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Best Google penalty recovery services [Algorithm & manual]

Our search engine-Google penalty recovery services offer one of the best solutions for website owners and businesses that have been penalized by Google algorithms or by manual action.

Google penalty removal services

Our removal services are one of the best in helping you gain back your rank on Google and other search engines like Bing.

Continue reading to learn more about how our SEO experts fix search engine penalties.

Best Google penalty recovery services company helping with algorithm & manual actions

Types of penalties we remove & fix

Below are the types of Google penalty removal & repair issues we handle.

1. Algorithmic

One of the solutions we provide for penalty recovery is algorithmic services.

An algorithmic penalty is sanctioning websites using Google algorithms. With this penalty, manual processing by a Google search team is not necessary.

There are filters set by Google to detect whether there are any guideline violations.

The algorithmic penalties include:


Panda update was introduced around 2011. This update was introduced as a way of punishing poor or thin content.

This is the kind of content that has managed to rank highly regardless of it having little to no value to searchers. Panda became a core of Google’s algorithm in 2016.

Penalties occur when there is duplicate content, a poor content-to-ad ratio, pages bearing general information in excess, and content that has little information.

When hit by the penalty, a web page gets very little traffic. Panda affects your website as a whole and there is a keyword and rank drop.

Google penalty recovery services like that offered by OnlineBusinessConsulting can help in such a case with faster recovery.


The initial release of the Google Penguin update was in 2012. The main reason it was created was to help reduce web spam (spammy backlinks).

It doesn't affect your entire website, just the web page or pages that are spammy.

Also, Penguin runs in real-time, and it has been doing so since January 2016.
This means that the best Google penalty recovery and link building services are needed to help fix your website fast when it is hit with this type of penalty

2. Manual actions

This kind of penalty is not done automatically. A human on the Google search team handles the assessment and implementation.

You can see if your website is hit manually by going to your Search Console (former Web Master Tools) > Security & Manual Actions > Manual actions

The focus of the manual action is on detecting spammers.

Our experience shows that this type of penalty tends to take longer to recover from.

But if you have a great Google penalty removal expert on your side, the recovery can be faster.

Our approach


A good Google penalty removal service company like ours starts with an assessment, where all potential ranking issues are identified. We use some of the best search engine optimization tools during this process.


Recovery is not easy for those who don't know what they are doing. But if you hire the best Google penalty removal service company like ours with the right tools and expertise, you can be assured that you will see your ranking coming back again.

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Google penalty revoval services FAQ

When should you get a penalty repair company?

It is always wise to get a Google recovery service agency when you don't have the time and/or expertise, know what's wrong, etc. Google penalties do not need to be permanent.