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Are you a beginner looking for a blogging basic tutorial to help you start a blog successfully to make money, drive more traffic to your business website, hobby, etc?

This OnlineBusinessConsulting guide and tips on how to start blogging the right way got you covered.

Whether your goal is to be a hobby blogger or make money blogging part-time or full-time, etc, you need to know successful blogging strategies that work.

Many people that start a blog fail because they didn't put in the time to learn the skills, basics, and strategies that make blogging successful.

Setting up a blog may seem easy but blogging successfully is time-consuming and require skills.

So avoid the common mistakes and master what it takes to start a blog that achieves your goal.

If you're a beginner continue reading to learn the best blogging basics and tips that will help set up your blog successfully.

10 best beginner blogging ideas to Start a Blog Successfully

The ideas below will help you avoid beginner's mistakes. Let's go.

1. Decide your blogging goal

People have different goals as to why they want to blog such as:

  • making money online
  • share their thoughts and opinion
  • drive leads to their business
  • generate data
  • get subscribers for their
  • build a brand
  • share their expertise
  • etc

So decide which one your goal is.

A lot of people start blogging to make extra money first or a hobby.

You can do the same, start part-time and transition to treating it as a full-time blogging business later.

2. Pick blog/domain name

Start your blog the right way by picking a memorable blog name that will be your domain too.

This is one of the important basics you should put some serious thought into.

We recommend using domain and blog name generator tools -

3. Register your domain for free

As a blogger, you can register your blog domain name without extra cost if you pick a website hosting company like Bluehost.

If you decide to go with a host that doesn't offer domain registration at no extra cost, just register your domain with Google Domains or NameCheap(domains starting at $6/year so way cheaper than Google Domains).

Both offer cheap prices and include features like privacy protection that you will pay extra with other domain registrars.

4. Build your blog site with

One of the blogging tips we offer to beginners is to pick as their blogging platform.

When you set up your blog with, you will benefit from SEO-ready features, plugins, and fast themes.

Since WordPress is the most used blogging platform and content management system(CMS) you will also have access to a lot of free expert support.


Pick a WordPress theme that's fast and lightweight like Neve, GeneratePress, and the default Twenty Twentys theme.

5. Start your blog with a good web host/plan

How can you set up a blog without it being online? NOT possible.

So one of the crucial steps to setting up a blog successfully is to sign up with one of the best hosts for websites to bring it to live online.

If you are just starting off and doesn't have enough financial resource go with a cheap and decent host(we recommend BlueHost or GreenGeeks) and you can upgrade later when your blog grows.

If you want peace of mind, have the financial resources, and need a company to handle everything(speed, security, fast premium cloud hosting, etc) while you focus on creating amazing content and monetization, choose WPENGINE(fully managed WordPress hosting).

Beginner bloggers can start with a shared plan and upgrade to a higher tier later.

6. Pick a niche

One of the best ways to start a blog successfully is to pick a niche you have some experience or expertise.

It is easier to stay focused when you are niche blogging and have some experience in it.

It is also important to pick a niche that will make you money.

Even if you are blogging for a hobby try to find niches that can generate income later when you decide to monetize it.

With a good niche, you can monetize your blog by selling it or through affiliate programs, etc.

7. Learn SEO basics

Starting a blog without learning some SEO basics will lead to frustration and failure.

You will need to know some SEO basics or hire an SEO consultant or agency if your goal is to make money with your blog or get leads to your business site.

Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying to you.

Start by learning SEO basics, for further information see:

After knowing the basics, make sure to learn the advanced checklist for search engine optimizing content to rank on page one.

8. Write topics people are searching

One of the biggest reasons some people who begin a blog website fail is because they pick topics no one is searching for or has little search volume with bad intent.

This is why doing keyword and key phrase research with good intents is very important before writing any content.

You can only drive readers to your website if you are creating blog topics enough people are searching for.

Use tools like Ahrefs and Google Keyword Planner(for more information about free sign up, see, how to gain access to Google Keyword Planner for free) to learn the search volume of your topic keywords before writing.

9. Set up social media profiles

Another beginner blogging trick is to create social media profiles for your new blog.

Social media profiles are an easy way to build free backlinks to your homepage and reach more readers.

Create Facebook, Tiktok, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest profiles of your blog name and link to your blog website's homepage.

Consider popular specific country's social media platforms too.

Another benefit of this strategy is that when you create a blog, you can promote it on these social media platforms to drive traffic to that post.

10. Use blogging tools

As a beginner blogger, you need some tools to help you start off right.

Using writing, SEO, and other blogging-related tools will make blogging easier.

Below are some basic bloggers tools to get you to start blogging successfully.

Tool nameCategoryUsePrice
NameboyDomain/Blog Name GeneratorGenerate domain and website name0
NamecheapDomain RegistrarRegister your domain name for cheap with domain protection included for free.$6+/year
WP EngineWeb HostingU.S based FULLY managed WordPress hosting with premium cloud hosting. If you have the fund go with them as the value(security, speed, and tech support) is incredible$20+/m(get 4 months free)
BlueHostWeb Hosting/Domain RegistrarHost your blog website for cheap as a starter with FREE domain registration with some packages$2.95/m basic
WordPress.orgBlogging PlatformCreate your blogging website$0
NeveWebsite BuilderWordPress theme to create fast & SEO ready websitesZero
GeneratePressWebsite BuilderWordPress theme to create fast & SEO ready websites$0
Frase.ioBlog Idea GeneratorGenerate blog ideas and titleFree
Google Keyword PlannerSEO Find keywords to target$0
SpyfuSEOKeyword research and competitive analysisFreemium(paid startung at $33/m
AhrefsSEOUse for keyword & backlink research, and do competitive analysisStarts at $99/m
Grammerly WritingWrite grammatically correct blogsFree
EMV Headline AnalyzerWritingAnalyze how your blog title appeals emotionally to searchersFree
CanvasImageFind and customize images for your blog post$0
OpenverseImageWordPress collection of free images you can use for your blog posts$0
List of some beginner blogger's tools to start off right

Start blogging for good

We hope that this beginner's tutorial on how to start a blog will help you begin blogging successfully.

Some of the tricks in this guide – like choosing a quality web host, using, writing topics people are searching for, tools, and knowing SEO basics will help you get your blogging journey started faster and successfully.

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