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How much does it cost to host a website in 2023?

How much does it cost to host a website per month & year for shared, dedicated, Cloud, and VPS servers you wonder?

How much exactly does It cost to host a website per month or year in 2023?

Having a website live is one of the most important steps for a successful online presence for big & small businesses, bloggers, etc.

And to have that website up and running you need a good web hosting service to host your website.

And if you are like most people you would like to know how much these web hosting services cost for shared, virtual private server, cloud, and dedicated hosting plans.

The truth is that there are so many pricing options that it can be overwhelming for some people.

Online Business Consulting educates and provides consumers with straight-to-the-point and simple answers to questions like this to make decision-making easier and less overwhelming.

So in this easy-to-digest article, we will provide you with simple breakdowns of the average costs of hosting a website based on the different types of web hosting plans.

The typical price for hosting a website on the shared plan(least expensive hosting) cost is about $2-$30/ month. While on the expensive end, the dedicated hosting plan costs $80-$5000 monthly.

The reality is that the costs of a website hosting server plan depend on many factors such as whether you are getting a shared, virtual private server, cloud, or dedicated server, how many months you sign up for, managed and unmanaged hosting, disk space, etc.

The good news is that some of the best hosting companies such as WPengine, GreenGeeks, and ( they offer a 90-day money-back guarantee, U.S based, green hosting, 24/7 chat support, unlimited sites, and traffic, recommended by, $2.99 plans, etc) run a lot of deals, especially, if you signup for one to three years.

Continue reading below to get a quick break of how much each type of hosting plan costs.

Price breakdown for shared, VPS, cloud & dedicated hosting plans

Below is a little bit more information about how much web hosting services cost for shared, VPS, cloud, and dedicated servers.

Shared server hosting costs

The average shared hosting price is about:

  • $1.99/m to $3/m for the entry plans
  • $3/m to $7/m for the mid-tier plans
  • The top-tier plans of shared website hosting can range from $10/m to $30/m

Companies that provide entry to mid-tier plans are Bluehost, GreenGeeks, Hostinger, NameHero, etc.

If you work on improving your site speed and constantly keep it fast, some entry plan is enough even with decent traffic.

The top tier provider is WPengine (WP-only hosting).

Virtual private server (VPS) hosting costs

How much is VPS hosting?

We have seen the starter hosting price for a VPS to be around $20/m. While on the high-end it is $100+ a month.

Companies to consider their plans are:

  • BlueHost
  • DreamHost
  • GreenGeeks

Dedicated server hosting costs

How much does a web host cost on a dedicated server?

The dedicated plan price ranges from $150/m to $400/m.

Dreamhost and GreenGeeks are the top options.

Cloud hosting costs

Cloud website hosting costs between $5 to $300 monthly.

WP Engine,, Bluehost, NameHero, and Cloudways are some of the companies that offer this type of website hosting.

About managed WordPress hosting price

WordPress websites can use any type of hosting this is usually called unmanaged WP hosting because they are not geared towards WP but still hosts it fine.

And they are cheaper. For example, a $2.49 package of the shared host from Bluehost will still work.

On the other spectrum is what's called WP-managed hosting.

The price for managed WP hosting tends to be higher than regular hosting and typically averages $15/m to $20/m for an entry plan.

Some of the best WP-managed hosting providers are:

  • WPengine (Highly recommended because of their knowledgeable & advanced WP tech support. One of their features we love is the FREE removal of hacks on websites hosted by them)
  • Kinsta

Recap on how much web hosting services costs

As you can see the cost of hosting a website can be cheap or expensive. How much you pay depends mostly on the type of hosting server your website will be on.

What we recommend is that you go with a shared hosting plan from providers like BlueHost, WPengine, GreenGeeks, Cloudways as their services are enough for most website owners.

If you build your website correctly by optimizing your website for speed and better users experience, then an entry to mid tier shared hosting is enough even for a website with some traffic.

You read that right. The reasons for a slow website have to do with a bloated theme, unoptimized images, terrible codes, and bloated plugins (in the case of WordPress websites), etc.

By optimizing your website correctly you will save a lot of money in hosting with a shared hosting or VPS at most.

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