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Updated on May 30th, 2023

WordPress speed optimization services based on improving your site load time and ttfb(server response time) not chasing score or green color. And manual solutions complimented with fast plugins not just installing plugins and done.

OnlineBusinessConsulting provide expert performance work to both small businesses and enterprises that work.

Our WordPress web pages speed up optimization company is the real deal in make WordPress websites blazingly fast to improve SEO, user’s experience, conversion rate and more.

WordPress speed optimization services overview

WordPress is an awesome content delivery system that offers a lot but it has weaknesses such as being slow and security vulnerabilities when not optimized the right way.

As WordPress pages speed fixes service experts, we have many years of experience in helping sites owners optimize their WordPress sites properly to improve loading time.

We offer WP speed improvement solution that actually reduces your site page size, TTFB, and load time not just a score. Strategies used to get this site to load <1 sec on a shared server.

Continue reading below to learn more about what our services entail.

Theme switch/selection/setting

A site theme is one of the main culprit of speed issues. We always recommend lightweight and free themes such as the WordPress default themes.

We rarely recommend premium themes because they are mostly bloated.

Our speed fix experts know some of the best lightweight themes for WordPress redesign or theme switch.

We also correctly set theme features.

Some theme such as Divi might not be the fastest theme, however, if you set it up correctly by knowing which features to turn on and off you can improve its performance by some margin.

Hosting migration & server optimization

If a WordPress is not migrated correctly this can lead to a slow website and other issues like SEO performance.

After migration there are few things to check to make sure everything is setup correctly.

We have worked on sites that started running slow and lost SEO performance because duplicate tables were created on the database when it was migrated to a new host.

We can also recommend WordPress hosting providers if you need it.

Most people(especially, small websites with decent traffic) do not need a new web host, they just need their site optimized properly for speed and security.

However, if you really need one or unhappy with support from your current provider we will let you know.

Lightweight plugins install

We will find bloated plugins and replace them with free simple lightweight(plugins that doesn’t add page weight or significant page speed) plugins that do their job well.

For example, most WordPress security plugins such as WordFence and Sucuri Security are known to hammer hosting servers.

We will replace those with very simple and FREE fast security plugins. We have a list of and know how to find some of the best free lightweight speed optimization plugins to replace existing bloated ones.

We only use lightweight and fast plugins for WP speed fixes.

Plugin selective activation

At the core of our WordPress pages speed optimization services is using the power of selective plugin activation.

If you absolutely need to keep certain plugins we will use selective activation to isolate it to the page that it is needed instead of it loading on all your website pages.

This is a powerful tactics that improves speed.

Database cleanup

Most companies that advertise speed improvement service love to talk about database cleanup. The problem is that they only do the basic like cleaning revisions and drafts.

But there are advanced database cleanups that matter a lot such as cleaning orphaned cron tasks, etc.

Font optimization

Fonts such as Google fonts are notorious for making sites load slowly. During our optimizations, by removing Googles fonts we normally see a 500 ms to 1 seconds decrease in speed( load time). So we can safely remove it or host the font locally (only if you absolutely need to keep it) to improve speed.

Removing duplicate features

In some cases, having duplicate features on a WordPress site might cause slow issues.

For example, some people are not aware of some WordPress core features so they will download a plugin for the same existing feature.

Their theme might already have a feature but they will download a plugin for that too.

Now you have the same feature turned on in multiple places.

This why this is part of our WordPress speed fix services because it is important not to duplicate features.

WooCommerce speed fixes

WooCommerce is great for running online stores, however it is resource intensive when not optimized properly.

We will optimize cart fragments, scripts and styles. We will make sure that some tuning are done on your host server for WooCommerce.

For example, some providers of managed WordPress hosting such as WPENGINE( we highly recommended them) already have some optimization done on the server for WooCommerce sites(not caching some certain pages, etc).

Advanced video & image optimization

Videos and images are two of the top factors that lead to a slow WordPress.

Our speed fix service will configure your WP Media and Media Library correctly, find and delete image sizes not needed, compress and replace bloated images without deleting image url, etc.

Find 404 images urls that are slowing down your WordPress site TTFB and load time.

Speed-up admin panel

People tend to neglect optimization works to speed-up admin dashboard when doing WordPress performance tuning. We don’t!

Speeding up your WordPress administrator panel is just as important as speeding up other part of your website.

Manually minify CSS & JS

Minifying CSS and Js can shave off some load time and make your WordPress website’s speed faster(not always the cases).

It is even better when done manually.

Minifying also helps with increasing scores on GTmatrix and other websites speed testing tools.

Consulting & training services

We also provide consulting and trainig services to in-house marketing team and to those who need direction and have the time to implement strategies.

We don’t just show you what to do but the how to exactly implement them.

And much more

There are many other WP speed fixes services we provide.

When you contact us we will discuss those.

Our agency’s WordPress sites speed up optimization philosophy

OnlineBusinessConsulting page speed service focuses on solving real speed issues.

We focus on improving and fixing what matters such as reducing a website pages size and improving pages load time instead of just PageSpeed score.

If any speed fixes service provider only promises to increase your WordPress speed score, run and save your money.

Reducing your website page weight, TTFB, and loading time are the factors that matters the most in any website performance tuning for speed.

They are what lead to better users experience and possible SEO boost not some green or red color.

So remember that when hiring any speed expert or doing the work yourself.

Improving page load time and TTFB in milliseconds is what matter not some red or green color on speed test tools.

We do a lot of analysis to find opportunities that lead to real result.

Before any WordPress performance improvement work we will do in-depth analysis of your:

  • theme
  • plugins
  • internal and external scripts
  • web host
  • database
  • media

We also, look at important pages on your site for optimization beyond the homepage.

A homepage may load fast but the other pages on your site are slow.

For example, a 404 image may be slowing down one of your important pages but when you do a homepage speed test you won’t see that.

We manually code some optimization instead of using plugins for everything. We don’t do band aid work like activating a premium cache plugin like a lot company do.

Contact us for our speed optimization services price

We provide customized solution because all WordPress website are not the same.

Also, we go beyond optimizing a WordPress website homepage.

Having the homepage of a website load fast doesn’t mean that other important pages are fast.

This is why we will do a thorough analysis of different pages and give you a customized solution and price.

Contact us with your site domain, phone number, and budget.

Let our WordPress site speed up optimization services make your website pages load faster.

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