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The top 4 best cheap web hosting services sites in 2023

Cheap web hosting service providers offer great inexpensive hosting to hobbyists, small bloggers, and small businesses on a budget or whose website has low traffic.

Cheap web hosting sites

This type of hosting are normally done on shared servers.

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The recommended top 4 best cheap web hosting services platforms in 2023 reviewed and compared

Before we continue, if you are in a hurry, here are the recommended top 4 best cheap website hosting platforms:

  • Bluehost is the best overall cheap hosting company
  • Dreamhost is the best for truly unlimited bandwidth & storage
  • GreenGeeks is best for green hosting
  • Hostinger is the cheapest for hobby and extremely low-trafficked websites

What is a cheap web host?

To publish a business online, an individual or company will create a website.

Setting up a website without a host can be quite intimidating.

Various web hosts like host, Hostinger, Bluehost, etc help their customers to post websites and webpages on the internet inexpensively.

The various websites and assorted data are stored on the host's web servers.

The major problem with web hosting is the costs involved. It is not economical for small businesses to splash too much money on their website, regularly.

Hence, the demand for 'cheap' web hosts.

A lot of web hosts do provide their services online at paltry rates.

Finding the best among them is a difficult task.

As with any other paid service, one cannot expect the cheapest host to provide the best and premium services.

Still, there are quite a several quality web hosts who do provide cheaper plans for customers.

Such web hosts come under the definition of a cheap web host.

These inexpensive hosting for websites are mostly hosted on shared servers.

By conducting a bit of research, one can surely find a cheap host suited to his/her needs.

What features to expect from a cheap web hosting service?

As the name says, a cheap web host is inexpensive and does have a few disadvantages.

The storage and bandwidth may be difficult, handling of traffic may be poor, migration may be difficult, etc.

However, given below are some of the features even the cheapest hosts provide.

Customer support: Most cheap web hosts of the yesteryears hardly had any customer support at all.

They would fail at any time and would be most unpredictable.

Present-day web hosts, however cheap, have improved on this avenue and do offer callback or 24/7 live Chat options.

E-Mail accounts:

Email services are offered by most good web hosts. Though the cheaper web hosts do tend to cut out some features, it is possible to find packs encompassing email services at a relatively low price.

These emails are designed to fit in with the domain itself. They contain the domain name.

For example, if the name of the domain is, the email id can be

Hosts are willing to allow multiple email accounts for the same domain.

WordPress support:

WordPress is a very powerful online website creation tool. It is diverse and provides quite a lot for creation and exploration while creating a website.

WordPress also serves as an effective blogging and website content management platform. It presents a more convenient way for the creation of a website.

Recent stats suggest that over 61 million are supported by WordPress and over 43% of all websites on the internet are using WordPress as their CMS( content management system)

Many inexpensive web hosting service providers offer good WordPress support.

It is also important to note that PHP of version 8 or greater is needed to host a WordPress website, and for MySQL, PHP of version 5.6 or greater is needed.

FTP Access:

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) helps the user to upload files from local computers to web servers. This service is particularly useful if the user creates the website using HTML files and wants to upload these files to the servers.

FTP can be used in the transfer of files from the local computer to the web servers so that it can be accessed through the internet. For HTML users, this is a must-have feature.

Who is a cheap web host good for?

Large businesses do have a lot of cash to spend on every avenue. Unless they are looking for a limited online presence, a large business can't depend on a cheap web host.

Such large businesses usually tend to have popular websites, going through thousands of customers per day. Hence, they must depend on a premium host.

Smaller businesses and individuals have a lot to gain from cheap web hosting services.

This is because finance is scarce for many small businesses and individuals.

They have limited traffic and require only nominal features.

In the case of their website going viral, it is quite easy for them to migrate to bigger and better things within the host itself.

Cheap web hosts represent the base of the ladder.

It can probably serve all the needs of beginners looking for their first website or people looking for a small online presence.

Regardless of your budget, select your website hosting wisely. Just because hosting is cheap doesn't mean that it is the right plan for your goals.

The provider's list

Below are more details for the top inexpensive web hosts to consider.

The best cheap web hosting provider for overall hosting


In the past few years, Bluehost has emerged as the best web host in terms of pricing, security, speed, and uptime.

If there is an ideal cheap web hosting service provider online at this point, it surely has to be this company.

This is because of the various plans which make the customer feel satisfied with every penny paid.

For a top-of-the-range web hosting service provider, they have a really small starting price and provide great concessions for customers.

Almost all their plans offer 24/7 live chat, unlimited bandwidth, and the chance to have about 5 e-mail accounts per website.

Moreover, they are also prepared to offer all their users a free domain for the first year.

The platform provides improved security, backup, and SSL certificate. These measures help in keeping the website safe from cyber-attacks and other trouble.

Google has reported that most mobile websites are too slow.

Slower websites appear later in Google searches and are often not accessed by users around the globe.

Websites hosted on this hosting app will not face such problems as websites hosted on Bluehost has one of the best in class loading speeds.

Various testing show that Bluehost has a loading speed of 381ms which places it in the top 5 shots in the world.

This is a fantastic achievement for a low cost host.

It also boasts of uptime of 99.9%. These features set it apart from some of the other hosts in the business.


  • Top speed among websites. The websites hosted on Bluehost have shown speeds of around 381ms. This means that these websites have a loading time of 0.4 seconds. This will increase customer interest in the website.
  • The benchmark for a good uptime is 99.94%, which boils down to 26 minutes of downtime a month and 5 hours of downtime a year. Websites hosted on Bluehost have an average uptime of 99.9%, showing an industry-leading ability.
  • Low introductory pricing.
  • The introductory pricing is is very low compared to other sites at $2.75 per month.

Pros and cons

All the features given are pros as well.

The hosting service platform is fast, robust, easy to use, and diverse.

It is also the official WordPress recommended host.

The cons are the high renewal rates, every time a plan is renewed. This may increase to huge amounts.

Apps supported

They supports WordPress and is the officially recommended host. Other website builder apps like Joomla and drupal are also supported.


  • Basic plans: $3.95/$2.75 based on discounts
  • Plus plan: $5.95 per month and comes with unlimited bandwidth, websites, and SSD storage.
  • Pro plan: $13.95 per month.

The best cheap web hosting service provider for unlimited bandwidth


Dreamhost over the years has helped a lot of businesses to expand their horizons by making them a part of the internet fraternity.

They also boast a loading time speed of 654 ms and a very reliable uptime of 99.94%.

These two details combine to make them a good cheap web hosting services provider.

Another great thing about this cheap hosting service company is its highly competitive pricing. The plans are priced quite aggressively. The firm, unlike other web hosts, does not charge a much higher fee during each renewal. The app support is also quite good.

Many apps including WordPress and Joomla are supported.

Further features like unlimited bandwidth and storage, free SSL, and free domains based on conditions are given to users.

Needless to say, Dreamhost has become quite the favorite host due to its longevity in the market. Still, they show no signs of slowing down and appear to be above par in all aspects.

They have a 25-year of experience and 1.5 million web pages to boast about.


  • Unlimited bandwidth and storage: Unlike other hosting sites, which tend to demand higher rates for increased disk space and bandwidth, Dreamhost offers truly unlimited bandwidth and storage to all no matter the plan.
  • Easy to use: This provider is quite the epitome of user-friendliness. Whether it is installing WordPress, creating an email account, or encrypting SSL anything can be done without any expert guidance or help.
  • Free domains: One factor, which attracts a lot of customers to this company is their claim of providing a free domain. They do provide a free domain to every user for the first year. After that, the user will have to pay the full amount for the domain as well.
  • Free email hosting: This platform also offers free email hosting.

Pros and cons

The major advantage of using Dreamhost is a large number of freebies and relative ease to use.

Everything from installation to encryption is almost effortless.

However, there is a drawback which is lack of cPanel.

They have their own custom backend which some might need time to learn. But once learned it is very intuitive.

I was able to contact live support and they walked me through using it.

App support

Apps like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Prestashop are supported.


The cheapest plans are shared plans.

  • Shared starter: $2.59/m
  • Shared unlimited: $5.95/m

The best cheap web hosting service provider for hobbyist sites


Hostinger is one of the inexpensive web hosting sites. The revolutionized cheap hosting.

The app is super easy to get your website set up in minutes.

The platform is reliable and fast for those small businesses or hobbyists looking to host their websites at a super low price.


  • You can auto-migrate your WordPress site easily at no extra cost
  • Free malware scanner
  • Free malware or corrupted file removal
  • Free AI logo maker
  • One day higher-tier plan trial before an upgrade ( test a plan before upgrading to it)
  • 24/7 tech support

Pros & cons

For the prices, the company provides amazing services loaded with features.

The con I see is that the single-site package only allows 2 cron jobs. Unless you are running a hobby website, 2 cron allowance won't cut it.

App support

Hostinger supports Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress hosting.


Hostinger has various hosting packages. And like most web hosting apps, the longer your sign up the better the price.

This hosting platform is really great for those with a hobby website not expecting any or extremely low traffic as they start at $1.99 a month with limited storage and cron job.

For small businesses, the premium package is the best.

it is inexpensive and gets the job done.

  • Single website hosting: $1.99/m
  • Premium web hosting: $2.99/m

How to pick the best low-cost hosting services company?

Choosing a web host that's inexpensive is not easy, as the options are plenty.

The first step in selection is a proper recognition of the need. The user has to predict the kind of traffic to be expected and reached.

Based on such conclusions, the user can understand what he/she wants. Once the needs are recognized, the company prepared to provide the required services for the lowest price can be chosen.

Again the customer has to exercise caution by reading a lot of reviews and getting the personal opinions of various experts/experienced people like this website.


Not much to conclude, still, the choice always remains in the hands of the user. The service offered by a cheap hosting company however good, may not satisfy a particular customer.

So the prospective user must conduct good research regarding viable options before making a decision.

The reader is warned that 'haste will make waste' and after all the best things never come cheap, do they?

With that said if you are on a budget any of the above inexpensive web hosting platforms will do once you pick the right plan.

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