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Online Business Consulting, LLC specialize in national and local SEO services and internet marketing for various industries. We are expert performance-based online marketing and SEO company that help both big and small businesses achieve their lead generation and revenue goals.  As a performance-based big and small business SEO service provider, all we know what to do is help our clients rank and generate revenue for their business. What makes us unique is our focus on ranking keywords with purchasing intent and conversion optimization. This is why the calls and emails lead from our SEO company services and websites we build generate high conversions for the right clients who have the systems in place to close potential clients. While everyone else is promising you ranking, we will show you what we have done. Our SEO company has never launched an SEO campaign that is not ranked on page one and generated quality calls.  As one of the best SEO services providers, all we know what to do is help our clients rank and generate revenue for their business.

Besides helping you rank your own websites, we also offer an already custom designed websites that are ranked on page one and is generating calls. Call or email us for more details about our search engine optimization company SEO services.

Working with Online Business Consulting LLC and Emmanuel Lead Generation program has been a great investment. We started getting great leads even before we signed up with their SEO Rank & Lease Lead program. They have helped our business revenue grow with their program since we started with them a few months ago. Add the fact that their program is month to month and comes with a money back guarantee the first month, and you have a winning service! :).

I will recommend them to any business or Attorney looking to get more potential client calls and add more revenue to their business.

Dante Pride

Prior to meeting Emmanuel I had lost money on just about every type of internet marketing. I had trusted all of the SEO guys that would call me and promise to get me to page one on google and after thousands of dollars and months of time lost it never happened. I found Emmanuel because I had noticed a competitor of mine had a website that was ranking number one on google for every major key term. I looked up the site and found out who was running it and called Emmanuel directly. In our first meeting he brought his laptop and showed me exactly what he would do and how he was going to do it. He was honest and direct and I trusted him from the beginning. We launched my site in October and I was on page one of google for all major keywords in 60 days. He did exactly what he said he was going to do. It felt like he was invested in my website as much as I was. I would recommend him to anyone building a website or who has a website that struggled like mine did before he took it over.

Brian R. Mason - Business Owner

Best Law Firm SEO Experts in 2019: Attorney SEO Company

Lawyer SEO for law firms is an ever-changing field and the firms that understand that and hire the right search engine optimization expert or company will thrive

Looking for a national or local SEO for lawyers from a proven law firm SEO expert?

Our law firm SEO services company might be what you need.

You see, the law firms who rank and get results from their search engine marketing do something right: hire the right law firm SEO service provider.

A proven lawyer search engine optimization expert can do wonders to your business growth.

The legal field is very competitive. As a matter of fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, key finding shows that majority of lawyer work in private practice.

Also, the American Bar Association National Lawyer Population Survey for 2019 shows that there over 1.3 million active lawyers in the country.

So what does this have to do with SEO for lawyers services? This means that the legal is competitive as there are so many other law firms just like you.

And some of these lawyers and law firms are looking to get new clients and compete.

And since so many people use the internet to search for services, doing search engine optimization for your practice to stay competitive is essential.

So, What is Lawyer SEO?

SEO means search engine optimization. This means creating content and websites and then striving to rank them on the first pages of search engines such as Google and Bing for various keywords.

The strategies used to get the content and website to rank are the main factors that drive a successful national or local lawyer SEO campaign.

And there are hundreds of factors and strategies that can be used to achieve an SEO result.

There are different criteria created by search engines, which determine how relevant a page is to what the users are searching.

Law firm SEO has been proven as a technique that can work very well for a lawyer and their law firm.

This is because prospects get to see you as they search and if you meet their needs, then they will call you. It should not be complicated.

SEO for law firms is not any different from SEO for other businesses such as plumbers, healthcare, plastic surgeons, dentists, financial, and insurance et cetera.

The keywords may change, but the whole process is still basically the same at the end if you are an expert provider.

The most important thing is to find the right law firm SEO expert with a proven national and/or local attorney SEO strategy that has gotten other attorneys results.

The right search engine optimization provider should follow Google guidelines to help improve your SEO campaigns.

Why Law Firm SEO is Important?

You may be wondering why a law firm or attorney may need SEO and internet marketing and the help of a company providing national or local law firm SEO services.

The first thing you should appreciate is that the internet is everywhere and many people are using it today.

There are so many gadgets being used to access the internet, both mobile and desktop computers.

Having an internet marketing strategy makes it possible to get exposure and to pass very important messages to the right audience.

You will come through as an authority in your field in this way.  Each strategy should be backed with good research and have quantifiable goals.

SEO is also very important as ranking in search engines matters a lot. This gets you the client’s attention and you are in a better position if you rank on the first page, especially, on the top five results.

Successful SEO and internet marketing campaigns can take your law firm practice to levels you may have only dreamt about.

And in other to get to this level you need to find yourself the right experienced attorney SEO expert.

Law Firm SEO Services – Important Digital Marketing Tactic 

There are much digital marketing tactics that are important for a law firm SEO campaign success.

Some are complimentary while others are essential for a successful attorney search engine marketing.

Content marketing/writing

It should not come as a surprise, content is what drives attorney SEO. If you do not create great contents, then you will be surrounded by very many red flags and people will doubt how authentic you are.

Likewise, coming up with relevant and search engine optimized contents give the search engines a positive signal and this makes you have a better rank.

You should always aim at giving detailed and authentic information to get a positive long-lasting ranking.

They say that content is king but the truth is that a great content that is well SEOed is king.

Even though you need to rank for keywords, you need to make the content natural and authentic.

If you get a lot of traffic but have a high bounce rate, then your conversion will be poor.

So a conversion based content is needed too. This why a great content strategy from an experienced attorneys search engine optimization provider is important.

So write for people and optimize naturally for the search engines.

Content is not just for your website but also includes posting on social media, directories, and other web portals.

Pay per click for lawyers

If you want more clients and leads, then you should take time to test and then invest in pay per click.

For every dollar you spend on AdWords, you can expect an equal or greater return. It is important to make sure that your firm is the first thing that will be seen especially when some very specific legal terms are entered into the search box.

PPC can increase law firm leads when done correctly. PPC and SEO actually go hands in hands because good search engine optimized landing pages tend to do well during an AdWord campaign.

Social media 

Social media is also important to a law firm. Pew Research Center survey of U.S. adults titled Social Media Use in 2018, found that a whopping 73% of adults use Youtube while 68% use Facebook.

So there are no questions that there are users to target that could turn into potential clients from social media.

Creating a business profile and business pages on social platforms can be an amazing way to actively create awareness by creating and sharing contents.

You can also use it to link back to your website or have people subscribe to your mailing list.


Blogging is important for any business and this includes law firms.

As mentioned earlier, content is important.

Your site should be able to give more than just the services you offer.

You should have some educational tips too, that can be best delivered through blogs. It is your chance to show off your law mastery.

However, you should make sure that you hire the right online marketing agency with the right blogging strategies.

The right keywords that people are searching for needs to be picked.

They shouldn’t just be blogging for your practice just to blog but focused on blog topics with the right keyword intent.

Video marketing

Video marketing is becoming important today and that is why sites like YouTube are doing so well.

People are watching more videos and when used well, it can be a great tool especially in your marketing strategy.

Visual content is a great way that a law firm can use to connect with clients to share information in an interactive and attractive way.

Website design: Conversion optimization

It is important to optimize conversions too for a law firm. The main aim of marketing is to get more clients.

That means having great content that enlightens the clients and potential clients.

The right call to action should also be included to give the visitors that friendly nudge in the right direction.

As you can see there are many digital marketing strategies that are essential as part of the attorney SEO campaigns.

The law firm SEO expert that you hire should recommend that you include most of the above for a successful campaign for your practice.

National vs. Local SEO for Law Firms

When done correctly, SEO can be very effective when used in the correct manner of marketing.

For a lot of local lawyers, you will find that local SEO makes more sense than national SEO.

When you localize search engine optimization, then the positive results tend to multiply very fast.

This is due to the fact that most people like searching for local businesses or services.

Couple this with the fact that local results are usually based on data like address, your phone number, as well as the reviews written by the local customers.

If one searches for say personal injury lawyer and add a location like Los Angeles, then the search results will be narrowed down to the people who practice in your area if your practice is in LA.

So in general, law firms SEO services should focus your campaign locally because national SEO can be too general.

Even when you have different law firms within the country, it is always important to localize SEO. This will ensure that everyone in the different areas where you operate will actually get to see you.

With all of the above said, there are strategies that can be used by the attorney SEO company you hire where both a national and local law firm SEO search words can be targeted at the same time.

How To Choose The Right SEO Service Provider

There are many things to look for when choosing a search engine marketing company.

One of those ways is asking a lot of questions.

It is important to ask questions when you are searching for the best SEO marketing company for your law firm. You should ask:

  1. For a list of the current and/or past clients if any
  2. How the company plans to improve your ranking
  3. Whether they adhere to the guidelines set by the webmaster for search engines
  4. Whether they have ranked first-page in different search engines and for different keywords that matter(ranking for keywords that no one really searches for is a waste of time)
  5. Whether they have experience at improving the local searches
  6. Whether they will let you know if they change your site
  7. How you will communicate and what happens when you decide to end the contract
  8. Do their SEO campaigns generate calls? Ranking without generation solids is a waste of time

Online Business Consulting LLC – Our SEO Services

Online Business Consulting LLC is a proven content marketing and SEO company.

We provide exceptional online marketing and searching for marketing services that get results by using white hat online marketing strategies.

We have ranked nationally and locally on extremely competitive key terms for attorneys and other extremely competitive industries.

Our company understands the top searching engines ranking factors including Google key factors that rank a website

Here are some of our advanced law firm SEO services:

  • Link detox
  • Advanced onsite SEO strategies
  • Conversion optimization
  • SEO friendly website architecture that makes it easy for bots to crawl and index pages faster
  • Advanced keyword research
  • Advanced website speed optimization
  • Title tag optimization
  • Advanced header tag strategies
  • Advanced internal linking
  • Advanced keyword research
  • Advanced Link building campaign
  • Advanced inbound and outbound linking
  • Advanced content strategy
  • Advance content development
  • Advanced competitor link analysis
  • Advanced competitor content analysis
  • Competitor design analysis
  • Local citation
  • Google and Bing rank monitoring
  • Advanced link building strategies
  • Guest posting and blogging
  • Call tracking optimization

Law firm link building-both on-site and off-site

Link building is an important part of boosting success and authority within an SEO campaign.

Adding internal links to the most relevant pages is a great idea to help search engines crawl your website easier and build authority for those pages.

Most people focus so much on offsite linking building that they neglect their onsite link building.

Our SEO company is a national and local law firm search engine optimization experts who know the importance of onsite linking and the right strategies to use so your website won’t be penalized.

Off-site backlinks are also important. Ensure you use diverse domains for this. Ensure the backlinks are of high quality for them to serve their purpose. 

When you use links, then you end up pulling more and more users, which is what drives traffic and ultimately, conversions.

Conversion-based website design for lawyers

Your website is most likely the first place potential customers will land. This means that this is where they will get their first opinion about your practice. As such, it should be something that attracts them and motivates them.

The website design is very important. Make sure that you use navigation that is user-friendly and intuitive. There is nothing worse than being on a website that loads too slowly or one that is hard to navigate. Include pictures, videos, blogs, and contact information.

Attracting The Right Prospects With Search Engine Optimization Is The Goal

Attracting the right prospects is an important part of acquiring new clients. And this is why making sure that your attorney SEO campaign strategies are on point.

A good law firm marketing company can provide law firm SEO services which would increase the business of attorneys and get them the right kind of clients.

People use the internet to search for different kinds of legal advice and services.

Most of the potential customers start looking for an attorney using available online resources such as review sites, infographics, directories, podcasts, youtube, social media, eBooks, and blog posts etc.

When you rank in the first pages of a search engine for the right keywords, then the client flow increases.

This is because most of those who search online only concentrate on the first page.

This has increased the importance of law firm SEO experts or companies like us who provide national or local search engine optimization services for lawyers and law firms.

These experts like us get the attorneys marketing websites and listings to appear on the first page thus increasing their exposure, websites traffic, potential client calls, and business revenues.

And as one the best SEO companies we focus on keywords that attract the right prospects instead of just ranking for anything.

Our Experts Work With Clients In All 50 States

As SEO experts we are not afraid to run campaigns and get results anywhere in the county.

We help clients in all 50 states:

  • Alabama – AL
  • Alaska – AK
  • Arizona – AZ
  • Arkansas – AR
  • California – CA
  • Colorado – CO
  • Connecticut – CT
  • Delaware – DE
  • Florida – FL
  • Georgia – GA
  • Hawaii – HI
  • Idaho – ID
  • Illinois – IL
  • Indiana – IN
  • Iowa – IA
  • Kansas – KS
  • Kentucky – KY
  • Louisiana – LA
  • Maine – ME
  • Maryland – MD
  • Massachusetts – MA
  • Michigan – MI
  • Minnesota – MN
  • Mississippi – MS
  • Missouri – MO
  • Montana – MT
  • Nebraska – NE
  • Nevada – NV
  • New Hampshire – NH
  • New Jersey – NJ
  • New Mexico – NM
  • New York – NY
  • North Carolina – NC
  • North Dakota – ND
  • Ohio – OH
  • Oklahoma – OK
  • Oregon – OR
  • Pennsylvania – PA
  • Rhode Island – RI
  • South Carolina – SC
  • South Dakota – SD
  • Tennessee – TN
  • Texas – TX
  • Utah – UT
  • Vermont – VT
  • Virginia – VA
  • Washington – WA
  • West Virginia – WV
  • Wisconsin – WI
  • Wyoming – WY

FAQ – Ask Our Law Firm SEO Expert

Whats is onsite lawyer search engine marketing: An on-page law firm SEO refers to tactics used on a page to assist with that page ranking higher in the search engines.

Where do I put keywords on a page:  When optimizing your law firm website you should use related keywords and distributed them naturally throughout your page sections.

How much does lawyer SEO cost: It depends on the company and what services you need. However, the range is normally between $100 to $200 an hour.  Some top companies charge between $500 to $1500 an hour. Some cheap SEO providers may charge you between $5 to $20 hour( just know that you will mostly never get any result, especially, for a competitive field or area). Note that most search engine companies for law firms charges on a monthly basis for their services.

Which law firm search engine tactic are popular: Link building and on-page SEO.

What is an off-page SEO: A law firm on-page search engine optimization is the things done outside of the website to get it to rank. The most popular offsite strategy is off-page link building.

What’s Next? Call 888-514-6748!

Does national or local SEO for attorneys work.? You bet it does.

This is especially true when the right law firm SEO expert(s) like us are retained to run the campaign.

Our law firm SEO services are first-class which includes content marketing, conversion-based website designs,  and lead generation that drive calls to lawyer practices.

We would handle all the technical details and support of your search engine marketing. And we work with both big and small businesses.

So far you have the top dollar budget, closing skills, and systems in place to handle the calls from the campaign then we can work with you.

Call us now to discuss how our lawyer search engine optimization company can help you grow or keep growing your firm practice.

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