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How to make money with a WordPress blog website in 2023

Updated on May 30th, 2023

How do I monetize my WordPress website blogs?

Monetizing a WordPress blog may seem difficult but it really ain’t if you are creating the right SEO content that is driving quality traffic.

Really there are many profitable ways to make money on your WordPress site . And how much you earn is up to you.

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Our guide will share my favorite tips, plus some of the ones I have used, and how they work.

 These ideas on how to make money with WordPress websites are the best ones many are using to generate massive income with their blog posts today.

Monetizing WordPress blogs requires putting in the work. The strategies below are not some get-rich-quick strategies. 

But these strategies are proven to work (I have used one or two of them to generate six figure income with WordPress sites) and are worth it if you are determined to make money online with your WordPress blog site.

They allow you to make money working from home, beach, anywhere in the world, etc.

Here’s 7 tips on how to monetize a WordPress

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1. Monetize your site with affiliate links

One of the best ways a lot of people use to monetize their WordPress blog sites is through affiliate marketing. I use this method too.

 If you were to make a comparison between this option and advertisements, it is a good option with a better potential to make insane profits. 

Most revenue from those making money from digital marketing usually comes from affiliate programs. 

As a WordPress site owner using affiliate marketing for income generation, you would have to promote products within your blog posts. You will mention the products and then leave affiliate links that can be followed by your visitors. 

This may lead to purchase and when it does you can make banks.

Amazon Associates is one of the best marketing spaces in this case. There are many other alternative networks like Shareasale, Commission Junction where you can find thousands of products to promote.

A lot of companies also run individual programs. 

What I like about this is that how much you earn is up to you.

Once you sign up with an affiliate network, you should consider using Optimizepress or Optinmonster to maximize your traffic and revenue.

2. Pay-per-call affiliate 

WordPress blog site earnings with pay per call affiliate program.

Content creators and small businesses may have digital assets that are valuable in services-based industries like legal, home services, medical, auto, etc. 

This is the kind of content website that can help you monetize your WordPress blog with pay-per-call affiliate marketing. 

This is actually the first type of affiliate marketing that I made money with.

I have some blog sites in the personal injury, family law, and home services vertical that I sent to affiliate networks and get paid per qualified calls.

How does this work?

The way to monetize with this tactic is simple. If you have a blog(s) that are ranking and driving traffic, you can sign up for free with pay-per-call affiliate networks like Aragon Advertising.

Your network will set you up with tracking numbers to put on your WordPress website.

Each time someone calls that number and it meets a set call duration (normally 90 secs to 3 minutes) you will get paid.

If you have a great WordPress blog that ranks well and drives quality traffic you can make a lot of money.

I find this to be the best affiliate marketing form for WordPress blog monetization because of the high conversion rate (you can get 40% to 60% if the call buyers are picking up most of them).


Use Callrail call tracking to do your own tracking and recording.

Oftentimes you will get calls but the business didn’t pick up so a network won’t pay you.

Each network provide call tracking but not the recording to you.

But if you have your own call recording you can listen and spot calls you should get paid for but the system is not marketing it as such.

You can forward such calls to the network and most times you will end up getting paid.

I ran into issues like that and using Callrail helped got me paid.

2. Sell online courses

Next on how to make money on a WordPress site is online course selling.

With the elearning industry projected to be worth a trillion dollars by 2027, you can tap into some of this with your WordPress website.

Selling online courses can bring you considerable attention and income. One thing to note is that courses are better priced than eBooks.

This is a good chance to charge premiums to share with people your expertise in a given area. Lessons have to be created to commence the course.

There should also be supporting materials such as templates, checklists, slides, and downloads.

You can offer personalized support.

Make use of platforms like Kajabi, Teachable, etc, to help you sell your courses quickly.

Use tools Thinkific, Podia, Teachable or LearnWorlds to create and sell your course(s).

3. Offer WordPress blogging services

WordPress backend with a new post block editor open.

Another great way to generate income is to offer professional blogging services.

To utilize this strategy successfully, you may need to make an investment though it is not always necessary, depending on your plan.

You can easily transform some parts of your site to a ‘hire me’ kind of page. The WordPress site is one of the best places for self-promotion.

You can also list your blogging service skills on Fiverr, Upwork, etc. These sites are used by freelancers such as developers, designers, photographers, and writers, where past experiences can be showcased to potential clients.

SEO consulting, mentoring, and coaching are other great ways to monetize WordPress blogs. 

4. Make income with WordPress SEO services

Another way I have used to monetize my WordPress blogs is by offering SEO packages.

 You can offer SEO Services, maintenance, speed, setup services, etc. 

This method is lucrative because a lot of people may want to utilize the WordPress blogging platform but lack the technical know-how to achieve that.

You can set up your website and then promote the services you have to offer.

How much income you generate is endless with this online earning strategy.

You can offer packages and charge the customer according to what is needed. Offering WordPress SEO services is no doubt a great way to make money with a WordPress site blog. 

You can also list your services on websites like Fiverr to supplement your WordPress blog monetization.

5. Place display ads

Online pages with the words Ads.

Another idea of generating income on WordPress can be achieved through placing display ads. It is one of the best ways to get an income if have a lot of traffic with a pageview.

You do so by making use of display advertisements. The ads can appear on pages as native ads, popups, or static displays. You can use ad space and add WordPress schemes in some instances. 

In this case, you can choose payment models that suit your needs.

These are pay-per-click or PPC and pay-per-impression or PPI. These models mean you get paid once an ad displayed on your site is clicked on or when the ad is seen, respectively. PPC is the better way of earning.

Bloggers can partner with companies and advertising networks to make this happen. AdSense & Mediavine is one of the best ways to use them. 

8. Use tools (a must)

One recommendation I give to anyone looking to learn how to monetize WordPress sites is to use the right tools to make the process easier.

Like anything in life, you need to be using the right software tools to see results.

Here are some tools that will help when monetizing a method(s).

Tool nameUse
Mediavinethe best platform for monetizing with ad placement
Leadpageshelps you create lead gen landing pages & sales funnels to monetize your website visitors
ActiveCampaignshelps you in monetizing your WordPress traffic by signup subscribers and email marketing to them
FiverrPlace you can signup to become a freelancer or hire others
Upworksimilar to Fiverr
Teachablesoftware that allows you to create & sell your online courses
Kajabicreate & market your courses on autopilot
SamsCartone of the best shopping cart tools that will help you monetize your WordPress easily for those selling digital products & courses
Table showing tools your need to help you generate income with a WordPress blog site

Conclusion on how to make money (monetize) with a WordPress site blog

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We hope that you enjoyed the WordPress monetization methods mentioned in this tutorial.

It takes time to come up with the best posts, but if you stay on it, and learn some content & SEO optimization skills, target the correct intent keywords, etc you can generate enough traffic to make part-time or full income.

The above are some of the best methods to try out if you are wondering how to make money on a WordPress site. It is possible to monetize WordPress blogs.

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