Digital Marketing Agency, Definition, Strategies, Services, and Examples

The importance of digital marketing and digital marketing agency services cannot be overemphasized these days as millions and billions of people are using smartphones and the internet, and they get talking about the products and their experiences.

The right digital marketing services are essential in getting in front of all these millions of people for the highest digital marketing ROI for any business. In fact, ninety-one percent of people believe in the importance of creative and marketing teams.

So What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is an umbrella term for all the marketing efforts which promotes your contents and products on electronic devices through the internet or offline through electronic billboards, tv, cellphone SMS, and radio etc.

Whatever you or a marketing agency do for you on the internet or offline using the above-mentioned examples in order to increase your products? visibility is called digital marketing.

Digital marketing, especially, online marketing is simply ever important in this digital age. Facebook, Blogs, YouTube, Linkedin, Twitter, Quora, and other reviewing platforms have become the new research centers, and even stats prove that more than ninety percent of internet users research products online before purchasing them.

Another reason for the relevance of digital marketing and a digital marketing agency is that your competitors are already involved in it. Companies, especially the small ones find traditional marketing such as Ads on Newspapers and TV very costly, and they don't need that when they can get more leads on the internet with much lesser investment.

So, you can either ignore digital marketing to see new start-ups taking your place or you can collaborate with a digital marketing company and boost your reach!

What Is Meant By a Digital Marketing Agency?

A digital marketing agency can be understood as an agency that goes beyond traditional marketing agencies.

It doesn't simply create and deliver but create and deliver in a way that meets the desired results?.

The right digital marketing agency has strategists, digital marketing consultants, creators, developers, designers, etc, who work towards developing your brand and generating more leads. The ultimate focus is always on improving the ROI.

To run an effective digital marketing campaign so you can focus on building your business, hiring the right digital marketing company services is very important.

Benefits of Digital Marketing For Both Large & Small Businesses

  • Reach a Large Audience: The greatest benefit of marketing on the internet is that you get a chance to reach a very large number of people. It's easy to relate to this fact because, on average, people have 6 to 8 social media accounts, and they spend hours on Facebook and YouTube. Many people acknowledge that one of the prime reasons why they use social media is to research new products.
    While excellent content and social media strategy will slowly develop a permanent reputation for your brand, paid advertising will instantly skyrocket your visibility.
    When you collaborate with the right digital marketing agency to increase your visibility and ROI, you're always on the winning side.
  • Creating Opportunities for New and Small Businesses: It is said that people buy what they see. When traditional marketing was at its peak, big companies could easily pump in large capital on creative and appealing ads featuring popular celebrities and could easily outplay smaller companies. We have seen this in the cases of Walmart and Amazon.
    Digital marketing has emerged as a ray of hope for smaller companies and start-ups. All they need is to put some effort into creating regular content and getting people to talk about their brands. Not only is it a lot cheaper, but also a way to pose competition to big companies.
  • More Targeted Audience: The greatest problem with traditional marketing is that a majority of the audience is bombarded with ads that are irrelevant to them. Why will a mother with a newborn baby want to buy a tractor or why will a student preparing for competitive exams want to invest in retirement policies.
    With d
    igital marketing, marketers can filter out which groups would be most interested in their offerings. They can categorize people based on their profession, locations, goals, education, interests, behaviors, and many other parameters. This type of segmenting ensures that marketers won't be wasting money on reaching people who won't buy their products.
  • Advanced Analytics: In traditional marketing, it is impossible to know how many of your ad-viewers actually went to buy your product or service. The only way to predict this is to see if your sales have increased or decreased or remained the same as before you gave the ads.
    With d
    igital marketing, the story is completely different and you can know the following things about your ads and users:

a) How many people the ad reached and how many of them actually saw it

b) How many people interacted with the ad i.e. how many people came to your website or at least visited your profile

c) How many people liked or commented on it

d) How many people ignored it

e) How many people shared it

With free tools such as Google analytics, you can even know through which medium people are coming to your site and how much time they are spending. You can check the popularity of pages on your websites and check bounce rates. For even more insights, you can get help from other paid tools.

  • Easy Testing: Digital marketing also offers easy testing, which we commonly call A/B testing. With A/B testing, you can create multiple contents, emails, ads, etc, and send them to a selected audience. Based on the performance, you can figure out which ad campaign or email campaign worked the best. This will help you save money on the campaign which people don't find appealing.
  • Best ROI: Whichever type of marketing you adopt, your ultimate expectation is always a better ROI. With Social Media and Email marketing, you can generate three times more returns than traditional marketing. Leading organizations such as Forbes and IBM have confirmed that people who research products on social media are seven times more likely to become paying customers.

Why Digital Marketing Agency Services Are Important for Businesses

There many reasons why digital marketing agency services are important for your business. Here are some of them:

1. Improving Your Business:

Digital marketing agencies take over the entire marketing work. They do so through research of your services and evaluates your brand in order to figure out ways to improve your impact and profits.

  • They will help you in improving efficiency and setting defined objectives and goals.
  • They will make a detailed study of your target customers and their behavior, and based on the observed data, it highlights those features about your products and services which can compel the customers to engage.

They will also help in creating the best contents and messages to be delivered directly to your prospective buyers.

2.Increasing Online Presence

  • Increasing the online presence of your brand is very important to increase the number of visitors to your site. A digital marketing agency adopts many strategies to achieve this goal.
  • They will guide you to do some vital changes in your website such as ease of navigation, title and Meta tags, cookie policies, etc so that the SEO rank of your website gets improved.
  • They will help in determining the social platforms and blogs where you can deliver the best content for your buyers.
  • The right digital marketing experts strive to increase your organic search ranks so that you don't have to spend a lot of money on ads. However, it also helps in creating ads and targeting the most optimum recipients.
  • It positions your company to be a market leader by excellent social media strategies which are recognized by Facebook and Google algorithms.

3. Boosting the ROI

  • Any marketing campaign, be it digital or be it traditional, is not about winning a popularity contest, but improving ROI.
  • A digital marketing company will take steps to bring in an enhanced and continuous profit while keeping your expenditures as low as possible.
  • These internet marketing companies will continuously test and rework their methods to figure out which of them are working and which are not. This helps in increasing the efficiency of your campaigns and saving money on useless ones.

Can You Do All This On Your Own?

To do all the things which a digital marketing company can do, you probably need to set up your own digital marketing team. You will need digital marketing managers, marketing strategists, animators, designers, copywriters, developers etc, along with all the tools which are employed in digital marketing.

Small companies and new start-ups usually don't have the capital to hire such staff and to invest in all the tools.

So, hiring a digital marketing agency is a better idea. While they take care of your marketing, you can focus on other important tasks such as improving your product or setting up a customer care panel.

Digital Marketing: Offline And Online?

Online digital marketing includes search engine optimization, content marketing, and search engine marketing, etc.

Offline digital marketing refers to advertising via platforms that use electronic devices, but don't require internet connectivity.

Examples can be radio, TV, SMS, electronic billboards, etc.

Is combining offline and online digital marketing a good idea?

The answer is: yes.

It?s true that internet-based marketing is causing a downshift of offline marketing, but in reality, they are meant to complement each other.

For example, when you buy pizzas from Dominos, they may ask for your mobile number so that they can send you a discount and cash-back offers in the future. Their messages contain a link, and when you click on them, the offline marketing results in sales conversion. Many other restaurants and stores are using this strategy and they are getting very good results.

Ads on TV and newspapers are still productive because even when people can read the news on Twitter, they do return to CNN for more authentic details.

Different Types Of Online Marketing With Examples

There are many different types of online marketing that can be used to generate leads. They are:

  • Content Marketing and Analytics

Today, marketing is about creating and distributing stories that are relevant to the consumer's lives and also strongly associated with the brands.

Blogging, videos, podcasts etc are the best platforms for producing valuable and consistent contents which teach customers how they can find their solution through your products. Content marketing can do magic for your digital marketing campaign especially long-form contents that are detailed.

Analytics provides you with various types of reports such as how many people are looking and engaging with your content. It also gives you insights on demographics, gender, location, behavior, acquisition, etc. Talk from your country's perspective on the content.

  • Search Engine Optimization

People use search engines to find out the information they want, and there are thousands and millions of blogs and websites related to every topic. Search engines employ tools and algorithms for determining the sequence of the websites on the search engine results page.

It is very important to appear at the top because ninety percent of users don't go beyond the first page. Also, it's the top three results that receive more than half of the traffic.
A good
digital marketing expert
will work with you in improving the parameters such as keywords and titles in order to improve your rank and bring you to the top.

National vs. Local SEO campaigns:

SEO focuses on driving more visitors to your website through search engine results. Both Local and National SEO do the same thing with a little difference.

Local SEO focuses on getting visitors from a particular area while National SEO desires to engage people from all over the country.

For example, if you own a coffee cafe in New York, you don't need to strive to make your website visible to someone in Texas as there are already so many excellent coffee shops in Texas. Instead, you should focus on not losing anyone who is in New York and can reach your cafe.

Similarly, if you own a logistics company that operates all over the country, then, of course, you should focus on getting as many people all over the country on your website. In this case, you will focus on national SEO.

Strategies for Local SEO

  • Add your city and state name as the keyword.
  • Respective cities should be included in the content.
  • If you have several branches in a city, then you should have pages for each one of them.

Strategies for National SEO

  • Include the country's name as the keywords when appropriate
  • Most of the same strategies for local SEO are the same basically. Except that you are leaving out a specifical city or state next to a keyword you want to rank

Collaborating with a good online digital marketing agency that offers SEO services will give you more insights on how to improve your website's SEO rank.

  • Online Ads: While organic search rank takes time to improve, giving online ads on Google and other social media platform is the best way to reach a large number of audiences quickly. A digital marketing agency will not only help you in crafting a creative ad campaign but also help in targeting the most prominent group of people.
    Ads and organic searches are actually different things, but ads do complement organic results when users buy your products, write reviews, and give backlinks to your site.
  • Social Media Marketing: Just like search engines, social media platforms also help marketers through both organic and paid means.
    While Twitter and Instagram make excellent use of hashtags, Quora has become a very efficient question-answer platform where you can directly address other people's
    queries and recommend to them your products. Google plus is valued by Google for SEO and YouTube allows you to engage viewers through videos. For Business to Business marketing, LinkedIn proves to be the best social media platform. Tactful use of social media will add wings to your marketing campaign without costing a lot of money.


  • Affiliate Marketing: This can be seen as paid content marketing. Marketers ask users to create supportive reviews about the products or to recommend them to friends and families. In return, users get exciting offers and discounts.
    Examples can be Udemy and Paytm which give cash-back offers when users recommend them on social media.
  • Email Marketing: Every day 250 Billion emails are exchanged all over the world. Some people tend to think they're useless, but they aren't, and studies show that people check emails even more than they check their social media. Email is the best way of delivering information related to offers, subscription plans, discounts, etc, to the existing users. With tools such as MailChimp, you can send mass emails in almost no time.

Digital Marketing Strategies & Tactics

While SEO, online ads, PPC, and social media marketing are the pillars of digital marketing, there are some other strategies which marketers must adopt in order to build a long-lasting relationship with their customers.

  1. Create Conversation with Content: Content marketing is slowly taking over advertising and people are searching for real stories and authentic references about the products. Marketers should focus on creating exceptional content which is accountable and arouses a feeling of curiosity in the minds of customers.
  2. Integrating Online and Offline Channels: As we said, average internet users have at least six to eight social media accounts and they keep jumping from one to another without following any pattern.
    It is important for marketers to exploit all the potential channels so as not to lose their prospective buyers. Marketers need to aim at utilizing both online and offline channels that matter to the consumers and find ways to keep them engaged.
  3. Converting Visitors to Buyers: Not all the people that will see your brand on social media becomes your customer. However, the chances that they will become your buyers increase when they believe they're going to receive the best value in exchange for their money.
    Also, in order not to lose your buyers, you need to keep them engaged. Easy-to-use Mobile Apps and good customer relationship management can help you in this regard. If you bring out regular discounts and offers, then these are going to add to the benefits.

Your Digital Marketing?Campaigns Need Conversion Based Website Or Landing Page To Maximize Your Efforts

Digital marketing when done right by a digital marketing expert can drive a lot of traffic to a website or landing page. However, you can send a bunch of traffic to a landing page but without the right conversion based design, you will not convert and maximize those traffics.

If you are running an SEO, PPC, or social media campaign etc, below are few tips on what to have on a digital marketing landing website or landing page that will help get better conversion.

1. Maintaining a connection between link and content: For SEO, search engines don't like it if a source or link lands users on a page different from what it was supposed to. It also increases the bounce rate and people tend to leave such websites.

  • Build and easy-to-use interface. Easy navigation of website or landing page is essential in conversion. Keep your landing page and website links simple.

2. Perform A/B testing: A/B testing is really important in better conversion for a website or landing page When done right you get a huge ROI with your AdWords or social media marketing landing pages. In the case of search engines, especially Google not only allows A/B testing but even encourages it. However, you should keep in mind that the content of multiple pages shouldn't be very different from one another when running SEO. This is called a cloaking error.

3. Enhance the Page Load Time: People want the pages to load faster, and so do the search engines. If your website is slow, then you're losing vital points on SEO.

  • Compress your images as they increase the load time.
  • Regularly test your page load time using speed test tools.
  • Try not to make very lengthy coding.

4. Use the right call to actions: Most landing page may have called to actions but they will use the wrong color or the call to action words are not enticing to prompt one to take action.

5. Make sure that your contact number is visible: Have you ever visited a business and couldn't find their contact number? It is sad because this is not an issue on just small businesses but also big companies. Make your contact number bold and big so people will see it.

?What Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Digital Marketing Company

Hiring a digital marketing agency to create and run your business's digital marketing strategies and campaigns is an investment that you count on for your business growth. To know if a particular agency is suitable for you or not, you should talk to them on the following points:

  1. The people who will actually work with you: When you visit an agency or schedule a meeting, you talk to a digital marketing consultant. Ask him about the people who will actually be working with you, and if it's possible, then talk to them in person.
  2. Ask about Clients: It's true that the agency is not going to like it, but since your money is at the stake, you have the right to ask about the agency's clients and recent works. Make sure the data they're giving you is not old and also ask them for clients? contact info so you can do some research.
  3. Does the agency work on multiple projects at a time?
    It's common for a large agency to undertake more than one project at a time, but do ask them how they achieve the coordination between the projects. Try to go with an agency which assigns a particular set of people to work with you and these people don't take on another task till they are done working with you.
  4. How will the agency gain knowledge about you and your industry?
    Digital Marketing revolves around targeting the right audiences. A digital marketing agency must have some defined process of how they will know all about your industry and figure out a way to champion it.
  5. How fast will the results come?
    Keep in mind that the most important part of online marketing i.e. search engine optimization, takes time, so you should go for authenticity rather than bragging promises. If the agency is helping you in creating good content, the results will come, not instantly but eventually.
  6. Collaboration with your team: Assess the attitude and behavior of the agency's employees and see if they can work well with your employees or not. This is important because they will be spending a lot of time in your office.
  7. What marketing tools they use?
    Ask them everything about how they will achieve the goal of increasing your ROI and what tools they will use. Make sure the agency has access to all the tools and they won't be asking you to sign up and pay later.
  8. Will they be Outsourcing their services?
    Outsourcing is not a bad thing, but try to choose an agency that has all the professionals on board rather than the one which hires third-party writers or copyeditors, or designers.
  9. Will they maintain secrecy?
    A marketing agency will learn a lot about your services and working styles while working with you, and you certainly don't want them to take unfair advantage of their knowledge.

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