Emmanuel Okeke

A little about me

I live in Los Angeles.

I started OnlineBusinessConsulting 10+ years ago as a digital marketing agency in the legal and medical vertical after working for Fortune 500 companies including Thomson Reuters as a Sr. Digital Marketing Consultant.

After years of success (took it to six figures yearly revenue the first year as a solopreneur), OnlineBusinessConsulting was rebranded recently to focus more on creating growth marketing tutorials and guides that will help businesses start, market, and run their business with online tools effectively.

I share and write fantastic guides and tips on:

  • Business software tools
  • SEO
  • WordPress Speed
  • Content strategies
  • Email Marketing
  • Hosting server speed and security optimization

What I write about is from my experience as a former Marketing Consultant/Account Manager at Staples, Senior Digital & Content Marketing Consultant with Thomson Reuters, and running my own digital publishing & marketing agency for years.

So my writings are based on extensive experience, testing, and research.

I believe that my wealth of experience in online business growth, entrepreneurship, advanced content & link strategy, advanced search engine optimization, consumer needs, WordPress speed optimization, etc, will help others avoid some pitfalls in those areas.

At a cultural event
Corporate days at Thomson Reuters end of year national sales meeting
Corporate days – Findlaw, Thomson Reuters conference
Lakers game with sis.

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Work with me

If you are looking for a solution to your online marketing and customer acquisition challenges here are the several ways I can help:

  • Hire me to do your SEO
  • Retain me as your content strategist
  • Pay me consulting fees to show you how to implement winning SEO strategies
  • Hire me to consult and help you start and set up a business
  • Optimizr your hosting server and site for speed and security

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