing SEO and other marketing.

It is a secret you will rarely hear.

So, please put aside some money and hire a pro.

How do you find good and low-cost ones?

You can find both expensive and low-cost content writers on Fiverr.

2. Get your blog acquired

Next on the how blogs make money is getting is selling it.

If your blog is getting some traffic or has traffic and income-making potential, you can sell it for a decent amount or millions of dollars.

You can see lists of blogs sold and up for sale on the Flippa marketplace to get an idea of what the possibilities are.

3. Pay-per-call affiliate

Example of monetizing my blog with pay per call programs
Call and income from one of my blog sites I monetize with a pay per call affiliate program

One of my favorite strategies for making money from blogging is through pay-per-call affiliate marketing.

This is one of the best ways that bloggers make money as they can earn $30 to $3000 per call with some programs. And the calls are highly convertible if the business is picking up these calls.

The way it works

With this monetization method, you will get paid when someone calls a number on your blog website and meet certain criteria like staying on a call for 60 to 120 secs, etc.

This method works best with blogs in the home services (plumbing, water damage), home security (think security installation), healthcare (addiction, dental), finance (payday loans, personal debt) space, etc.

Some good pay-per-call affiliate networks are Aragon Advertising and Palo Media.

These companies already have clients looking to buy the calls, so you just need to generate traffic to your blog and sign up with them.

You can find more pay-per-call opportunities on Offervault (the search engine for affiliate marketing opportunities).

4. Affiliate links: a powerful blogging income generator

This is another favorite tactic of ours.

This monetization approach is very simple and beginner friendly.

It has proven to be one of the best and easiest ways to generate income online.

How it works

It works by using tracking codes on some of your blog post links.

Each time readers click on a link and sign up for a product or service you will earn a commission.

This method works best for educational, tutorial, and reviews-based blogs.

Promoting a service or product is very easy as many companies offer payment when you refer new clients to them.

You can earn $30 to $200 on average per purchase that comes from your blog post link.

You can find products and services to promote on and Shareasale.

Keep these in mind before proceeding

  • Follow and stay updated with FTC and other govt consumer protection agencies' related rules in marketing to consumers(making money blogging is easier when you're not worried about getting caught breaking the law).
  • Have a disclaimer page.
  • A visible disclosure to readers on how you earn money.

5. Digital downloads

Another way to make money blogging is to curate your best blogs, put them in PDF, and offer them as digital downloads.

You can make the downloads free and generate money when people make a purchase from listed tools on it.

You simply use affiliate links for the listed tools to make this happen.

We love this strategy because once you set it up it keeps making money.

Hello, passive income ;).

6. Sell online courses

This is another monetization strategy that generates passive income with endless earning potential.

How to do it:

Creating an online course can be hard work but when it is done you will keep making money from it.

You can create it in a video, PDF download, or tutorial format.

To make the process easier here are some helpful tips:

  • Utilize online course-creating and promotion tools like MemberPress or LearnWorlds
  • Pick a subject matter(s) you have knowledge and experience in( easier to make money when you have knowledge in a subject matter)
  • Keep it simple

7. Paid guest posts on your site

Get others to pay you to write and publish articles on your website.

This arrangement benefits them because of the exposure and backlinks your blog offers them.

Here's a quick idea of how to do it:

Create a page on your blog site letting others know that you allow guest posts.

Have the details on what the requirements are.

8. Paid product reviews

How else do blogs make money?

Charge for product review.

You can approach brands that you are using their product or service and ask them to pay you to review the product or service.

You can also approach brands to give you their product to try for free so you can review them on your blog.

This approach works best for established bloggers or websites with a good amount of traffic and email subscribers.


When writing paid blogs sponsored by brands, it is a good idea to be honest and disclose the arrangement to stay on the good side of FTC. And other fed or state consumer protection agencies in U.S and in your country.

And stay away from shady brands.

The sponsored post strategies mentioned here and above besides generating income are two great ways to acquire backlinks and traffic if executed correctly.

9. Display ad

Online display advertising is another method many bloggers use to earn fulltime or extra money from a blog.

Popular ad platform used by many is Google Adsense and Mediavine(most people prefer Mediavine now because they pay more and have better customer service than Google).

The way this method works is that if you write about cars when someone finds your blog they will see pop-ups that display related services and products like car insurance and rental.

You will then get paid if those displays are clicked.

It doesn't have to be ads related to your blog niche. The display can be for any industry.

10. Offer services

Another option available to cash in is to offer services.

You can offer this in just about any subject you have knowledge of.

For example, if you rank your blog well, you can offer website design, conversion rate, and/or SEO optimizing services to other bloggers or businesses.

You can also offer consulting services on how others can write great blogs, rank blogs well on Google, etc.

11. Monetize with email lists

How bloggers get paid guide won't be complete without mentioning the email listing method.

To apply this, you simply have pop subscription forms(the forms on pages and posts, or to a dedicated landing page).

You can Leadpages or Mailchimp to accomplish this method easily.

Blog monetization tools you need

There are many great tools that successful bloggers use to monetize their blog idea.

They make your life easier.

Here are some of them.

NameWhat it
WPengineBest fully managed blog hosting to keep your site live consistently
BlueHostAnother good hosting option for bloggers
ShareasaleSign up with companies to promote products and services
FlippaMarketplace to sell blogging websites
OffervaultFind products and services to promote and get paid
MemberPressHelp you make money blogging by creating online courses

Begin your earning

We hope that you enjoy this article on how blogs make money.

There are many ways bloggers make money with a blog once it starts generating traffic.

How you monetize your blog depends on many factors such as your traffic volume, skills, time, etc. How much you make also depends on the above.

For beginners, it is better to start with one or two monetization ideas first and expand to others later.

Now go get that dough :).