Content Marketing Agency, Definition, Services, Strategies and Examples

Learn about the importance of national and local content marketing, and how a big or small business content marketing company services can help with b2c or b2b content marketing strategies if the right experts are hired.

The truth is that most companies who are successful with their digital marketing have a solid content marketing strategies from a content marketing agency.

The right digital marketing company content marketing services can really ensure that a big or small business content marketing campaign returns the highest ROI in their b2b or b2c marketing efforts.

There is really no doubt about the value of an experienced content marketing agency in helping a national and local business generate leads from online using well crafted and marketed content.

Now let’s turn our attention to the question of what is content marketing and what really is the role of content marketing experts and their services in b2c or b2b content marketing.?

Definition: What is content marketing?

Content marketing is huge. About ninety percent of organizations use content in their marketing efforts.?

So what is this thing called content marketing? Content marketing definition is really the area of marketing where different kinds of media are used to attract potential customers in an unobtrusive manner, through a variety of techniques so they don?t think that they are being pitched to.

It?s all about information. Content marketers provide information about a brand or business via the sharing of entertaining, insightful and educational content that will eventually bring some change to the reader?s life, behavior and/or attitude, or purchasing decisions, as most marketers hope for.

Forcing your sales pitch on the people is not the preferred route, rather it is all about helping them to move naturally towards the better action (and that may, incidentally, mean buying your products or services).

Content marketing involves placing useful information in front of consumers and potential buyers in the form of written, audio and video aids along with visuals that enhance the feel of the brand and eventually lead to more conversions.

In other words, the purpose of content marketing is to retain and attract customers by creating and curating content with the clear intent of enhancing or changing the behavior of consumers.

To be effective, the process must be ongoing and a better fit into your overall strategy for marketing. That means owning the media, not renting the artifacts.

Most small and big businesses hire a content marketing expert or agency to increase their exposure to a target audience. And when the right content marketing company is hired the exposure will return a huge ROI.

As a side note, there is a huge difference between inbound marketing and content marketing.??The latter is a subset of inbound marketing.

Inbound marketing helps businesses to adapt to the changing needs of customers through more holistic customer experience.

Content marketing shares knowledge, entertainment and/or advice in a format that can be consumed like:

  • Videos
  • Blog articles
  • Marketing on social media
  • Podcasts
  • Webinars
  • Emails
  • Cartoons
  • Infographics
  • Generators/Calculators
  • Quizzes
  • Apps
  • Assessments

Inbound involves all aspects related to digital marketing as well as sales. A content marketing agency?pays attention to a broader target audience, whereas inbound has its focus on specific persons who will buy.

Blogging pioneered the field of content marketing and have now gained huge popularity in business and across society in general.

It facilitates accessing information of high quality for free.

When information-rich content gets shared via a business blog, the writers are inevitably considered as industry leaders or subject experts.

This adds value to your website and encourages visitors to return to your blog. Ultimately, it may also result in readers becoming potential buyers of your service or products.

Free distribution of content helps a business to gain the trust of readers and establish your brand as a thought leader and opinion leader.

Mind-blowing content marketing statistics:

  • Content marketing cost about sixty-two percent less than traditional marketing and it also generates about 3 times? more leads than traditional marketing does (Demand Metrics)
  • 24% of companies have shifted about 50% of their marketing budgets to content marketing (Contently).

The different types of content marketing strategies and types

Content marketing is not only about written content on your website. There is a wide range of very interesting types of them or strategies and ways to push out those contents and market them.

If you add variety as part of your content strategy, you increase your opportunities to catch the attention of your audience and surprise them.?

You just cannot afford to create boring content as it will fail to engage your audience or reduce traffic to your site or platform.?

This is why having the right content marketing strategy is very important in coming up with contents that your audience will love.

Your target audience needs to look at new exciting content that is packaged in a manner that they may not have yet seen.

They are waiting for some engaging and new experiences.

If the content that you create fails to poke them or does not provoke them, then they will go elsewhere looking for such content.?

You can also create great contents but if you do not market them through different channels you will not maximize the exposure.

Both big and small businesses need to maximize their content and this is where a?content marketing company?comes in with their content marketing services.

The company will help your business with content marketing strategies or what some will consider content marketing services by providing exciting and provoking content and a more diverse spectrum helps to interest a larger range of consumers.

Unique content attracts engagement, shares, quality links and followers when exposed to different location or platform. It helps you connect with different users for your product(s) or service(s).

This ensures that you cast your net wider to capture new leads and drive more sales and revenue.

Here we present some of the most effective content marketing strategies or types of services that are provided by content management companies?to help you to add the missing zing to your content marketing.

If you have the budget you can pick all of this content marketing services or strategies to get more exposure for your content and business.

  • Blog Content On The Business Website?

Blogs on a business website are normally what people think about when they think about content marketing. Well, it is partially true as a business website content marketing using blogs is a powerful tool that generates business.

However, one needs to apply search engine optimization strategies to make this work.

Cracking out blog contents that are not detailed and well search engine optimized is a waste of time and resources.

When the right blog topics with the right keyword intent are written and search engine optimized, that business will grow its audience and generate more business for sure.

A website blog content needs both offsite and onsite links. It also needs the right headers, keywords phrases/density in order to rank and reach the audience it intends to reach.

The right content marketing agency when hired will know exactly how to apply these SEO strategies to a business?blog content.

  • Video content

Though the video has not been traditionally associated with content marketing, today it has emerged as one of the hottest and biggest trends. This format helps you to provide the most amount of information in a limited time. Everyone just loves to watch videos in their quest of seeking any kind of information.

The impact of visuals is much higher and people would rather spend time watching product content or tutorials than read about them.

It is fairly easy to create videos with the help of tools like Animaker, Adobes Spark, Powtoons and YouTube video editor, etc.

There are a variety of video formats that you may want to explore ? testimonial videos, educational videos, entertainment videos, corporate videos, thank you videos and many more.

Big name brands are now using formats like the 360 Video in their attempt to provide the users with awesome video experiences. Video can be used one of the elements in your basket along with blog posts since videos can be embedded in blogs for better effect.

  • Ebooks

Creating an ebook is a fabulous way to provide education to your audience on any given topic that has relevance in your industry. When well-written and presented, they remain as evergreen keepsakes that are useful, memorable and frequently referred to. Whether they?re ten or fifty pages long, it?s essential that they provide lasting value.

The ideal e-book should contain only 10% content that promotes your product, while the rest of it should be of true value to the reader.

You can provide your audience with free ebooks in return for them sharing their email address with you. They take the role of a giveaway and in turn, they help you in deepening your association with your target audience. They will be able to save the useful documents in PDF format, discuss, share and use them as references in the future, whenever they need to.

  • Podcasts

Another format that is used to produce good quality content which your target audience will enjoy is podcasts. Do you cherish memories of the good days when people gathered round to hear whatever the local radio station played? Podcasting is the radio of the new age.

The only difference is that while we can listen to podcasts are created by other people, we are free to create our podcasts as well.

Podcasts enable content marketing companies to present digital audio files on a particular topic for your business.

Podcasts are often available in a set or series, released over designated intervals of time. ?

You can use different kinds of simple podcasting tools to create rich, interesting and memorable podcasts for your company.

Some of these include Garageband, Libsyn, Audacity, Podbean, and SoundCloud.

Podcasts are gaining huge traction as the rising hip trend for millennials.

They can help you develop an authoritative presence, reach out to a wider audience and create awareness and loyalty to your brand. Best of all, they?re simple and affordable.

  • Case studies

Real problems that your company solves for existing customers can be converted into stories that can be told to prospects.

Case studies are an essential mechanism to convince prospective customers about the merits of your services and products.

They are unique because they?re completely original.

You can publish case studies on your site as a video or blog and add a call to action button in order to get better conversions for the business.

  • Infographics

Infographics are an amazing format for content that will make the content appealing to the eye. They assist you in making use of information, facts, data, and graphics under one umbrella to create content which your audience will be able to view at a glance.

You can pack a huge amount of information in this format. If you ensure that the design is simple, attractive, clean and memorable, it will prevent your viewers from getting overwhelmed with the amount of information that it provides.

A new trend now is the interactive or animated infographics, they are so cool. Check out some examples here and on how to create one on this page.

As an innovative content marketing agency, we love and recommend infographic a lot like it as power content that is huge in driving conversion.

?Infographics formats can be shared and may be instrumental in helping you get some good quality backlinks for your website.

  • Data from the Surveys

Original data has a lot of value intrinsically. It is yet another form of content that can be highly shared and helpful in generating a ton of good quality, strong backlinks. You can get into conducting surveys and publishing original data in order to pull more traffic towards your site.

  • Memes

Memes can be used for adding humor to the efforts of content creation. They are very easy and quick to create. There happen to be quite a number of free tools which you can put to use for the creation of memes on themes that form part of your business.

  • Webinars

With tools like Skype, Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting being available, you will be able to conduct expert webinars that your target audience would love.

  • Presentations

Creation and publication of powerpoint slides are an effective and targeted way of showcasing your expertise in the business.

Such presentations can be uploaded to platforms such as Slideshare and then you can embed them into your postings on the blog. Presentations are a versatile tool to showcase business expertise to different audience silos in a professional manner.

  • Testimonials

Testimonials are a great way to have authentic, socially-relevant proof regarding the merit of the products or services of the company.

They form an essential tool in the different types of content marketing in order to get a general audience converted to customers.

You can place a selection of original, genuine testimonials on your site as video content or plain text.

  • Newsletters

Newsletters are a great way of nurturing your leads and converting them to customers. They are helpful in sharing valuable content and updates about the company and adding to your brand recollection.

You can pick from a variety of mailers that you can use to engage with the target audience ? product updates, welcome emails, promotional mailers, educational mailers, order confirmation, thank you emails and company news, etc.

  • Templates

You can help your audience by providing them with free, usable templates that have some relation to the industry you operate in. These worksheets and guides will be found helpful by the target audience in their daily activities.

You can offer them in return for email addresses associated with your target customers or prospects.

  • GIFs

GIFs make for really awesome content types that help you in catching the attention of the user.

GIFs are animated images that help in making your content real fun as well as engaging.

They appeal to audiences across generations but are more relevant to a younger age-group.

  • Contests and Quizzes

Running exciting contests and quizzes is an awesome way to get your audience to engage with the brand. The quiz can be created on your site or on your pages in social media.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) are helpful for your audience, they create a better understanding of your services and products.

They help in clearing their doubts and often play a huge role in decision making and in making a purchase.

There is typically a dedicated section for FAQs on most websites where it is easy for the user to find answers to some of their common queries. This section can be regularly updated, so it provides new information.

  • Interviews

You can get a lot of attention from the audience by publishing interviews of experts from the industry. If you keep doing this in a consistent manner, it will eventually help you in getting more loyal subscriptions for your content.

  • Guest blogging

Guest blogging is a simple but effective technique in building good quality backlinks and mentions of your brand that are related to your business.

It will help you to expand your audience, build your brand and in channelize traffic towards your website. You need to keep pitching trending stories on your website that have a high level of domain authority.

This strategy is useful to collect a larger number of good links that will help your website in building authority and moving up in the rankings on search engines.

  • Questions and Answers

Participation in Question and Answer sites such as Quora is a critical way to showcase your expertise in business and initiating conversations about your brand. Quora happens to be a very vibrant community which can be used to answer the questions that are related to the industry you operate in and build credibility for your business. Quality and consistent participation will help you in building a large following as well as getting results in the form of traffic by the use of this platform.

  • Product brochures

Product brochures can be very helpful in communicating unparalleled value propositions related to your services and products. ?You can create e-brochures with the use of tools such as Canva which you can mail to your prospective consumers. A well designed and professional brochure for your products is also a handy tool that helps in setting up meetings with your prospective consumers.

  • Live Streaming

Live videos can create a lot of excitement in your target audiences. They go a long way in helping you drive more traffic towards your website, and create better engagement with the use of your pages on social media. Live streaming is a very popular trend and you should capitalize on it by ensuring that you get into this space before your competitors do. This medium can be used for the introduction of a new service or product or in the promotion of a live event. It is very easy to begin creating live videos just by the use of your smartphone.

Different examples of content marketing done right


B2B Content marketing is the art and science of developing and distributing high value, curated, relevant content that can bring in large firms and wholesale buyers.

It targets companies and bulk buyers where the consumer selects products or services solely based on price and profit potential. B2B sales attract huge volumes.

It?s important to get inside the minds of your target audiences rather than rely on your own (biased) knowledge and experience.

The needs of your audience are different. Their reasons for choosing to make a purchase are different. Even the manner that you choose in order to promote the content created by you can potentially be very different.

Though they are different, B2B and B2C do have points of intersection. Content marketing for B2B actually does share major aspects with content marketing for B2C and your?content marketing?agency needs to understand and leverage this difference.

Content marketing?s reality is that irrespective of whether you are speaking to a typical, modern customer or to a small/medium business, the basics of creating engaging content stay the same.

As you are bombarded with conflicting information about which tactics of content marketing should you be using, it is important that you take a step back.

A good content management company can guide you and help you in identifying the techniques which actually matter.

You should be selling the story even before you sell your product. Now if this sounds overly dramatic, it is intentional. We wanted to get your attention on this particular aspect of the game of content marketing.

Businesses will spend money only for one specific reason: to eventually make some money for them, especially profit financially. Now it is understood that the manner in which your business will end up making money for them will greatly differ depending on what is the nature of your services and products that you offer.

But what is important is that eventually, you will end up saving money for them or make money for them. Put another way, you are offering a tangible value which an employee will be able to pass by their manager or which a manager can pass by an executive.

With the focus on the tangible value close to your mind, it is very easy to observe how that can turn in the manner you create your content. And to do justice to the concept, there is nothing wrong in creating content which is centered around tangible value as a concept.

There happen to be two ways in which we usually see the manifestation of this in a marketing strategy for B2B contents

  • The content puts too much focus on staying straightforward and the effect is that it misses out on the engagement factor completely.
  • The content is turned into a thinly veiled article of self-promotion which essentially beats the reader in the head consistently with the message that they need to be using your business.

Again, there is have no problem with self-promotion. We would be bigger hypocrites if we ask you to leave it out. But this exactly is where the attention to the fundamentals is badly needed. Irrespective of how you observe the content, it will always be telling a story. It can sometimes be educational.

But irrespective of what kind of content you are creating, it needs to have an engagement factor to it. Because you cannot be expecting the people to be able to extract any value out of the content if they have fallen asleep while reading it.

Now, this, of course, brings up a very important question. How can you be creating engaging b2b content consistently? This is where a good content marketing agency?can help.

They can help you with creating solid b2b content marketing strategies that engage and returns a great ROI.

They will create or help you pay attention to the story that you are looking to tell, only then should you be worried about getting a sale for your business which happens to be within your content.

There is a story about every business. If you are still struggling to get some creative juices flowing, let us propose a small experiment. Just observe your audience carefully.

What industries do they come from? Try to figure out the impacts of those industries to the world to get some inspiration.

Are you still stuck? Well, try this exercise. Go directly to the execs and the employees themselves. Your service or product solves a real problem, isn?t that true?

Create a narrative which revolves around the story of how it will impact their lives. It does not have to have a touch of Shakespeare for it to be a bit engaging. All that the narrative needs to have is enough of structural integrity in order to help people get to the valuable, juicy bits.

Now, make no mistake about this, the content is not any closer to the only place where you can make a sale of your product. A call to do some action that is high quality will be able to do the heavy lifting in this case for you.

You may notice that we are spending quite a bit of time talking about how your audience is going to experience your content and consume it.

Why are we doing that? Because it happens to be the cornerstone when it comes to content marketing that is effective. To be more specific, it is the spot where the marketing funnel gets to meet the funnel of sale.

The real content that you create is just not important because you are promoting an educational or inspirational message. The ultimate endgame is in getting the businesses from the first point to the second and then finally converting them and this is what a good content marketing company does, they come up with content marketing strategies that convert your contents consumers to clients.

And it is not possible to do so if the manner in which your users experience the brand does not get registered as a compelling reason. While it happens to be a first vital step, it is just not enough for you to create the content that solves some problems.

The audience you are targeting needs to see the connection with the brand in a certain way, and you have to differentiate your brand from the other competition by your usage of appropriate content marketing.

If you are confused at all, just think about it in this manner. It is good to create slightly valuable content. Creation of some very engaging content which a lot of different consumers can associate themselves with is simply great.

User experience has an effect for the reason that it paves the way for brand loyalty.

Also, brand loyalty is important because it is the difference between selling any smartphone and selling iPhones. Just by making your service or product as the cheapest option is not enough in ensuring that your consumers will pick you.

You need to offer a very unique experience which creates customer loyalty. Having a very strong product or service is how you can be successful in selling today, but having a brand that is strong is your way of selling tomorrow.

When you are in the middle of the process during content creations, it is very easy to forget all about the most important aspects of marketing using the content.

That raises the question, how in the world am I going to be able to promote this product or service? Well, there happen to be tons of tools available to you.

Let us focus for now on a resource that is grossly undervalued. That is absolutely right, we are going to talk on the subject of guest posts. No, we are dead serious. We are not really sure as to when it ceased to be cool to have a collaboration with the other businesses on the subject of content marketing. ?

Sometimes it feels like the owners of the businesses are not really sure about should they or should they not form a team with the other businesses.

The answer to this, as far as we can tell, happens to be a yes. You are not going to trade company secrets on these platforms, you are just sharing platforms.

The collaborators that you are working with will be able to post an article on the website you own and they will be allowed to do some promotion in front of your audience.

You will be able to get more exposure to the content and will be able to send some traffic to your website or profiles on social media. That will be a win-win situation for both.

This approach of cross-pollination is very essential not only for getting the content served to many more people but also for helping you in establishing your authority online among your industry.

Let us say that I am an executive at ABC company. If I am able to see your content when I visit your site, that is definitely going to be positive towards developing your presence online.

But when your content and name pops up in all of my favorite sites that are industry leaders, it sends me a signal that you are probably an authority online.

However, do not forget about the benefits that you reap by hosting content from other people on your website. It essentially is content curation, however, you do not have to find the content on your own.

Your audience will observe that you are into showcasing of some high-quality content that comes from other leaders in the industry and will recognize that you seem to have a very strong understanding around things that are truly valuable.

A content management agency?would tell you that guest posts will strengthen your reputation in your audience and also in your industry. And the only thing that you had to do was share some good content with some other business.

Create B2B contents that are multi-layered

If you have been following the evolution of marketing using content, this next tactic will not be a surprise for you.

However, if you have experience in content marketing for B2B, it is worthwhile to clarify what it really means by creating multi-layered engaging content.

This brings up another question, what does multi-layered content look like?

The most appropriate content provided by a content marketing agency services?incorporates the best aspects of both visual and text-based content in order to create an engaging experience for your audience.

This can be divided into 3 categories:

  • Images
  • Video
  • Text

Just imagine a continuous stream of single-format content. This does sound really scary, right? And that is why incorporating other categories is as important if not more.

The text is generally the portion that businesses have to struggle very with. Most professionals in the content marketing space have quite a lot of experience with this sector.

Images may be anything from custom made infographics to screenshots related to the relevant data. Now, this is much better as there seem to be plenty of statistics that show the effectiveness of adding a simple infographic to go along with your text-based content. ?

And from there on, we take a step towards the video filled world. We will be the first in admitting that stepping into the world of video marketing when you have no past experience is not such a simple thing.

But the truth of marketing in the world of digital media is that you need to be able to integrate any kind of compelling video to go with your content and that will make it that much stronger.

Notice that we used the term ?compelling? and not higher quality content. Content needs to provide value all the time, irrespective of which category it belongs to.

However, the interesting fact about content as a video is that it does not really need to be as sophisticated as a movie from Hollywood in order to communicate the message in an effective manner. The real motive is to make your content in the form of a video as engaging as your text-based content.

In order to ensure the whole piece will end up as being worth the time of your reader/viewer. It is, of course, important that you acknowledge that all businesses are finally going to have their own ways of approaching this process, so no part of this is marked in stone.

You will need to ensure that your content has strong media elements that are visual.

There are two reasons to try this.

  • It is an awesome way to be engaging your members from the audience that are not such huge fans of reading
  • It is a much better way of breaking up the boredom that happens due to big blocks of continuous text.

The metrics happen to be absolutely important for growth in the longer term. You would be undertaking a lot of experimentation through this whole process. So let us call it whatever it is.

You are going to be trying lots of things that may not work. And there is no shame in accepting this fact.

Even with complete planning done beforehand, there is absolutely no way of accurately guessing from the beginning as to what type of content will resonate with your audience. Good for us that we have some metrics.

The first time that you stumble, you may be forgiven because you have been operating under certain assumptions regarding what is needed by your audience, not real facts.

However, once you have started to try out different things and are running experiments with various styles of your content, it is high time that you really get your act together with your game.

Being able to track the failure or success of your efforts around content marketing allows you to do these things:

  • It prevents you from making similar mistakes again and again.
  • It assists you as you begin to build a sound marketing strategy which is centered around the knowledge of what your audience really needs.

This is the long term plan, where growth that is consistent is driven by the marketing world.


Content marketing seems to have been first caught by marketers in the B2B space, but marketers in B2C also have a lot of work done too: with 81% saying that their company is taking steps to create content that will build loyalty with existing consumers.

According to new research conducted by the Institute of Content Marketing and MarketingProfs that was presented in Content Marketing for B2C in 2019: Budgets, Trends, and Bookmarks, this is a field that is still in a state of evolution.

Research has shown that organizations in the B2C game that have hired the services of content marketing companies have a higher chance of using it successfully in building loyalty of customers, along with achieving other goals like providing education to their audience, which is an important tenet in the case of content marketing.

Retaining the right content marketing agency can really help you come up with the right b2c content marketing strategies that will target your audience. The b2c market can be brutal because of the constant advertisement whether be it tv, radio, social media or online that are always bombarding consumers.

National and big business content marketing

Content is without a doubt the most important part of any site and it needs to be located at the very core of all activity around digital media or ad campaigns that you may be planning for the launching of your product, service or brand.

Using content marketing, businesses of all kinds, forms, and sizes are now empowered with the right platform and ability to reach out to a much wider, global audience across geographies, in order to convey your message.

You can share stories about the why, how, what and where of the business.

So hiring a great?content marketing agency with solid content marketing services & strategies?can help you reach a wider audience, build a strong and memorable presence on the net, attract more talent and ensure that you get better returns on investment.

Many big companies have jumped on to the bandwagon of content marketing only to fail in bringing out the expected results in spite of all their efforts and activities for marketing.

This is largely due to haphazard approaches and failures in applying effective and good content marketing strategies which are true in defining what these techniques for digital marketing really stand for.

Great content marketing ultimately stands for building a relationship with the target audience using content that is relevant.

With the slow decline of marketing methods and traditional media, companies that are small and large, drawn from every niche of the industry are now looking at digital marketing, content marketing in particular, in order to connect to their target audience.

This has been confirmed in Benchmarks for content marketing in the B2B space where it has been noted that out of every 10 marketers for B2B, 9 were found to be putting content marketing to use for their businesses.

The report went on to mention that a lot of these companies in the B2B space are making use of around eight different techniques for content marketing provided by content marketing agencies in order to bring profitable results as they delivered compelling and relevant content to their target consumers.

Content marketing for local/small businesses

A large part of the searches on Google is related to specific locations. People run searches for things such as pizza in the city of New York or spas in Daytona Beach, looking for services and products in a particular location.

That is because the location is becoming as significant for your site as it is in the case of real estate. If you tag your content to the appropriate local information, you will be able to draw in bigger slices of a new audience and keep your pages relevant for longer periods of time.

It can be quite daunting and challenging to build a presence online in the case of a local company, as the strategies for creating the content are different.

Since you?re tagged to a particular locality in a specific market, you are able to see a much smaller selection of options and topics.

The bounce rate of a website is defined as the measurement of the number of people who viewed just one page and did not click another link.

A few companies have higher rates of bouncing naturally, such as news stations.

Some other sites struggle in keeping them as minimal as they possibly can.

The more the site demonstrates having local customization combined with beautiful designs, the more are the chances that you will get your ratings at the point where they should be.

A small business content marketing agency who?is in the business of providing content knows the importance of content for local businesses and will come up with content strategies that will still engage consumers whether locally or nationally.

Conversion based website design is very important in maximizing your efforts

For any given online business, one single measure that overrides the others in terms of significance happens to be the conversion rate.

Rates of conversion mean business. Any content that doesn’t convert is just a waste of business time and resources.

In order for you to convert clicks to revenue, you or your content marketing agency needs to ensure that your campaign gets a few items are right: ?SEO, content, and website design etc.

Let?s begin by trying to understand the part that the design of a website plays in the boosting rates of content conversion.

The principles usually followed for a good design of a website remain exactly the same, irrespective of it being a large site or just a landing page.

Consider the optimization of the following items in order to get a better web design that will improve your conversions:

  • Is your website user-friendly and intuitive? This is one of the key factors for a design that will influence content conversion. Usability gets measured with respect to the ease of using the website by the users for performing various tasks on the website and the pace at which they are able to finish them. Features pertaining to usability will be different from the utility that is intended for the website. Elaborate menus that drop down are not required for a page intended for just landing, but they are essential in order to provide easy navigation around a website for eCommerce.
  • The opinion of a visitor regarding the usability of a website gets formed during the first few seconds for a given page.
  • Hiring an experienced, reliable and knowledgeable content marketing agency can get you a conversion based website design which would increase the conversion rates of your contents. There has to be a call to actions not just within the content but all the design that will prompt your content consumer to take the desired action such as emailing, calling, or sub.

Content marketing agency defined

Now that we have talked about and defined what content marketing is, let’s talk about the agencies that provide a content marketing service. Content marketing agencies provide content marketing services to businesses.

A content marketing agency plays a stellar role in helping big or small business to develop, sustain and grow its digital presence by creating top-quality materials that can sell its products, attract new talent, attract new clients, increase its visibility and emerge as a thought leader and influencer in its given sphere.?

The best content marketing firms focus on delivering original, targeted content that really speaks to its target audience. A huge array of formats are available to content marketers today to achieve their goals.

Whereas traditional marketing uses tools (e.g. print ads, digital ads, and commercials) for pitching messages about your services or products, content marketing agencies use content marketing to provide useful and relevant content to potential clients that will:

  • Add value -? great marketing of content strives to deliver information to the targeted audience in forms that they are ready to consume.
  • Help customers to solve their problems and provides a remedy for pain points.
  • Help in building interest in your services or products.
  • Educate b2c or b2b customers and prospects patiently about the value your organization can bring to the table.
  • Make your organization irresistible to buyers. ?
  • Reach more clients for you through various online marketing channels.

There is really no doubt about the value of the right content marketing expert.

Why content marketing agency for big and small businesses are important

Content marketing services, content marketing agencies…why are they important? Like a lot of other companies, your business could find it a challenge to manage the fast pace of changes in the marketing sector. Innovations, ideas, technology, and products have emerged that seem to upend the familiar tactics that you were using to connect with customers and prospects.

Growing demographic diversity, the adoption of interactive technologies and the evolving consumption habits of the media have changed how customers get relevant information and how they perceive branded messages.

Business owners find themselves asking fundamental questions. What is the concept of content marketing to begin with? Is it merely a passing fad? Does it really mean something, or it is just a buzzword that sounds cool? Should we hire a content marketing agency? Which content marketing services or strategies is best? Can it really help in achieving objectives and goals? And if it can, then how?

Today?s consumer has evolved. They seem to have a very strong appetite when it comes to good information and very powerful resistance to hard selling tactics.

Most people take the trouble to research services and products on the internet before they decide to make a purchase. They study different makes and models of cars, compare features and prices before they even set foot in a showroom. Grocery-shoppers use their mobile devices to compare deals and prices.

This behavior indicates that people are looking for good quality content to help them make good decisions, yet they do not like to be sold to.

Customers are likely to be less responsive to traditional advertising and old school tactics. And this holds true of B2B and B2C customers.

According to the study published on this website, 70% of consumers and 80% of decision-makers in businesses prefer learning about organizations and products via articles rather than through an ad.

In the survey of business decision-makers, 70% of them said that good content gives them a feeling of being closer to the company that sponsors the content and 60% of them said that content helps them to make better buying decisions.

Consumers often look at search engines to find solutions for their problems. The best strategy to win newer customers is to be present when they are Googling.

You may already have established a plan for your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). You may already be aware of the fact that search engines frequently update the algorithms that they use to crawl the web, to continuously improve the quality of search. But you need an experienced content marketing agency to stay keep up with all this.?

A smart content management agency?stays updated about the changes made in these algorithms and can write or advice on the type of content and keywords to post to get the best search engine rankings.

Google updates in recent years have been increasingly rewarding good quality and punishing low quality of content.

How does Google define quality? ?Content that is updated regularly is rewarded with better rankings.

So a?content management agency will advise you to or publish fresh articles along with making updates to your old content, in order to maintain a very strong ranking on the results pages of search engines and improve traffic to your website.

Secondly, not following google guidelines can be deadly for your content ranking. Google is increasingly punishing what it deems spam or pages that are overly optimized. An example of this is keyword stuffing, which means the overuse of the keyword though it adds zero value to the passage.

A good yardstick to use in such cases is that if you find it awkward to read, it will probably be a red flag when Google looks at it too. Always try to write for the reader and do some research on keywords that are long-tailed to use them as synonyms.

This way your content will come out as being friendly to the users as well as friendly for the SEO.

Effective content has the potential to help you to build relationships with customers while you avoid less effective tactics of hard selling.

It shows your expertise in the subject matter and helps gain trust by highlighting important topics which have an impact on your prospects.

Content that is well crafted by you or a?content management agency provides your audience with the opportunity of sharing the content posted by you with their family and friends, ensuring that it gets more exposure organically.

One of the recent surveys had asked 60 marketing professionals to share what they saw as the most important trends in digital marketing in the coming years.

The number one answer was content marketing with 29.6 % which was much ahead of the other hot areas such as big data which had 14.6% votes, marketing automation had 12.8% votes, mobile marketing had 11.0% votes and marketing on social media had 8.9% of votes.

Another study reported that 63% of the companies it polled said that posting content on social media had increased the effectiveness of their marketing. So if you post the right content and market them in social media correctly you see results.

Content marketing also helps with natural link building, Companies that have a great blog and static content end up with more links that are inbound and these blogs and pages on the websites tend to see more visitors.

Expensive vs affordable content marketing services: Pick wisely!

A big or small business content marketing services can be found in all flavors, all the way from being exorbitantly expensive to very cheap. It really depends on what you want the content marketing company to do for you.

If you also want them to work on your content marketing strategy, they will be more expensive compared to a situation where you already have the idea conceptualized and are just looking for someone to create the required artifacts for you.

Regardless, stay away from cheap and crappy content marketing agencies as they can hurt your brand. Cheap content marketing services are bad for your brand.t.

Its common sense that if a company is creating the content strategy, writing it( especially, a long and well-detailed piece), and promoting them using the different various platforms mentioned the abuse that they will be more expensive.

So asking any marketing company what they will be doing exactly is very important in helping you determine if their price warrants it. Any content marketing services have to visit your business goals.

How do I find the best content marketing experts for my national/big or local/small business?

In order to find the best content marketing agency, ensure that you do your own homework before you set up a meeting.

Don?t hesitate to ask for references and see the work they have done in the past.

Also, check the reviews for them on various websites and their social media accounts.

The easiest way to find a content marketing company is to just do a Google Or Bing search for such terms and related terms?to see which companies are showing up.

You can also look at business directories for marketing companies and ask them if they offer content marketing services.

Questions to ask before hiring an expert

Before hiring any small or big business content marketing company, you should do your research and part of that is asking some questions such as:

  • What kind of accounts have they handled in the past?
  • What is their experience specifically in the area of content marketing?
  • Do they finish all their work in-house or outsource some parts of the work?
  • Is there any media form they do not have experience in handling?
  • What kind of job have they failed in or have found the most challenging?
  • What’s is their content marketing strategy?
  • How do they measure the success of their content marketing services?

What’s the next step? Contact our content marketing company

Now that we have explained to you the various aspects of content marketing and how a content marketing agency can help, so where do you go from here? We encourage you to get in touch with our content marketing experts.

We provide exception content marketing strategies that drive revenue to businesses. So whether your audiences are b2b or b2c we can help create and market contents that will reach and convert them to clients.

We are not just content marketers but also SEO experts. Those two combinations are powerful as most marketing companies lack those two skills.

Some companies are great in creating content but lack the SEO skills to get the content to rank on search engines or social media for more exposure.

A content marketing that doesn’t combine SEO strategies just won’t work well as it should.

So contact Online Business Consulting LLc today to learn more about our content marketing services.

Get the right content marketing agency on your side for the best ROI.

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