Emmanuel Okeke

Emmanuel Okeke, Online Business Consulting Author

Emmanuel "Manny" Okeke

UX, Technical SEO, WordPress, Content Strategy, Biz Dev, Marketing, PPC

I'm the founder of OnlineBusinessConsulting( officially, Online Business Consutling LLC). I love to learn, write, and share my knowledge. I share and write awesome tech guides such as SEO, WordPress speed, content strategies, digital marketing tools and growth that's helpful to businesses and bloggers.

What I write about is from my experience as a former Senior digital & content marketing consultant with a division(FindLaw) of Thomson Reuters and running my own digital publishing & marketing agency for years. Most of what I write about I have also done some testing and extensive research on.

I believe that my wealth of experience in the areas of online business growth, entrepreneurship, advanced content & link strategy, advanced search engine optimization, consumer needs, WordPress speed optimization, etc, will help others avoid some pitfalls in those areas.

I also write educational guides that help consumers make informed decisions when looking for services in the legal, healthcare, and financial sectors.

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