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The 5 top best SEO content writing tools software in 2023

SEO content writing tools software is a must-have for any marketing & SEO pro, small business owner, content creator, or a large enterprise that wants the best result.

SEO writing software

They are essential writing apps that will help anyone create great content that will drive traffic that converts.

Our top 5 best SEO content writing tools will review them to help you compare and pick the right program.

The top 5 best SEO content writing tools software comparison list & reviews of 2023

Don't have the time to read it all here is a quick table to help you get started

Program nameUse
SEMRUSHbest for keyword and keyphrase research
Grammarlybest for grammatical error checking
Plagiarism Check Xfor plagiarism checking
Frasio.iobest for AI writing assistance
Surfer SEObest software for content optimization suggestions
Table listing the best SEO writing tools

I selected the software based on all or a combination of the following factors:

  • Personal use
  • App popularity
  • BuiltWith data
  • Google Trends
  • Experts review
  • Customers review
  • Trial & testing

1. SEMrush for keyword phrases research

First, on my list of SEO tools for content writing tools is the powerful SEMRUSH.

This is one of the top tools for creating content that will help discover the best marketing insights and improve visibility online.

There are different services that the platform offers, with the main one being keyword and phrase research.

It is one of the best SEO writing tools you need to optimize content and other search engine campaign. It will help you find short and longtail keywords to target.

It also has an AI-driven content optimization tool that assists you as you write and makes suggestions.

Notable features

The best features here include the following:

  • Tools to create content ranks without any knowledge needed
  • Tips for creating content that is SEO friendly
  • Tools to help you find the best topics
  •  SEO site audit tools
  • SEO workflow and tools to grow
  • Tools to help you uncover any local and national keywords
  • Discover backlink and keyword gaps
  • Keyword intent check

Pricing review

This SEO writing tool has different pricing plans that you can take advantage of. This depends on your need and the features you are targeting.

  • Pro: $119.95/m ideal for small teams and newbies
  • Guru: $229.95/m for medium businesses and agencies
  • Business: $449.95/m for large enterprises and agencies

2. Grammarly for polishing up your content grammar

Another strong SEO content writing tool is Grammarly.

I use Grammarly religiously. It is one of my go-to content apps when I'm writing a blog.

The program ensures you communicate with great confidence across all platforms and devices.

Grammarly has one of the best AI writing suggestions that appear as you write. The platform coaches so many teams and individuals to improve delivery, engagement clarity, and correctness.

It is one of the top content-creation assistance platforms for educators, students, bloggers, businesses, writers, etc.

Notable features

  •  Advanced machine learning for content writing assistance
  • Tools to check punctuation, spelling, and grammar mistakes
  • Tools to check plagiarism which translates to recognition
  • Citation generators in different formats
  • Papers review for better SEO stand

Pricing review

One of the greatest things about this content writing tool for search engine optimization is that you can use it for free but with extremely limited features.

 Premium: $12/ m for tone, vocabulary, and clarity improvement

 Business: $15/m for enterprises, organizations, and teams

 Free: basic tone detection and writing suggestions

3. Plagiarism Checker X for plagiarism check

This SEO content writing tools platform is one of the best plagiarism detectors. It is a software that can be used for business in all industries for content creation.

SEO is an important part of the content, and creating content that is plagiarism free helps you rank higher.

The program offers different versions.

One is compatible with windows only and is cheaper. There is also the web version of this SEO writing tool.

Notable features

  •  Plagiarism checker tools
  • Multiple file formats in the writing software for SEO, including plain text, RTF, Pdf,
  • Spreadsheets, and word
  • Language capability (over 50)
  • Comparison tools to highlight alternate and original content.Bulk comparison to look at cumbersome, time-consuming, and multiple assignments
  • Quotes and biography detection
  • Comprehensive reports

Pricing review

There are numerous content writing tools for SEO that can be accessed here. You can pick the one fitted for your goal.

  •  Basic: $0
  • Professional: $39.95
  • Business: $147.95

4. best for AI writing assistant

This is another great SEO content writing tools software that makes things so easy for you.

With this app, you can develop better SEO content much faster. They have an explainer video to show how things work.

The app allows you to come up with well-optimized titles, intro, body, and conclusion sections.

Tip, Google is really against AI-produced content so I recommend that you use this to generate ideas instead of copying the sentences it generates word to word. Use the Hugginface GPT Output Detector to check to make sure your content is not seen as generated by AI.

Notable features

  • Tools to research topics
  • Content outlines generation tools
  • Creating content using AI, which means faster and good content created
  • Well-curated content briefs in minutes
  • Content writing tools to help with conversion and SEO
  • Automatic content generation tool

Pricing review

This content-writing software for search engine optimization does not have a free trial. The available options are:

  • Solo: $14.99/m
  • Basic: $44.99/m
  • Team: $114.99/m

5. Surfer SEO for content optimization suggestion

This is one of the best SEO writing tools platforms that can be used today. It is one of the best for optimizing and making suggestions when creating your content.

You should use the Surfer SEO content optimization tool to produce articles and blog posts if you want them to perform well against different on-page search engine ranking signals.


  • Analyzing signals
  • Keyword research analysis
  • SERP analyzer for a breakdown of the first page on google
  • Partially marching keywords
  • Content length counters keyword frequency and density tool checker
  • Local SEO listing management

Pricing review

There are different pricing options when you use this content writing tools software for SEO.

It offers a money-back guarantee should you change your mind about the tool. The plan options are:

  •  Basic: $49/m ideal for hobbyists, bloggers, and small business owners
  • Pro: $99/m for medium businesses dealing with many websites
  • Business: $199/m for larger organizations that have at least ten or more sites
  • Enterprise: call for price

Final thought

The above SEO writing tools have different things to offer to different individuals and businesses.

Pick one or those suitable to your need. Want a grammar checker go with Grammarly, to help you optimize your content try Surfer SEO.

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