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Online Business Consulting LLC specialize in national and local seo for various industries. We are expert performance based search engine optimization company. As a performance based SEO services agency, all we know how to do is help our clients rank and generate revenue for their business. What make us unique is our focus on ranking keywords with purchasing intent and conversion optimization. This is why the calls and emails leads from the websites we build generate high conversions for the right clients who have the systems in place to close potential clients. While everyone else is promising you ranking, we will show you what we have done. We have never launched an SEO campaign that is not ranked on page one and generated quality calls.  As a performance based SEO services agency, all we know how to do is help our clients rank and generate revenue for their business.

We also offer an existing custom designed websites that is already ranked on page one and that is generating calls. Call or email us for more details.

Working with Online Business Consulting LLC and Emmanuel Lead Generation program has been a great investment. We started getting great leads even before we signed up with their SEO Rank & Lease Lead program. They have helped our business revenue grow with their program since we started with them a few months ago. Add the fact that their program is month to month and comes with a money back guarantee the first month; and you have a winning service! :) .

I will recommend them to any business or Attorney looking to get more potential client calls and add more revenue to their business.

Dante Pride

Prior to meeting Emmanuel I had lost money on just about every type of internet marketing. I had trusted all of the SEO guys that would call me and promise to get me to page one on google and after thousands of dollars and months of time lost it never happened. I found Emmanuel because I had noticed a competitor of mine had a website that was ranking number one on google for every major key term. I looked up the site and found out who was running it and called Emmanuel directly. In our first meeting he brought his laptop and showed me exactly what he would do and how he was going to do it. He was honest and direct and I trusted him from the beginning. We launched my site in October and I was on page one of google for all major keywords in 60 days. He did exactly what he said he was going to do. It felt like he was invested in my website as much as I was. I would recommend him to anyone building a website or who has a website that struggled like mine did before he took it over.

Brian R. Mason - Business Owner



Our SEO skills are impeccable. We have never launched an SEO campaign that did not rank and get new client calls. It is all in our strategy. We focus on strategies that will keep your website long term ranking. We focus on ranking the keywords with the right intent that will lead to sales.


We will take our own money to organically rank custom beautiful lead websites in different verticals and once the website websites starts generating calls and email inquiries, we will offer the entire website it to one business exclusively. The site will be customized with your business information which makes it feel like your own. You will save money while getting something that is getting result already. No promises, just results. Get started with a page one ranked website that is getting client inquiries already.


So many people think that writing content is enough. Content is not king. What is king is writing content that shows an intent to buy. What is king is also search engine optimizing your content to rank. You need to write contents that drives traffic that lead to quality calls or sales. We know the search terms and topics that will likely get those coming to your blog to contact you. We also know how to SEO your content to rank and generate traffic.


It is not always how many traffic you get but how many that converts that matter. Most of our custom designed websites & landing pages converts at 20 to 40 percent. This is because we know human psychology and the things that drive people to take action.


We can reduce your pay per click cost by targeting the right keywords that drives sales but do not require a lot of budget. We will also SEO your landing page content correctly to help with quality score which will help reduce your bidding cost etc.



If you are an affiliate network, we can help you drive calls to your campaigns.