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Online Business Consulting LLC specialize in national and local seo for various industries. We are expert performance based search engine optimization company. As a performance based SEO services agency, all we know how to do is help our clients rank and generate revenue for their business. What make us unique is our focus on ranking keywords with purchasing intent and conversion optimization. This is why the calls and emails leads from the websites we build generate high conversions for the right clients who have the systems in place to close potential clients. While everyone else is promising you ranking, we will show you what we have done. We have never launched an SEO campaign that is not ranked on page one and generated quality calls.  As a performance based SEO services agency, all we know how to do is help our clients rank and generate revenue for their business.

We also offer an existing custom designed websites that is already ranked on page one and that is generating calls. Call or email us for more details.

Emmanuel is an SEO genius. G-E-N-I-U-S!
My firm practices criminal defense law in the extremely competitive San Diego legal market. We get the "I will put you on the first page of google" sales call no less than 3 times per week. Our firm has personally hired and fired 6 "SEO specialists" in the past 6 years without ever making it higher than page 3.
When I met with Emmanuel his expertise was immediately obvious. He patiently walked myself and our partner group through his well thought out and nuanced theories about search engine optimization. I felt instantly confident in his abilities and sincere desire that we succeed.
Since hiring him at the end of March 2015 our call volume has tripled (3x!) Our website now appears on the first page of google in a number of the best search terns in our practice area. Servicing quality leads from qualified prospects now make up the majority of my day.
Emmanuel is also extremely conscientious about not only getting us on top but KEEPING us on top. He regularly calls and texts with incredible and effective suggestions that will further boost our rankings.
If you have gone through web guy after web guy with no results but you know that good SEO is the key to the next step in your business (and it is!) working with Emmanuel is exactly what the doctor ordered. This guy is the real deal!
Thanks Emmanuel!! You are worth your weight in gold.

Marcus DeBose

Prior to meeting Emmanuel I had lost money on just about every type of internet marketing. I had trusted all of the SEO guys that would call me and promise to get me to page one on google and after thousands of dollars and months of time lost it never happened. I found Emmanuel because I had noticed a competitor of mine had a website that was ranking number one on google for every major key term. I looked up the site and found out who was running it and called Emmanuel directly. In our first meeting he brought his laptop and showed me exactly what he would do and how he was going to do it. He was honest and direct and I trusted him from the beginning. We launched my site in October and I was on page one of google for all major keywords in 60 days. He did exactly what he said he was going to do. It felt like he was invested in my website as much as I was. I would recommend him to anyone building a website or who has a website that struggled like mine did before he took it over.

Brian R. Mason - Business Owner

Electrician SEO Company

National & Local SEO For Electricians – Best Electrical Contractors Search Engine Optimization Services Helping You Get Quality Leads

Welcome to our electricians seo company web page. Nothing could be worse than an electrical issue literally. This why an electrical contractor is in high demand because no one really wants to take a chance with their electrical issues without the proper expertise.   Even though, being an electrician can be lucrative, there is also the rising competition in the market.

However, if you have a vibrant website that is optimized with search engine optimization features, you stand a higher chance of being noticed by millions of web consumers plying the Internet daily searching for the best electrical contractor service provider in town.

Top Specialized Search Engine Marketing Services

We are able to assist you as a professional electrical contractor to have a dynamic website that promotes your specialized  services on the Internet on a 24/7 basis. Our highly qualified and skilled seo team is able to create a professional website that contains relevant and useful information about your services that will get people to call you.

Local Electrician SEO – Our Agency Will  Work Close With You To Achieve Desired Results

Our website designers and developers would collaborate closely with you to generate the best electrical contractors website according to your preferred specifications alongside our professional designing input to ensure a top ranking by search engines.

Contact Our Electrician SEO, PPC And Other Online Marketing Company For Free Consultation

We are confident that you would be impressed with our result for different businesses in different industries based on our proven track record in the market. We engage the latest dynamic website designing  that incorporate the best of white hat search engine optimization features to ensure securing the approval of top search engines on the web which leads to more leads for you

Our website design is captivating enough to be ranked on the first page of search engines which would in turn drive more traffic to your website; if not, we will do everything in our power to get you desired result.