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The 6 top best Clickfunnels alternatives in 2023

Clickfunnels alternatives are important to know if you want to save money, get extra features, etc.

Even though I like Clickfunnels for it being a great business software tool when it comes to getting results in digital marketing campaigns, there are other competitors of theirs you should consider.

This article will list the 6 top best Clickfunnels alternatives. These are comparable replacements that have great customer support and technology, are easier to use, are more affordable, etc.

The best 6 Clickfunnels alternatives & competitors list

What can I use instead of ClickFunnels for sales funnels, landing page building, email marketing, etc?

The answers are below.

If you don't have time to read each of the competitor's details, see the following table:

CompetitorBest for
Leadpageslanding page & sales funnel building, pop-ups, integrations
ActiveCampaignsadvanced email marketing
Getresponseemail automation
Kajabionline course creators & selling digital products
SimVolythose on a low budget
A table list of Clickfunnels competitors.

1. Leadpages: best overall alternative

At the top list of best Clickfunnels alternatives is Leadpages.

It offers many templates that can be used for creating landing pages, sales funnels, webinars, popups, alert bars, and lead magnets to help grow your page, and access templates that target sales pages.

The tool focuses on the creation of high-converting landing and sales pages.

A powerful replacement for Clickfunnels for sure.

When you integrate Leadpages software with email marketing platforms, it offers a much cheaper comparable replacement for Clickfunnels.

An online tool for subscribers collection for sure.

Easily connecting with your audience, advanced A/B split testing, getting leads, closing high ticket sales, etc, is what this tool does best.

It offers better flexibility and has a higher performance in converting than Clickfunnels.

Definitely one of the top best Clickfunnels alternatives for smaller businesses.

2. ActiveCampaigns: best alternative for email marketing

Big on email marketing?

ActiveCampaigns is another best Clickfunnels alternative. This platform makes it easy for businesses to engage and connect with the audience using intelligence-driven and personalized messages through different channels.

A good replacement too because it's easier to use and has better support than Clickfunnels.

ActiveCampaigns offers the best email services, while Clickfunnels is mostly for sales funnel building.

They are comparable in that they have features that venture beyond the strict definitions while still bearing strengths in their specialties.

3. Kartra: best alternative for agencies.

When you run a business online, you need coordination between different solutions, which can sometimes be frustrating.

With Kartra, agencies have all they need in one area with business tools that focus on sales funnel creation and lead generation. With this platform, you can stay in control while defining rules.

You can automate SMS and email promotions and host videos without using external services.

A good Clickfunnels competitor because it has better pricing too.

Plus offers four price options, while Clickfunnels have three.

The platform has more marketing tools in the basic plan, combining sales and landing pages than Clickfunnels.

4. Getresponse: best alternative
for email automation

Getresponse is no doubt amongst the best Clickfunnels alternatives.

With this web-based email advertising software, businesses can create lists, maximize their conversion ratios, boost profitability, etc.

An excellent funnel builder and email services tool. You can automate the marketing funnel in a single platform.

Also superior to Clickfunnels for its lower plan costs and the ability to automate everything easily.

The best alternative when you want to increase sales, convert leads, recover carts that have been abandoned, plus more.

5. Kajabi: the best alternative for online course creators & selling digital products

You can use Kajabi to sell digital products and create online courses. Kajabi and Clickfunnels are comparable because they assist entrepreneurs in converting ideas into great businesses.
They have similar features.
However, they target different audiences. Kajabi is for online courses, memberships, and digital products. Clickfunnels focuses on funnels building digital and physical products.

6. SimVoly best alternative for those on a budget

Great platform for e-commerce tools, CRM, funnel, and no-code website creation tools.

Anyone can easily create codeless websites, manage leads, integrate funnels, create eCommerce stores, etc.

Why do I have it on this best Clickfunnels alternatives list? Because it is extremely easy to build funnels with, cheaper, add an online store to sell different products, plus run email promotions.

Hands down on the top of my Clickfunnels alternatives list for those on a budget.

Clickfunnels FAQ

What is Clickfunnels?

This online marketing platform is used to optimize and create marketing and sales funnels. It is very popular with marketers.

What does Clickfunnels do?

Clickfunnels is used to create webinars, squeeze pages, membership pages, landing pages, opt-in pages, websites, email marketing, etc.

The app makes it possible for users to create sales funnels using premade designs that can be customized.

Before other Clickfunnels alternatives, the software was the go-to. I really love this tool but there are other competitors now that do the same thing and sometimes better.

What can you build with Clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels have different templates that can be used to build different things. This includes event, lead capture, and sale page funnels. These Clickfunnels funnels can serve a lot of purposes, all managed in a single platform.

Do I really need a Clickfunnels alternative?

Yes, in some cases, you may need an alternative because Clickfunnels is not the perfect or cheapest option for your business.
It is not as versatile if you are a professional and the basic plan doesn't provide the best customer service (poor support).
So using other comparable and better alternatives are recommended if those matter to someone.

What should I look for in a Clickfunnels alternative?

There are many things to consider when selecting any of the top best Clickfunnels alternatives, such as affordability based on your budget. Other things to look out for are effortless use of the platform, template customization, online themes, performance, testing capacity, etc.

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