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Though many business owners do not fully understand what goes on within an SEO (search engine marketing) campaign, they may have certain assumptions about the role, nature, and functions of SEO services providers when it comes to national or local SEO.

Statistics show that a whopping 93% of online experiences begin with a query on the search engine, seeking information on one of three main things: research, shopping, and entertainment.

A staggering 47% of the people don’t click beyond the top three listings in the search results.

An SEO service role is to help businesses create, sustain, and grow their visibility and establish a robust online presence by employing search engine optimization strategies.

The national and local SEO strategies provided by the right SEO service company can improve the quantity and quality of traffic to your website, conduct business evaluation and site analysis, use the latest tools and customized strategies, translate clicks to revenue and enhance the online experience of your visitors by making it more memorable and enriching, providing top-quality content, usable information and long-lasting value.

This is done by using a range of services that are known to improve rankings.

These include keyword/keyphrase optimization in content, research, ensuring a well-constructed, fast-loading, versatile, multi-device friendly website, building authority and credibility, use of sophisticated metrics to track progress, regular and top-quality reporting, etc.

It is important for businesses to hire a legit SEO service provider or company.

We use the term legit SEO agency or company because there are two kinds of SEO in the virtual world: white hat SEO and black hat SEO.

White hat SEO experts get rankings on search results based on real data and hard work.

Black hat SEO experts employ dubious methods that can help you get to the top, but you could lose in the long run, because such tactics can seriously damage your brand and long-term survival on the internet.

Why An SEO Services Provider Help Is Important?

Small business owners have to wear many hats and hone their multi-tasking skills.

They have the responsibility of looking after finances, managing the staff, and getting involved in marketing for their company to expand the small business.

A lot of business owners feel overwhelmed and out of their depth, entangled in diverse responsibilities.

It’s possible that SEO may not show up on their radar as their first priority.

However, getting the right services from an experienced  SEO company can have a long-lasting impact on your organization by growing its revenues and boosting the visibility of your business online.

Digital marketing such as SEO requires the expertise of a company like us that understand technical SEO, brutally honest, and know-how to put the right custom strategy in place for a lasting result.

Local Search Engine Optimization Services

What is meant by the term local SEO? A local SEO is defined as the process that makes your company visible to searches related to geography.

Local SEO will help your company to increase its visibility online, outranking its competitors that are local, increase organic traffic for your site, and get your business a lot more leads that are qualified, authentic and result-oriented.

Local SEO experts know how essential the success of a local campaign for search engine optimization is for businesses of any size, but small businesses in particular, in order to drive leads as well as sales from customers in the neighboring areas and locations. You can think of the local SEO as the phone book of today.

At a time when calls that you receive from ads in newspapers, local business directories, trades association newsletters, and the local yellow pages seem to be dwindling (or are non-existent), local SEO can help you in generating more calls and contact forms online via your website.

A top-quality SEO agency knows the importance of local SEO to get leads from local customers who go on to recommend your business by word of mouth references and feedback if your services gave them satisfaction.

National Search Engine Optimization Services

As you undertake building and expansion of your business in times when the entire world relies on all things that are related to the internet, you just cannot afford to leave out a solid national SEO strategy from the campaign for marketing.

Your customers will not be able to find your quality services and products if you do not rank high enough in relation to phrases and keywords carried in your content.

robust national SEO service helps to take your business beyond local barriers and makes it easier to establish a national presence. This is an important strategy for expanding the scale and extent of your business.

And you need the right search engine optimization company that understands how to get your national presence by deploying the best national SEO strategies.

Related SEO Services We Provide

Our search engine optimization experts offer the following suite of search engine services:

  • Content marketing/writing

Content, in the most basic form, is just information that appears in different forms on the internet such as posts on social media, blog posts, audio, and video recordings, white papers, web pages, and more. Websites are often remembered and revisited because of the quality, presentation, and value of the content they carry. Good content creates a positive first impression and helps to direct traffic to your site.

To understand the purpose of content is the key to creating work of high quality. Good content is directed specifically to a range of target audiences, such as investors, potential customers, customers, other stakeholders, and employees. A piece of content may be well-researched, well-written, and conceived creatively, but if it fails to speak to the intended audience, it is not performing its job correctly.

  • Link building: onsite and offsite

Link building is the process of acquiring links from other sites and incorporating them into your website.

A hyperlink (which is generally referred to as a link) is the way that users navigate between different pages.

Search engines also make use of links while crawling through the web, within individual pages of a website, and between different websites.

There are many ways to build hyperlinks and though they may be varying in degree of difficulty, SEO firms seem to agree that link building is one of the most difficult parts of the job they undertake.

Link building helps businesses to network with others in their environment in a healthy and mutually beneficial way. Robust and reliable links can make your website a valuable resource while improving traffic to it.

Links can increase the number of repeats and returns to your site, improving your own revenues and boosting your brand.

Ensure that your links are truly valuable, open new horizons, and link to sites that provide reliable, original, and practical content.

  • Website design

SEO based web designing is a method of developing and designing websites that make them friendly for search engines.

Making a site that is SEO friendly will result in a product that will lead to the search engines crawling every page on the site effectively.

It helps in interpreting the content in an effective manner and helps in indexing the page in the database.

Once the page is indexed, search engines will be able to provide valuable and relevant web pages as results to users based on the topics that they are searching for.

As the SEO team gets increasingly integrated into the process of web design, the better the strategies around SEO and consequently, better the chances of indexing and finding a top rank in the first few pages on search results pages.

  • Pay per click

PPC is the acronym for pay per click, which is a part of SEM(search engine marketing) in which advertisers have to pay a designated amount every time their ads are clicked on.

It is essentially a method to buy visitors for your website, compared to simply attempting to get these visits in an organic fashion.

Advertising on search engines happens to be the most popular form of pay per click.

It allows advertisers to participate in a bidding process for the purposes of placement of their ads in the sponsored links of the search engine.

When a visitor to a particular website initiates a search for a given keyword that has some relation to what the business has to offer, the relevant ad shows up.

A smart SEO agency is aware that a good search engine optimized landing pages is essential in maximizing AdWords results.

  • Social media

There is always a buzz in the search engine industry about how social media can influence SEO.

Today, there are several social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. that cater to different profiles, tastes, and preferences.

Surveys show that the number of Americans who are on at least one social media platform has increased from 10% to 76% since 2005.

The gender gap has narrowed and today almost an equal number of men and women use social media.

SEO for social media refers to the kind of activities in social media that can help in boosting organic traffic to your website through the use of search engines. Social media happens to be more important for the purposes of SEO in more ways than one.

It has the potential to not only make your activities around SEO more effective but more lucrative as well.

Social media and SEO may look different, but there is no doubt that they are mutually beneficial to each other.

However, opposed to popular belief, social media does not contribute directly to SEO. In other words, social signals will not help you rank better directly.

The hyperlinks that you post on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest may help your brand is getting more exposure, but they are not considered by Google to be ranking signals.

Now, here is the real thing: through social media does not form a ranking factor at a superficial level, this has significance if you dig deeper.

It does leave a positive effect on the ranking of the page indirectly.

So there is definitely a strong correlation between the position of a website in the search engine results page and the quantity of social media signals that it projects.

  • Blogging

Blogging helps in boosting the quality of SEO on your website by providing relevant answers to the questions your customers have.

Blog posts that particularly use different kinds of SEO tactics on a page have the potential to give you more and better quality opportunities for search engine ranking along with getting more customers to visit your website.

SEO is very important when it comes to marketers.

When you have optimized your web pages ? also including the blog posts? you obviously make your site more visible to people who enter keywords associated with the service or product that you sell.

This is done via search engines such as Google and this where an SEO company providing search engine optimization services can help.

  • Video marketing

Following recent updates to Panda and Google Penguin, most of the search engine optimizations have finally realized that the act of ranking a website, in the long run, is not merely about building a huge amount of links.

Rather, it is also about posting content of high quality that will continue to attract more links naturally over a period of time.

However, it has been noticed that the use of online video has been underutilized in the SEO world.

Now, though a bunch of brands has begun to incorporate content in video format as part of their overall strategy for online marketing, many SEO firms are still not placing a high priority on it.

They usually concentrate on creating various other forms of content (example: images, infographics, written content, and so on)

A good SEO firm would tell you that if videos are used correctly, they have the potential to be a very powerful kind of content that can certainly make a very significant contribution to your overall strategy for SEO, in more than one way.

WordPress Speed Optimization Services

It is important to know that to optimize conversion fully, website speed has to be top of mind.

Users can’t take the actions you want them to take if your CMS or WordPress speed is slow and they keep leaving your website or WordPress site because of bad user experienced caused by the site speed.

Website speed optimization is extremely important because it is part of Google rank factors. So any SEO experts should be well versed and offer CMS or WP performance optimization services.

Steps We Take To Ensure Optimally Result

  • Analysis of website structure: Prominent search engines including Google (other search engines do not really deserve to be named, though we know that Bing has been trying very hard) emphasize that you are better-off designing websites directed at users rather than at search engines alone.  But let’s face it, websites must have the right structure that enables engines to read them and ultimately get the attention of users. Web engines look for:
  • HTTPs or HTTP: The s at the end of HTTPs means that you have a secure website. It’s important to have a secure website whether or not you accept online payments in the form of credit cards. This is because Google is known to give preference to secure websites in ranking search results. The users also trust a secure website.
  • Analytics setup: Existing analytics tracking is another factor, and if none is found, it should be installed so that you can better track where the leads and the sales are emanating from. This helps to provide the most useful results.
  • Robots.txt: This file is used to stop search engine crawlers from indexing and crawling certain pages of your website that you don’t want to make available for public viewing.
  • Site errors: Send signals to the search engines that your website may not be trustworthy, making it undeserving of a premium spot in the listings. Common errors are 4XX errors, duplicate page content and title tags, missing tags and, crawlers that are blocked by the use of Robots.txt
  • Indexed status: Indexed pages tend to show up in search engine results and have the potential to drive organic traffic towards your website. These are found by search engine crawlers (like Google spiders) and are deemed to be good enough quality in relevant phrase searches.
  • Sitemap: Your sitemap in XML language is a listing of all pages on the website that require search engine indexing (this should not be confused with robots.txt which is used to tell the search engine as to which pages should not be indexed).
  • Meta Elements: Duplicated meta descriptions, title tags and quality of site content can have negative impacts on website rankings on the search engines and click-through rates. Ensuring that meta elements have been optimized will improve the chances of people finding you on SERPs.
  • Conversion rates: Look for possible bottlenecks that impact user experience and the presence of content that could be blocking leads.
  • Website speed: Checking your website speed to make sure that it is not slow is very crucial. Knowing how to fix a slow website page that is lagging when loading is an extremely important skill an SEO specialist should have. User experience is crucial for the purposes of SEO and speed effects. Users are impatient and typically don’t wait longer than 3 seconds. The loading speed of a website is a crucial factor that determines the site’s ranking.
  • The right web hosting: A good SEO service provider will make sure that you pick the best web hosting service or have a good web host they use for their client’s websites. A good host is very important in website speed, performance, and security.? According to The How And What Web Hosting Nerd, having a fast and secure web hosting service is one of the top factors for any website, and its SEO performance.

Other Important Things To Know About SEO Services

Expensive VS Affordable Services: Pick Wisely!

Every client likes to save some money while they are getting some good results from SEO.

But if you keep your eye on just saving money on SEO, you could take your eye off the very important issue of intelligently allocating budgets for marketing across different tactics, out of which the SEO is most often the most effective in cost and provides maximum return on investment.

How Do I Find the Best Search Engine Company?

In order to find the best SEO company, it is important that you are clear in the definition of your goals, needs, preferences, and budget for SEO before you hire one.

Read reviews on the SEO company. Look at their case studies published on their website and check out their testimonials.

Find an SEO firm that has the experience, talent, and skills to track the data relevant to your company.

Go ahead and schedule an appointment for a consultation.

Questions To Ask A Search Engine Marketing Agency Before Hiring Them

Here are some of the key questions that you should be asking your SEO company before you sign up with them:

  • How much time will be taken to get you a good ranking on Google?
  • What kind of strategy will they adopt for backlinks?
  • Will there be on-site optimization?
  • What is their SEO strategy for local searches?
  • What forms of reports will be presented to show progress?
  • Do they follow Google webmaster guidelines for SEO

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We promise to provide you with an honest analysis and custom solution.

As an experienced and performance-based SEO company, our goal is to help you get quality leads using search engine optimization.

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